Weeds Aren’t Bad! (899 Words)

Weeds Aren’t Bad! Dealing with weeds offers great insight to dealing with sin. A better approach to both weeds and sin is to repair the dirt.

God only blesses. Even when we witness God cursing man, His curses are always an invitation to receive blessings. The duality of blessings and cursing is a divine attribute of God, and gives value to weeds. For instance, in the creation, both kinds of seeds were set in the earth: fruiting seeds, and repairing seeds. Weeds are repairing seeds. Therefore, Weeds Aren’t Bad!

A working ecology has no weeds, and man can walk in that environment barefooted, without injury. The Garden of Eden is a perfect example of that. However, when an ecology is broken, repairing seeds are activated to repair what’s been broken. There are thousands of dormant weed seeds everywhere. Dandelions fill an area, drilling deep into the ground, to aerate tightly clumped soil. Clumpy soil doesn’t allow roots to grow to find nourishment and water. Dandelions break up the soil, making it easier for deep roots to be established. However, it takes years for dandelions to do the job. Once the job’s done, the dandelions die on its own, and doesn’t return again, until the soil is clumpy again. Thorns and thistles protect damaged ground from being walked on, until the ground is able to repair, then they too go away on it’s own. Weeds Aren’t Bad! Weeds are simply an indicator of what’s broken in the Earth. Weeds have value, if we listen to them and learn what needs to be repaired.

Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil prematurely. They broke the ecology of the Garden of Eden, and God said that he cursed the Earth with briars, thorns, thistles, and noxious weeds, …for their sake. Their food source now did not produce spontaneously, and the ground needed to be repaired by the sweat of their brow, or else they’d starve. When mankind repair what has been broken, only then can the Earth receive it’s paradisiacal glory, and produce fruits spontaneously, yielding her fruit to those who inherit the Earth’s fullness (D&C 59:15-20)

Dealing with weeds offers great insight into dealing with sin. Too often we pull an embarrassing weed, when what we should do is LISTEN to figure out what’s really broken in the Earth. Likewise, men hide their sins, pulling them like weeds so they are not visible, without fixing what’s broken. Just like weeds, sin returns time and time again, because the dirt (the flesh) remains unrepaired. By the sweat of thy brow, man must work within their hearts, doing the labor to repair the flesh, tilling, aerating, nourishing, and fixing their hearts, …until the soil has been repaired.

A better approach to both weeds and sin is to repair the dirt. The words of Christ, when planted in the hearts of men like a little seed, produce different results, depending on the soil, or the heart upon which it is planted. The parable of the sower tells us of different conditions of soil: one by the wayside, another on stony ground, another being good ground, but choked out by thorns (weeds), and the last was planted on good ground, yielding much fruit. When the words of Christ are restricted by the false traditions of men, …those traditions restricts the soil of the heart, not allowing the tree to grow properly, producing all kinds of different fruit (Jacob 5). The words of Christ only requires a soft heart to produce sweet fruit.

If we pay attention to the weeds, we can resolve what’s broken, so that we can partake of the fruit that is white above all that is white, pure above all that is pure, and if you eat you neither hunger nor thirst. Pay attention to the sin around you. They are God’s indicator of your weakness. And with God’s instruction, and by the sweat of your brow, you can work with God, and He will make weak things strong unto you, by helping you repair the soil.

Conclusion: God blesses and curses, often at the same time. Christ’s death was horrible, but all prophets who witnessed it celebrated it’s event, singing the song of redeeming love. Enoch rejoiced at the slaying of the lamb of God (Moses 7:47).

I had a glimpse of this duality of blessing and cursing, when I saw Nui on the road last Sunday. I hurt inside, that my big brother wouldn’t have let me know that his son was here, so my wife and I, and all my children could visit with him. My wife could tell. When she asked if I were OK, I knew the hurt didn’t feel good, …but I considered what the pain meant, and that Weeds Aren’t Bad! I realized what the pain was indicating. I understood the duality of the cursing and blessing. I hurt because of my deep love of my brother. Had I not cared for my brother and my family so much, I wouldn’t have cared enough to hurt. I recognized that Christ’s pain in Gethsemane was less about the mistakes and sins, or weeds of men, and more because of His deeply rooted love for us. I rejoiced at the pain, because it was an indicator of the love we share as a family.

Mahalo for being my Ohana. Malama Pono!

Fellowship Governing Principles Report (1500 Words)

We were already at a slight disadvantage coming to the meeting. Our governing principles were one of the last submissions, and did not have much of a chance for review by all.  I wanted to summarize the meeting, so that all of you understand where the project currently stands. This is a Fellowship Governing Principles Report.

Q and I were already scheduled to speak at a youth conference at 10 am in Ogden and had to make last minute adjustments to split our time with the Governing Principles meeting. We rescheduled our talks to the afternoon to accommodate the meeting. That morning we delivered our kids and the audio system to record the speakers at the youth conference, and then drove quickly to get to the meeting in Sandy (about an hour away).

Upon arrival, the meeting began with an open floor, for anyone to express their opinions concerning the Governing Principles. It was an open-mic session, all could speak freely, and there was no shortage of soap-boxes. Aside from the personal comments, scripture quotes, and opinions, the major issues brought forward can be summed up as:

  1. The document of Governing Principles IS NOT REVELATION, but can be considered inspiration, and ought to be presented as such, rather than governing revelation
  2. The document of Governing Principles IS REVELATION

It was clear that the Governing Principles were going to stay. The title was tossed around a bit, but remained the same. The biggest concern was how it would be presented.

Comments made by Q and I were the following:

  • (Q) The document of Governing Principles ought to be addressed in common plain-term language as it is a covenant of the land for all people, both inside and outside of the LDS community
  • (Q) The document of Governing Principles ought to be equivalent to Captain Moroni’s Title of Liberty- affecting people’s desire to rent their garments in covenant, trusting in God to unify and protect them, in equality, and that if they break it, may they all be rent as their garments
  • (Q) Truth ought to govern the Governing Principles document
  • (R) Telestial, Terrestrial, and Celestial laws are given respectively as commandments, principles, and the heart and mind of God within you. This document will have a portion of both Telestial and Terrestrial, leading to Celestial law. Telestial, requires instruction, or commandment, in baptism, sacrament, priesthood ordinances, etc. Terrestrial is the main focus to inherit the land, respecting the independence of fellowships to govern themselves as they see fit. And as fellowships trust in the Spirit of Truth to lead them through their experiment, they will all converge into one heart and mind, in a Celestial fashion
  • (R) Since the Governing Principles document is going into scripture, we ought to simply state the words necessary, relying on the Spirit of Truth to deliver it to those who read it, rather than name-dropping and quoting other scriptures

I know, I know, …I was surprised too that my wife said more than me. That was the first time ever that it was a ratio of 3:2, with Q making more comments than me. She seemed to be possessed of something greater than usual, and another woman recognized that spirit, and felt equally impressed to stand and bear testimony of Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty.

Things became ruffled as people supporting that the document was REVELATORY questioned if everyone prayed asking God if it was REVELATION, …and then simultaneously asked for a show of hands of those who agreed that it was REVELATION. I quickly spoke up in opposition to a decisive vote, as we hadn’t even begun a discussion. We were already two hours into the event without any idea about the approach we were going to be taking.

After lunch we reconvened inside the house because the neighbor’s yard-work and an outdoor rock-band performance made it difficult to communicate. We were able to escape the outside noise, but being inside didn’t remove the noise between different opinions. What occurred inside was a dead-lock. People’s opinions, their documents, their expectations took priority over the truth. Instead of the mind and will of God leading out, it felt like a first-hand insight into the Nicean creed.

A vote was taken to use the original document as the base of our conversation. But, the vote was out of 16 people, when 38 were in attendance. It didn’t meet the criteria of a majority at all, but we continued the meeting as if that didn’t change the circumstances. After an additional 2.5 hours, we were unable to get past the first paragraph without confusion, disagreement, and passive accusation.

I proposed a question, asking, “Are we still going to use the original document, or is everything on the table? If we are just doing minor edits to the existing document, my wife and I need go to the youth conference. But if it’s all on the table, we will stay longer, so that we can look at it with fresh eyes.” Jeff and Emily Savage, the meeting moderators, assured us that it was all on the table, so we stuck around.

The discussion turned to our fellowship’s document submission of Governing Principles. Many had opinions both for and against what we submitted. Some felt that we shouldn’t oversimplify the Doctrine of Christ as “progression.” Others wanted to use it as a “federalist papers” project for research purposes, but not to be inserted into the scriptures. Some asked why our document was being considered and not the other submissions. It was clear to my wife and I that the conversation was aimless, and we expressed deep gratitude for the committee considering our truths, and excused ourselves from the meeting to travel back to Ogden to speak at the youth conference, after 5.5 hours of discussions.

We finally began heading home from the youth conference, with our kids and our sound equipment at 9 PM, and didn’t get home until 10:30 PM. The next morning, I called a few friends who remained after we left, and learned that they left a couple of hours after we did, and the meeting continued as it did when we were there. Nothing changed, and it was a dead-lock. I was surprised to get an email, telling all in attendance that the meeting ended late that evening, with everyone unified in one heart and one mind. It was a 12-hour meeting. We left just before midpoint, our friends left just past mid-point, and there was no sign of unity.

Looking over the resultant document, very little has changed, but the few who stayed the entire time signed their names and testified of oneness. Jeff reported to me that at about 5PM, those who remained began to magically flow together, to become one. I cannot see a claim of oneness, simply because those who were left, chose to agree. I would have called it “compromise.” Jeff reported that what happened after we left was those who stayed simply read the document, and things just flowed together. I told Jeff that my God doesn’t work that way. My God would extract and enlighten us with correct principles in wisdom, and that would produce oneness of heart and mind. Then the group could use  common words to finalize a document.

I question “the approach” as being the problem, and not the people involved. It was doomed to fail before it even began, because “the approach” was not open to allow the truth to govern. If the truth were to govern, the mind and will of God would naturally be the result of the matter.

Having said that, I was asked, “If you think their approach was doomed to fail from the beginning, what would you do differently?” In response I suggest the following:

  1. I would: State the original objective of the document
  2. I would: Read the original document, explaining my reasons for each section, familiarizing people with what initially drove the original document. I would reduce my explanation to key-words, keeping them to a minimum
  3. I would: Open my reasons to questioning, asking for more input from the group, so that the main objective was accomplished
  4. I would: Toss the original document, and begin brainstorming and reconstructing a new document with everyone’s suggestions
  5. I would: Re-write the document, and submit it for group approval
  6. Finally, I would: Submit the document to the Lord for His approval

I would recommend that we take another stab at it, allowing the mind and will of God to govern through principles, rather than quickly moving towards making decision and producing a compromised document. How we produce the final document significantly matters more than just what we produce. The document will reflect the way it was approached, designed, and constructed. If we approach this work in compromise, our results we reflect compromise, and will ultimately fail. If it was done in unity, the document will be a modern title of liberty. How we produce the final results will impact future efforts.


Governing Principles

Section 20 of the Doctrine and Covenants has been removed from the restored edition of the scripture project, and this is my recommendation to replace Governing Principles with what was taken out. It is incomplete, as I have not included anything regarding the process of baptism, sacrament, and priesthood. But what I have included is a good start to restoring the mind and will of God to lead out, and for individuals and fellowships to remain free and independent. The step-by-step instructions of baptism, sacrament, and priesthood seems to be straight forward among the fellowships involved. Here’s what I wrote:

Concerning The Doctrine of Christ: The objective of the doctrine of Christ is “Progression.” Progression is changing a person from who they are, to become precisely what God is. Belief in God, learning His correct attributes, perfections, and characteristics, and knowing that the path you are on is acceptable to God, is the starting point of the process of change, beginning progression, through the doctrine of Christ.

Process: Repentance is an individual’s choice to participate in progression. Baptism is a sign from the Earth to the Heavens that a person has repented and seeks progression by changing his ways to align with God’s. Sacrament is offered to those who have been baptized to receive Christ’s Spirit to always be with them, as a guide through the long process of progression to be like God. Priesthood is given by God to administer the gospel, holding the keys of the knowledge of God, so that in the ordinances the power of godliness is manifest, progressing God’s children to see His face and live. The repeated pattern of the process of progression can be expressed:

  1. Change (repentance)
  2. Ordinances (baptism, sacrament, etc.)
  3. Knowledge/Wisdom (power in the Priesthood)

Caution: This pattern, if properly repeated, will produce sweeter fruits through an increase in light, until the perfect day, knowing the mysteries of God in full. Deviation from the principles of the doctrine of Christ will manifest itself in a gradual decay of light, increasing darkness and ignorance, until you know nothing of the mysteries of God, and are eventually bound by the chains of hell.

Concerning The Government of Fellowships: A fellowship is a friendly association amongst people who share common interests, and ought to be self-governed, freely and independently. The greatest potential of a fellowship is the power within it’s people to unite and rise-up in the effort of individually progressing through the doctrine of Christ. Salvation is an individual matter, and NOT collective, as all people differ in progression. The people united in a fellowship, and how that fellowship operates must be governed by the mind and will of God “to them.” Thus it is known in scripture as the church of Christ, because it operates by the same Spirit that directs Christ.

Valuing Individuals: The responsibility of uniting a people into one is God’s. Each person has value. Everyone has gifts from God and are called to contribute to the effort of building the Kingdom of God on the Earth. Because all individuals require a customized approach, one fellowship will not be the same as another, just as revelation to one is not revelation to another. God is the giver of such gifts, therefore it is the application of the mind and will of God that will converge His people into one, and NOT man’s innovations.

Work: The pattern of work within a fellowship is intended/designed to progress all through the gate, in the path, and into the way. While baptism does NOT offer membership, it does offer those entering through the gate the option of fellowship with like minded believers. If fellowships are done by the mind and will of God to them, the Spirit of Christ will guide them in the path, increasing their individual and collective knowledge. As a fellowship is united by the sharing and proper application of knowledge, having no poor among them, the Spirit of Christ will affect a continuous ascending spiral of light, producing power, and progressing individuals into the way. The pattern is simplified as such:

  1. The Gate (ordinances)
  2. The Path (knowledge/wisdom)
  3. The Way (power)

Caution: Fellowships will find greater success in their change, progression, and unity as their efforts are exercised through seven attributes: persuasion, long suffering, gentleness, meekness, love unfeigned, kindness, and pure knowledge. It is sound counsel to not run faster than you are able. Waiting upon the Lord expresses faith in God, entrusting God to implement the necessary change, progression, and unity in the doctrine of Christ. The world is full of lying spirits intending to deceive. If fellowships choose to use haste, hypocrisy, guile, compulsion, coercion, or manipulation, to force change, only to put on the appearance of unity, it will result in pestilence, confusion, hurt and ultimate loss.

Concerning Initiatives: The objective of initiatives is to seek and discover more light, bringing all closer to Christ. Initiatives are not governed by fellowships, but are temporary in nature, as an experimental effort. The same principles governing fellowships can be applied towards initiatives. The gate casts a broad net of ideas, the path narrows the efforts guided by the spirt, and the way arrives at a desired destination, bringing all participants closer to Christ. Those who volunteer to participate will be those who seek to increase agency, and to exercise and expand their individual gifts in the direction of the initiative. If the initiative failed, the findings may be helpful, but it’s results are easily and peacefully discarded. If the initiative proves successful, their findings can be presented in a conference by a spokesman and a witness, so that other fellowships can choose to adopt the idea, in part, or as a whole, in their individual efforts in progression. Participants may include more than two people, but only two are necessary to legitimize the initiative. All attempts to force a uniformity of new initiatives disrespects the gift of agency, expresses no confidence in Christ, initiates priestcraft, and rejects trust in the mind and will of God to lead and direct the affairs of the individual fellowships into unity.


Vote With Your Feet! (802 Words)

The founding father’s of America designed the constitution to preserve agency. States were free to govern themselves and, as citizens, you could Vote With Your Feet! Centralized Power and Forced Uniformity has produced the very thing that the founding father’s of America sought to escape, “Tyranny.”

Constitution: Christopher Columbus and the founding father’s were divinely inspired when being led to America and writing the constitution, as stated in the Book of Mormon (1 Nephi 13:12; TPJS pg. 147.) Lehi was promised that those who come to America would be led by God (2 Nephi 1:5-9). The prophesy and promises given by God concerning America was conditional upon them serving God, or else they would be swept off (Ether 2:10.) While the original constitution was inspired of God, the changes that have deformed it into what we have today were NOT! Agency and freedom are threatened by centralized power, forcing uniformity upon America’s citizens, removing our ability to choose a better option by Voting With Our Feet! 

Govern Themselves: The constitution once celebrated the independence of states, and their ability to govern themselves, allowing individual states to experiment, and discover what works best for them, …and allowing it’s citizens to Vote With Their Feet! Their successes and failures were the citizen’s kuliana (responsibility). If it didn’t work, the citizens governed themselves, and changed it to their liking. If they liked how it’s working, they did more of it. If you didn’t like it, and couldn’t change it, you could Vote With Your Feet! If you don’t like California, Vote With Your Feet, and move! If you live in Texas and don’t like shoot-em-up cowboys, Vote With Your Feet, and move to West Virginia with the Back-Woods-Duck-Dynasty folks you feel comfortable with. Agency THRIVED, and America was BOOMING!

Central Power: “Centralized Power” and “Forced Uniformity” killed the constitution and self governance. Without the ability to govern ourselves came the death of agency. Central Power removed the decision makers from the front-lines, leaving them unaware, and uncharitable to the circumstances of the people they governed. Under the label of “equality,” they exercise unrighteous dominion and compulsion to Enforce Uniformity. The price-tag the citizens pay, detached from the central power, are: uniform taxes, uniform medical, uniform education, and uniform regulation. The powers that be are out of reach and inaccessible to make any beneficial change on the home-front. And the hands of the citizen’s are tied with the ropes of uniformity to do anything about it themselves. Without the ability to govern ourselves comes the death of agency.

Tyranny is what the founding father’s sought to escape when they came to Lehi’s promised land. Freedom is what they produced when they where inspired of God to write the constitution. Bondage is our current condition as the constitution, inspired of God, is unrecognizably corrupted and mingled with the philosophies of uninspired men. This is a very old pattern that has led every free-system into ruins. When the world is in commotion, and agency is unavailable to them, for men to seek refuge from the storm, and they can no longer Vote With Their Feet, …Zion will be the only place of refuge (D&C 115:6.)

Conclusion: The pattern of corruption threatens the survival of our vacation rental, as the “Central Powers” representing the local citizens of Hauula are in the distant lands and lifestyles of the rich and famous, in Honolulu, or in Washington DC. They are using generalizations to enforce uniform laws, under the false label of “caring for the locals,” …while they take away our agency, our right to use our property for the benefit of “our needs,” and what works for us, renting our property to vacationers from the mainland who come to Hawaii for “our beaches” and “our weather conditions.” This is bondage and unrighteous dominion. It is unequal, and those who support it are iniquitous. They will be swept off the land.

The laws and the priesthood of God are distributed equally (not centralized), allowing all men to learn correct principles and govern themselves. Agency must be preserved from the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But, when men seek to change what was originally inspired of God, mucking it up, inserting philosophies of men, changing ordinances, …they eventually seek deep to hide their sins, exercise unrighteous dominion, and compulsion, …and God pronounces an Amen to the authority and priesthood of those men.

We can easily see the pattern in the history of America. We can easily see the pattern in our circumstances with vacation rentals. Yet, we turn a blind eye to the centralized power of the church, and their forced uniformity in our wards, in our tithing uses, in our poor, and in our bondage. They fair sumptuously, buying super-malls, high-rise buildings, theme parks, universities, etc. While the sheep are starving. How can we be so blind?



The Poor Among You (811 Words)

Considering the different degrees of glory, and the accumulation of knowledge, practice, and mastery, …theres something more to say about The Poor Among You. Perhaps The Poor Among You is defined based on the degree of glory you have acquired. All of God’s knowledge is accumulative and complimentary, but not destructive or contradictory. Consider my point.

If there is knowledge, practice, and mastery in the telestial, terrestrial, and celestial, …then the absence of knowledge would describe The Poor Among You. Yes, …that’s right, …”ignorance” is poverty. The Priesthood was given to reverse the effects of “ignorance,” by increasing “light.”

“Although there are two priesthoods, yet the Melchizedek Priesthood comprehends the Aaronic or Levitical Priesthood and is the grand head, and holds the highest authority which pertains to the Priesthood- the keys of the Kingdom of God in all ages of the world to the latest posterity on the earth- and is the channel through which all knowledge, doctrine, the plan of salvation and every important truth is revealed from heaven.” (Joseph Smith dictated to his scribe R.B. Thompson, RE Section 48, pg. 130).

Joseph Smith taught that you can be saved no faster than you gain knowledge, and if a man gain more intelligence than another, it will be to his advantage in the life to come (D&C 130:18-19), …then our first step is clearly to acquire knowledge! So, …if we read between the lines, …if “knowledge” comes through priesthood, …then, there is a priesthood in each degree of glory. Priesthood was intended to elevate one another, to eliminate poverty, so that there are no poor among you. If you consider priesthood an association, then in the telestial, it is an association with producers, who like to work, like among our family, and the project we have been working on for almost a year now. In the terrestrial, it is an association with ministering angels (D&C 84:26-27), who bring further light and knowledge from the presence of the Lord. And in the celestial, it is an association with the mysteries of God, in the presence of Christ and God the Father, in the flesh (D&C 84:19-22).

Since all of God’s knowledge is accumulative and complimentary, but not destructive or contradictory, as we increase in glory, we are added upon, and added upon, until we are filled with light. Those who seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness are promised that all these things- clothes, food, and shelter- will be added unto you (3 Nephi 13:33). We are also taught that if your eye be single to the glory of God, your whole body will be filled with light (3 Nephi 13:22). If you harden your heart, you’ll be given a lesser portion of the word, until you know nothing of the mysteries of God, but if you soften your heart, you’ll receive the mysteries of God, until you know them in full (Alma 12:10-11). It’s all additive and complementary.

When the philosophies of men get mingled with scripture, the truth of the laws get eroded, corrupted, and withers away. For instance, telestial law naturally generates: producers, industrious people, that are anxiously engaged in a good cause. Their efforts lessen the burdens of life in the world, providing: better transportation, communication, building materials, etc. And people will pay the price tag, if it is mutually beneficial to them. Naturally, the byproduct is “financial rewards.” And financial gain equals “free time” to pursue a higher law, to study the words of Christ, and acquire a terrestrial law and glory. …However, crooks, thieves, and bullies, rob, steal, and force people to pay them, producing the same counterfeit financial result. Their purpose is to hoard, not considering the higher laws or glories. They prefer winning in the telestial over eternal progression. They sacrifice the power of creating worlds without number, for worldly aspirations and the glory of men. In ignorance they have sacrificed the greater for the lesser law and glory. When philosophies of men are mingled with scripture, men are fooled into selling their birthright of godliness, for a mess of pottage.

The work needing to be done with The Poor Among Us is very real. It begins with the correct knowledge, continues in a path unique to each of us, and progresses to higher laws and glories. That is our work and our glory.

Conclusion: The Poor Among Us must awake and arise to the awful situation by which we are held captive. The bondage we are all in (debt and sin) requires our combined effort to escape. We cannot skip steps, working in the terrestrial when we have failed to unite in the telestial. I consider us lucky that our parents have written upon our hearts the value of work. Lets finish this project as one, freeing up some time, to invest in the knowledge of a higher law and glory, by the study and discussions upon the words of Christ.

Predicated on Laws (898 Words)

All of God’s blessings are Predicated on Laws. Telestial laws differs from Terrestrial laws, which differs from Celestial laws. Celestial law is above them all, and encompasses both terrestrial, and telestial law. Our progression to the Celestial glory doesn’t require choosing one over the other, it requires obtaining all three glories.

God bases all of his blessings upon laws. If you want a blessing under God’s hands, you are required to know the law that governs that blessing, …and then act, based upon that law. That’s what it means to be Predicated on Laws, it is to be based upon laws. In exchange, God is “irrevocably” bound to produce the blessing (D&C 82:10). He “must” produce the blessing:

D&C 130:20-21

20 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—

21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

Each glory is based upon specific laws. The lowest glory is telestial, a higher glory is terrestrial, and the highest being celestial glory. They differ in light like the stars, moon, and sun, respectively. Celestial law is above them all, and encompasses both terrestrial, and telestial law. Our progression to the Celestial glory doesn’t require choosing one over the other, it requires obtaining all three” glories.

To master all three glories you must begin at the bottom rung, and progress upward, without skipping steps.

“When you climb up a ladder, you must begin at the bottom, and ascend step by step, until you arrive at the top; and so it is with the principles of the gospel—you must begin with the first, and go on until you learn all the principles of exaltation. But it will be a great while after you have passed through the veil before you will have learned them.” (TPJS 264-268)

The “KEY” is to obtain the knowledge of the law, and then constantly act upon that law, so that the law is identified with who you are, …and not just what you do. To make it clear, I’ll use an example. I have earned an engineering degree. I know that their are forces acting within a structure, and that materials and their configurations must be properly applied for the structure to endure the loads placed upon them, or it will fail and kill someone. However, “KNOWING” is not the same as “DOING!” I haven’t practiced the skill of engineering long enough to write that law upon. Both KNOWLEDGE and PRACTICE combine to produce POWER!

Each degree of glory builds upon the next, until, line upon line, you have accumulated all degrees. Starting from the very beginning requires instruction to acquire the knowledge of the telestial. Having knowledge is incomplete. Practice applying knowledge writes the law upon your hearts. Successfully applied knowledge grows through experience, developing into wisdom and expertise, producing POWER (in that law). Likewise, terrestrial law must be instructed. Knowledge must be put into practice, until experience turns into expertise (mastery). Likewise, celestial law requires instruction, practice, and mastery. Consider three progressive steps for each degree of glory:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Practice
  3. Mastery

There is telestial knowledge, practice, and mastery. And likewise terrestrial and celestial. The knowledge of telestial law is one of productivity. When productivity is practiced and mastered, telestial laws produce financial rewards. However, you cannot associate financial rewards with the knowledge and mastery of productivity. Theives and liars are not productive, but fair sumptuously in financial rewards. But telestial glory, tied to it’s law, produces real productivity. People who produce are rare in America today.

Terrestrial knowledge is acquired in the words of Christ. It too requires practice and mastery, to obtain terrestrial glory. The scriptures teach that when there are a terrestrial people, the Earth would yield her fruit. The scriptures are lined with promises of prospering in the land. But we tend to apply a telestial definition to a terrestrial law, seeing financial rewards as prospering in the land. The Earth has kept a celestial law from the beginning (D&C 88:25). To prosper in the land is to be tutored by the Earth in a celestial law. All things in the Earth teach of the creator of the heavens (Alma 30:44). Mastery of the Earth produces far greater abundance than financial rewards.

Celestial knowledge is acquired by entering into the presence of Christ in the flesh. He offers greater light and knowledge, beyond the veil. But, …you must still put that knowledge into practice. So the idea that death brings you into His presence in the flesh is a false idea. There must be practice, and mastery. Otherwise, you have not abided the celestial law, therefore, you cannot obtain a celestial glory (D&C 88:22). We must return from beyond the veil, to implement higher knowledge, …becoming saviors on mount Zion. Otherwise, we cannot claim the celestial glory.

Conclusion: My Ohana, you have kept the telestial law. You know how to labor in the world, and produce, even though the world has not given us the appropriate financial rewards. You are worthy of a telestial glory. However, the terrestrial offers a far greater reward. It comes with an incorruptible language, and a land of inheritance. Upon this land of inheritance can a temple be erected, and provide us access to Christ, celestial laws, and a grander reward into the eternities. Don’t be satisfied! Seek MORE!


The Terrestrial Law (888 Words)

The Earth obeys a celestial law that mankind has constantly strayed from in apostasy. Since the Earth has not broken that law, mankind can be reconnected to the Earth, and relearn the celestial law- via The Terrestrial Law. The process of repentance begins in the earnest study of the words of Christ.

Mankind fluctuates back and forth, from restoration to apostasy. But the Earth has kept the celestial law from the creation. What that means is, the Earth takes instructions from the heavens, and always maintains obedience to the lights in the heavens. They are one long ordinance given from the third day of creation. They tell the Earth when to bloom, when to leaf, when to produce fruit, and when to prepare for the cold. Man was created and instructed to name the plants and animals, so man was also familiar with the celestial law, and used his knowledge to name it. Since the celestial law is written in the lights in the heavens, they cannot be manipulated or changed by man, …only by God. When men are in apostasy, they are distracted by what’s going on, on Earth, and forget the instructions in the heavens. Hawaiians have lost the instructions of the heavens. Native Americans have lost the instructions of the heavens. And so have the Mormons. All have come into apostasy. Our disconnected state leaves mankind wandering in darkness at noon day. But, wait, …there’s more!

There’s hope to be found in The Terrestrial Law. Since the Earth has not broken the celestial law, mankind can be reconnected to the Earth, and relearn the celestial law- via The Terrestrial Law. The scriptures house The Terrestrial Law, and promises “prospering in the land” as it’s reward.

This weekend, my wife and I attended a Maori-culture workshop. The presenter’s name was Rereate, and he described their village’s return to the lunar calendar. He connected their oli’s (ancient chants), calling them karakia’s. Within their karakia, it teaches about the best time to fish, aligning with the moon. A group of young Maori’s went fishing on the worst day to fish, and Rereate told them another day would be better. Only one of them listened, and the others caught nothing. Since then, the wiser of the young men has learned Rereate’s pattern of fishing, and constantly catches fish.

Another karakia tells of a flower that blooms, when a certain star arises on the horizon. It’s bloom was instruction to begin planting. It usually appears in their spring. When they timed their planting with the blooming of the flower, the crops are always abundant. Last year, the flower appeared two months early. Those who followed the instruction of the blooming flower were rewarded with an abundant “double-harvest,” while those who depended upon the common Gregorian calendar only had one harvest, …and it wasn’t abundant at all.

My wife observed how The Terrestrial Law requires meekness and humility for anyone to receive it’s knowledge and wisdom. The words of Christ promises all who obey and keep it’s laws, that they will “prosper in the land.” The example above of the Maori method of fishing, requires the humility of a lesser light (moon) to instruct the best time to catch fish. Even more meekness to take notice of the blooming of a single flower, for instruction on planting their crops. We are in a state of apostasy, disconnected from the celestial law. But Christ provides hope for all who would, to repent, and return. The process of repentance begins in the earnest study of the words of Christ, and a return to The Terrestrial Law.

Conclusion: The Terrestrial Law, given in the words of Christ, has gone ignored for far too long. It has become similar to Maori karakia’s, and Hawaiian oli’s. The hula is performed with ritual songs, dress, and dances, intended to remember the old Hawaiian chants, …that teach a connection to the Earth and the Heavens. But the dances have taken on a life of it’s own, forgetting what it was intended on preserving. Likewise, the scriptures have generated a culture with ritual temple songs, dress, and dances of it’s own, and the Mormon practitioners have become more ritual, and less connected to the signs in the Earth and the Heavens.

Rereate has gone back to the karakia’s, and began to observe the patterns of the Earth, to reconnect with the origins of their ancient chants. He has found several patterns of truth, that has returned wisdom and abundance in his village. The words of Christ offer those who will receive it, the ability to recognize and organize truths in such a way, that oli’s and karakia’s enhance our understanding of the Earth, …and therefore provide further light and knowledge of the Heavens. It is a covenant from God that if we obey and keep it, God is bound to prosper us in the land. No truth will be discounted. Instead, all truth can be circumscribed into one great whole (gathered together from all over the world), to the benefit of those who will be meek and humble. Then, the words of Christ will reconnect us to the Earth, and the Earth will teach us the celestial law. That is the only way, and there is no other way, nor name given under heaven, whereby man can be saved.