Clothing and Costly Apparel (1303 Words)

The contrast between treasures in heaven and treasures on earth ought to direct our minds concerning Clothing and Costly Apparel. Nakedness is the condition we find ourselves in this world. Clothing is offered for any to return and enter into the presence of God. Take notice of the things of heaven, and the heavens will take notice of you.

The Lord, after His resurrection, counseled the Nephites that where their treasure is, there will their heart be also. The contrast between treasures on earth or in heaven is the proving ground of our hearts. Considering the differing treasures should give great insight to the difference between clothing and costly apparel. The Lord speaks of clothing as bodies, and addresses costly apparel as what we put on the body. To put the idea into perspective, consider words from the Gospel of Phillip:

“Some people are afraid that they may arise from the dead naked, and so they want to arise in flesh. They do not know it is those who wear the flesh who are naked. Those who are able to take it off are not naked.
“…Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:50). “
“Flesh and blood will not inherit God’s kingdom.” What is this flesh that WILL NOT inherit? It is what we are wearing. And what is this flesh that WILL inherit? It is the flesh and blood of Jesus.
For this reason, he said, ‘One who does not eat my flesh and drink my blood does not have life within.’ What does this mean? His flesh is the word and His blood is the Holy Spirit. Whoever has received these has food, drink, and CLOTHING.
And I also disagree with others who say that the flesh will not arise. Both views are wrong. You say that the flesh will not arise? Then tell me what will arise, so we may salute you. You say it is the spirit in the flesh, and also the light in the flesh? But what is in the flesh is THE WORD, and what you are talking about is nothing but flesh. It is necessary to arise in this sort of flesh, since everything exists in it.

In this world those who wear clothes are superior to the clothes. In heavens kingdom the clothes are superior to those who wear them.”

The Lord differentiates between treasures on earth and in heaven, using clothing as the subject. In order for us to understand what He is teaching, we must understand things from His perspective. When the KEY of clothing is properly understood as “types of bodies,” then many doors of understanding become unlocked. It offers greater understanding to D&C 76, referring to different bodies (Telestial, Terrestrial, and Celestial) as eternal rewards. The quote above ends contrasting the clothes we put on our bodies here on earth is far less superior to the bodies who wear the clothing. But the bodies provided in heaven are far more superior to those who wear them. The treasures in the heavens are eternal bodies, symbolized in ceremonial rituals on earth as “Robes.” Temple robes are symbols of bright bodies, as described by Joseph Smith when telling of his experience with Moroni’s visit, where light filled the room. It also represents the type of body Christ had on after resurrection, that could pass through walls, and yet still eat. It is the body that the brother of Jared witnessed of Jesus Christ, long before Christ’s mortal ministry. Bodies eternal, that don’t decay, that produce everlasting joy. Graduation commencement ceremonies suddenly take on greater understanding as graduates put on new bodies of enlightenment, passing through a change of body at the moment the tassel is switched from the right to the left. These symbols are pointing the mind, who has faith in Christ, to the offering of treasures in the heavens, couched in terms of clothing.

However, nakedness is the condition we find ourselves in this world. When Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, before placing them in the lone and dreary world, Christ clothed them in coats of skins. The coats of skins came from a sacrificial offering of an animal, symbolizing Christ’s atonement. When God looks upon mankind, rather than seeing man’s transgression, He sees instead the everlasting sacrifice of His Beloved Son. As an aside, Satan was cast out without being clothed in the sacrifice of Christ, and for that reason he is unable to return, being a rebeller from the beginning. The coat of skins is the covering we wear, called the flesh. Given our flesh, Christ made it possible through His atonement that we may return, …if we receive the clothing God offers. Those who choose not to receive the clothing God offers, representing the treasures in heaven, will be found naked, cast out, bound hand and foot, for not having on a wedding garment.

Clothing is offered for any who desire to return and enter into the presence of God in the flesh. Temple ceremonies instruct the idea in symbolic terms. The symbol ought to be seen as instruction, and not the acquisition of the real thing. The scriptures are quite literal, when understood from the mind and will of God. Bodies renewed is a changing of these corruptible bodies into better bodies. For old people, that ought to be exciting. It ought to point to literally being clothed with a new body. But, clothed in what? Covenants.

We must escape our false beliefs (unbelief) of institutional thinking, to seek being literally clothed in covenants. It cannot be sufficient to “take out” our endowments. We must become the endowment. Endowment literally means to be clothed. When the covenant is not only “taken,” but it is also “obeyed” and “kept,” …only under those circumstances are you found clothed in the robes of the Holy Priesthood, preparatory to entering into the presence of the Lord by passing through the veil of these fleshy tabernacles (bodies). Those who are clothed in the covenants must be strangers and sojourners here, peculiar, even hated by the world. That is because you are fully clothed in the fullness of Christ’s glory. The world hated Christ first, so you being clothed in the fullness of Christ’s glory ought to produce the same response as it did Christ. That is why those who are persecuted for Christ’s name sake are promised the Kingdom of Heaven. Take notice of the things of heaven, and the heavens will take notice of you.

Conclusion: Costly apparel is the focus of those who know nothing of the clothing offered in the heavens. Those who “wear” costly apparel to cover their nakedness are no different than the emperor’s clothing, remaining naked in the presence of God. Their hearts are where their treasure is, on the treasures of the earth, being set so much upon the things of this world and aspiring to the honors of men. They have been called, but failed to be chosen. Choosing the treasures of the earth forfeits the treasures in the heavens, as you have chosen the glittery things of the earth over the fullness of light, beyond the brightness of ten thousand suns.

Put off your unbelief. Read your scriptures to be clothed in light, obeying and keeping the covenants you’ve taken. Return to the temple regularly, thinking about the symbols you are being given, as instructions to be clothed in the real thing, even the fullness of the glory of our Christ. Do not only say better, do better. Darkness is increasing in this world, and the only hope for you and those who surround you is for you to be filled with real light, and not just wearers of the symbols. Know the difference between Clothing and Costly Apparel.



The Poor (873 Words)

The proper collection of tithes was 10% of your surplus. Secondarily, when there were no poor among you, and there was enough and to spare, tithes were used for a temple. Primarily, however, facilities and buildings were meaningless and tithes were to assist The Poor.

If you’re like Mom, having a testimony of tithing, consider how much greater our testimony would be if we actually did it correctly. Tithing was prescribed as 10% of your surplus, your excess, after caring for your needs and responsibilities. It was voluntary, and not used as a long distance guilt trip. It was to provide life as people cared for people in their immediate company. It is a test of people’s hearts for them to prove themselves, to prove what is sufficient for the needs by defining for themselves what surplus means, to prove their hearts, whether they seek God or Mammon. The results of those who define themselves in alignment to God and His words is ABUNDANCE. Currently, the method of 10% gross to the institution in Salt Lake City institutionalizes tithes, reducing it’s rewards to physical, temporal, and financial rewards. So what about the treasures in heaven? What about further light and knowledge? What about treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures? The common lackluster testimony of tithing is financial gains, financial security, and intangible, invisible, unrecognizable “blessings.” Blah, blah, blah!

After the death of Joseph and Hyrum, tithing flipped upside down. Rather than the poor, tithing went to build buildings, purchase lands, and invest in businesses. Our buildings have become multibillion dollar investments, and they’re scattered across the Utah County Valley, 15x more than McDonalds franchises. The buildings and land are all paid off before doors open, and tithes collected per ward are a minimum of $6,000 per ward, per week, of untaxed money (in poor areas like Hau’ula). That average is much higher in wealthy neighborhoods. Three wards per building generates $18,000 per week, $72,000 per month, and $864,000 per year, …for one ward church building. A stake often houses larger wards, and in Utah double stake houses double the wards meeting there. If the chapel is paid off before they open, and the revenues continue to roll in, then why do the members need to clean the buildings? And why is there so much poor, stratified classes, and inequality among the saints? They have flipped tithing on it’s head, taking whatever surplus you had, growing their accounts, leaving you the choice of caring for the poor or feeding your children. And the kind of hearts you have, you still do both! This is a result of institutionalizing and franchising the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. McDonalds is dwarfed by the church. While McDonalds can make store managers out of teenagers, the church has made bishops and stake presidents of those who understand little more than teenagers. We have placed the wrong em-PHA-sis on the wrong sy-LLA-ble. Secondarily, when there were no poor among you, and there was enough and to spare, only then were tithes used for a temple.

Primarily, however, facilities and buildings were meaningless and tithes were to assist The Poor. It was meant to help with health costs, transportation costs, education, food, child care, the needs of people among you, so that a society of relationships who care for one another to exist, that reflect the family of God on earth, so that the family of God in heaven can recognize us, and join us so that what is done on earth is as it is done in heaven.

D&C 59:18-20

“18. Yea, all things which come of the earth, in the season thereof, are made for the benefit and the use of man, both to please the eye and to gladden the heart;

19. Yea, for food and for raiment, for taste and for smell, to strengthen the body and to enliven the soul.

20. And it pleaseth God that he hath given all these things unto man; for unto this end were they made to be used, with judgment, not to excess, neither by extortion.”

In this scripture the word “excess” means: wealth accumulation. And “extortion” is: to compel the poor, requiring a certain labor in exchange for your tithes.

Conclusion: Those who are able to break free of the institutionalization of tithes, to care for the poor among you, using the tithes of your surplus, will be able to realize the promise of having ABUNDANCE, and no poor among you. Zion cannot be built simply upon the theory of one heart and one mind, with no poor among you and all things in common. It has to be more than simply a theory. It must be a reality. Given the way tithes are being abused by the leaders of the church, your continuing to do as they instruct, not thinking to know God’s mind and will on the matter for yourselves, will never result in Zion, one mind, or one heart. Poverty will plague you, there will never be equality, and nothing will ever be made in common.

You must man up and make the hard choices now. Otherwise, our family, despite how great we are, will not survive the extortion of this world, and will be swallowed up in their flood of debt and slavery.


Belief and Faith (619 Words)

The story of the rich man, void of faith, is a great lesson regarding discerning between Belief & Faith. Belief is abundant. But Faith is rare.

The story of the rich man is commonly understood from the New Testament. Matthew, Mark, and Luke offer insight to the rich man, by the way they describe him. Matthew calls him “The Young Man,” perhaps because in his youth he was unable to comprehend what was required of the Lord’s disciple. By Mark, he was called “The one who came running,” perhaps to indicate that he was running faster than he was able. By Luke, he was called, “A certain ruler,” perhaps because at his young immature age, he had acquired status in the world as a ruler. These are my guesses. However, John doesn’t mention the rich man at all.

By the young man’s question, we can assume that he had belief. He approached Christ asking the question, “How can I obtain eternal life?” The mere asking of the question is a good indicator that the young man believed that Christ could produce the answer. Christ told him to keep the commandments, and the man was confident that he had done all these things that Christ required for eternal life. Again, another bit of evidence of the man’s belief, as he had obeyed all the commandments. However, the requirement to dispose of his property, give it to the poor, and come and follow me, …was more than he could bare, because he had much and would not let it go.

When it came time to live the law, become a new creature of Christ, detached from the world, the rich young man was unable to act upon his belief. Belief is abundant, but acting upon that belief, faith, is rare. Faith requires nothing less than acting as you say you believe, consistent with your belief. The young man could not do this. He followed Christ, recognized him as a true messenger of eternal life, heard and received the message as true, but stopped short of acting. He retained a belief, but did not obtain faith by acting.

Faith requires not only saying, but doing as you say. Faith requires sacrifice. In the timeline of things, perhaps the trajectory of the young man would have produced another gospel of writings, had the rich man acting on his belief in faith. He gave up before the main events: Christ’s triumph, the crowds shouting hosanna, the tossing of the hypocrites at the temple, Christ’s anointing, the last supper, Lazarus brought back from the dead, the crucifixion, and the resurrection. He would have been an appropriate witness of Christ, having viewed His death, bore His cross, and bore the shame of the world. The faith of our day requires the same as the young man in Christ’s day, as in the days from the foundation of the world. Faith is never obtained without sacrifice and anxiety. Tithing and offerings provide a simple beginning to exercise faith by providing for the poor and needy who are among you.

Conclusion: Their is a significant difference between Belief & Faith. Belief is abundant in the world, as people often say, and defend what they say, but rarely do as they say. Faith is rare, as people say one way, but act totally different than what they say.

Have faith, read and ponder and talk through the scriptures. Go to the temple, stay awake, think long after you have left the temple what it’s trying to tell you, and go back often, weekly even. And lets talk more about what you have learned, and how it is that we can act upon it, rather than believing, unable to act in faith.

Great Knowledge to Govern (2287 Words)

The Kingdom of God is intended to roll forth to Govern all the Earth. Brigham Young’s idea of that has produced a divisive institution with massive wealth on the Earth. I feel to say, “Brigham, I don’t think that Govern means what you think it means.”

The Kingdom of God is intended to roll forth to Govern all the Earth. Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the stone cut without hands to roll forth and destroy the statue. The statue represented the kingdoms of the Earth in it’s different ages. The Babylonian age represented by Gold, the Persian age represented by silver, the Greek age represented by brass, the Roman age represented by Iron, and the modern age represented by a mixture of clay and iron. In the dream and prophesy of Daniel to the King, the stone cut without hands ground to pieces the statue representing all the governments of the world, and that stone rolled forth to fill the entire Earth. Joseph Smith prophesied that when the stone filled the Earth, it was the Earth in it’s paradisiacal glory. How that will happen has remained a mystery. There are two opposing theories to how it will happen, by force, or by the grace of God. I believe it is by grace, but the early saints did something very different.

Brigham Young’s idea of how the Kingdom of God would roll forth, as a stone cut without hands, to fill the Earth, has produced a divisive institution with massive wealth on the Earth, without God’s presence. The time period to pay close attention to is 1851-1858, a time where Brigham Young was both Governor and Church President. It was this time period where he considered himself “King” over the Kingdom that would grind to dust all of the governments of the Earth. Rather than follow the patterns of God, he took matters into his own hands. Joseph warned us from his sad experiences with men surrounding him, that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, that when they get a little authority as they suppose, they immediately exercise unrighteous dominion. B.Young was not excluded.

B. Young was the 23rd member of the “Council of Fifty” before Joseph & Hyrum Smith were  murdered. The more official name for the “Council of Fifty” was:

“The Kingdom of God and His Laws with the Keys and Powers thereof, and Judgement in the Hands of His Servants, Ahman Christ.”

(D. Michael Quinn, The Council of Fifty and its Members)

The name was more commonly shortened to “The Council of Fifty” or “The Kingdom of God.” Brigham wasn’t the first, second, or the third member of the council. He was the 23rd member. He had no right to the throne or to be president of the church. So he employed a vote to win the presidential position, quickly called a constitutional convention to write their Governing Principles, voted for them to be accepted by the body of the people (647 votes), and sealed the deal as “King” of the Kingdom of God. B. Young was considered “King,” with both church and state authority combined into one, by 1851. The authority of state was recognized by the U.S. Government as Governor. The authority of church was recognized by its members by a short-order vote. As a result of God’s opinion in the matter, within the first year of B. Young’s rule, the saints were plagued with grasshoppers that killed their crops, two winters that killed their cattle, and starved the people, and later the Willie & Martin handcart company practically froze to death. Since the saints were in a state of isolation far in the Western Rocky Mountains, there were only two parties to blame: The Leaders or the saints.

B. Young blamed the saints, a pattern still followed today. Although the fish stinks from the head, and attitude reflects leadership, …the leaders took it upon themselves to preach “the blame” on the saints, which began what is called The Mormon Reformation. This was a season of reforming, or making changes to Mormonism. During this time, people who disagreed were kicked out by force. They were often “whittled-out.” A term representing the method used to threaten people from disrupting the leadership, by a group of men surrounding them, whittling with large bowie knives as a threat. The people were interrogated with 27 inquisitorial questions (a witch-hunt for dissenters) by “Home Missionaries.” The questions have been re-termed “baptismal or temple recommend interviews.” And the “Home Missionaries” are the origins of our modern “Home Teaching” program. Although the church is kept in check by overarching laws in our current circumstances, the isolated Wild West was a totally different environment. The inquisition by “Home Missionaries” questioned its’ members, asking: if they were loyal, committed adultery, or murdered, …combining “loyalty” with adultery and murder! If guilty of any, B. Young required their blood to be spilt in a blood atonement, as a method of saving their souls from eternal damnation. And this was God’s will, according to the “King.” As a result of such ideas preached, murders within the isolation of Utah were justified because “loyalty” was associated with adultery and murder. The Mountain Meadows Massacre of Southern Utah in 1857 was not only used to threaten the saints, but also to threaten the approaching U.S. Army led by Johnson. That massacre was the single most deaths of white people, in the U.S. until the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. All of the murders of the Mountain Meadows Massacre were pardoned.

Relief came when Brigham “the dictator” was removed from “all power” by the threat of Johnson’s Army. Since Johnson’s Army enforced the separation of church and state, physically removing Brigham Young from office in 1858, the church has been forced to enforce their agendas by their limited compulsory means of: withdrawing fellowship, disfellowshipping, and excommunication. Even with a little authority, as they supposed, the church continues to blame the worthiness of the saints, the common people, for the problems of the church; even though Isaiah pointed the blame at the leaders, …the watchmen; even though Jeremiah pointed at the shepherds; even though Lehi pointed at the leaders of the Jewish communities; even though Christ pointed at the Pharisees and Sadducees; and even though Joseph Smith warned the leaders of the church of the corruptibility of the use of priesthood given to man:

D&C 121:37

“37 That they may be conferred upon us, it is true; but when we undertake to cover our sins, or to gratify our pride, our vain ambition, or to exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in any degree of unrighteousness, behold, the heavens withdraw themselves; the Spirit of the Lord is grieved; and when it is withdrawn, Amen to the priesthood or the authority of that man.

Brigham Young’s idea of how the Kingdom of God would roll forth to fill the Earth, has produced a divisive institution, causing hostility between people, while the leaders amass huge wealth on the Earth, remaining outside of the presence of God, in a fallen state. The Kingdom of God, or the stone cut without hands, that fills the Earth, will not fill the Earth by compulsion. Govern all the Earth doesn’t mean what Brigham thinks it means.

The stone is a government of self-governance, …a government of no government. We have little scripture to describe a government that governs without government! We have a lot that tells us what it is not: It is done without compulsory means, no force, no manipulation, no deception, and no guile. But little describes what it is. The solution is extremely subtle. It requires that we inquire of God to understand it by the power of the Holy Ghost, …or else we will continue suffering by trying to fit the idea, like Brigham, into our institutional box of precepts of man.

In scripture it is referred to the goodness and the mysteries of God. Just as in the plan of salvation, your participation is not forced, rather it is your choice. It is your request for a covenant. It is your expression of understanding. And it is your honor to live according to what you understand, while continuing to increase in greater understanding. Alma says those who receive this lesser portion of the word will receive a greater portion of the word, until they know the mysteries of God in full. Abraham sought great knowledge. Because of it, he received the blessings of the fathers in heaven. Nephi stated in the first verse, “…having had a great knowledge of the goodness and the mysteries of God, therefore I make a record of my proceedings in my days.” These men testify of the necessity for Great Knowledge to Govern. Without being governed by great knowledge, man will not be governed by God, but by the kingdoms of the Earth, which will be ground to dust by the Kingdom of God.

Nephi spoke to his brothers boldly, openly, and without guile, telling them: you are hard hearted, you don’t keep the Lord’s commandments and will perish. He reprimands them telling them: if their hearts weren’t hard, they would not only ask in faith, believing they would receive, …but they would also keep the commandments, …and then the things of God will be made known to them. While Laman & Lemuel found Nephi offensive, and refused to Govern themselves, we can learn from their failures. Rather than reject Nephi and the fathers, we can choose to receive Great Knowledge to Govern us, …to become the stone cut without hands, …to become the Kingdom of God. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all things that you stand in need of will be added unto you.

Conclusion: Mankind is filled with false traditions of unbelief. Unless those false traditions are removed, you will not have room for TRUTH, and instead you will be led by the WORLD. Compulsion is the method Brigham Young used, and the method still employed by the church today. God, from the time of Adam until now, has always recommended that all men access Great Knowledge to Govern ourselves.

[Read your scriptures, ask in faith, and keep the commandments,] and God will make the truth known to you concerning His Kingdom, the stone cut without hands, that rolls forth to tear down all governments, and to fill the Earth. Failure to do any part, including keeping the commandments, will not produce answers, leaving you to say like Laman & Lemuel, “…the Lord maketh no such thing known unto us.” (1 Nephi 15:9)

Some of you have called me to tell me of Elder Bednar’s talk in stake conference a few Sundays ago. You have born witness to me of the new prophet Elder Nelson. You have told me that “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” is true. I hear the words, but the same condemnation of the early saints is your inheritance (D&C 84:55-58).

Hawaiians, …Where’s the fruits? Where are your keys, your dispensations, your glories, your honors, your powers? The entire church is powerless, remaining in their condemnation. Elder Bednar cannot save you, and neither can anyone of the General Authorities. The assets of the church cannot save one soul, neither can your retirement from BYU-Hawaii, nor the entire Kingdom of the telestial order that Brigham Young has established and you call “The Church.” It’s Christ that saves. So, rather than talk of Monson, prophesy of Nelson, preach of Bednar, and rejoice in the Church. Why don’t we do as Nephi suggests in our conversations with one another instead, and talk of Christ, rejoice in Christ, preach of Christ, and prophesy of Christ?

The Kingdom of God, the stone cut without hands, to roll forth and fill the Earth, is Zion.  God will bring it about using small and simple means, not massive corporations. I am grateful to the church for the preservation of the Book of Mormon and Joseph’s words. I have done as Nephi, stealing the records from ignorant church leaders, and written them upon my heart. I am Israel! And the time has come that man cannot stand on borrowed light. It is insufficient to preserve the book on your shelves, in your leather scripture covers, in your relief society hand-bags, in your church libraries, …having not written them upon your hearts. Now is the time to remove and escape the condemnation of 1832, by searching them diligently, and producing the fruits, by talking of Christ. There is no secondary substitute.

If you aren’t yet totally offended, crying foul-play, drenched in ashes, …and actually care about what I recommend, …then begin by …doing everything you think you know. Read your scriptures, attend your meetings prepared to actively participate by studying the lesson material beforehand, actually go to the temple often (not just once a month, or once a year, or less), and do your visiting teaching/home teaching based on that material you have acquired in the above activities (instead of man made manuals). You will notice a massive change. Your minds will frequently slip into pondering the words you have studied and preached, to have virtue garnish your thoughts unceasingly. Your vocabulary will change to scripture talk. Your conversation subjects will change from real estate investments, occupation, entertainment, and athletics into more scripture talk. Your home/visit teaching will become more engaged on the topics you have learned in scripture, lasting hours instead of minutes of engaged conversation. You will stay awake in the temple, on the edge of your seat, instead of falling asleep in an uncomfortable slouch. Then you will hear the instructions to pass through the veil, while in the flesh. Live as you claim, and lets talk of Christ.

Truth Instructs (1318 Words)

There’s a great divide in the work of the Lord. A quick short message offers little more than good vibrations. However, Truth Instructs.

The work of the Lord prophesied of in these latter days is described as great and marvelous. From the beginning of the restoration of the gospel of Christ, through Joseph Smith, until now, …a great divide has been produced in the work of the Lord just as has been prophesied. In scripture, the divide is represented as wheat and tares, as sweet fruit and bitter fruit, as sheep and wolves in sheep’s clothing, etc. Each offer clarity within the symbols. In the early stages of growth, tares are a good imitation of wheat, until it matures. On the market shelves sweet fruit looks the same as bitter, until it is tasted. And a sheep and a wolf in sheep’s clothing is hard to discern from the exterior, but only a true lamb will offer themselves as a sacrifice. There’s a great divide in the work of the Lord, …and your test is to discern and choose ye this day whom you will serve. The Spirit of the Lord instructed Nephi that there are save two churches only. It is the gospel of the two ways, the Lord’s, …and EVERYTHING ELSE. Your choice matters.

Yesterday, I was working on my taxes, when I received a visit from the missionaries. I asked them if they were lost, because missionaries in Utah don’t go door to door, …especially in an area with 98% membership and a 99% home teaching success rate. They confessed that they were new in the area and wanted to share a quick short message, asking if that would be OK? I bartered with them saying, if you share a message with me, can I share one with you? They accepted, and began summing up a short message in Helaman chapter 8. They described Moses’ brass serpent, how the children of Israel were bitten, and if they would look at the brass serpent they would live. The missionary taught that the brass serpent represented Christ, and the simplicity of the looking and living is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He concluded his message in his own interpretation, saying, “It’s as simple as daily prayers, reading in scripture, and attending church meetings. It doesn’t require deep and complex thinking. He can quickly forgive us of our sins, and then it’s simply enduring to the end.” I knew he was done because he said, “And that’s my simple message.” His voice sounded like he got choked up by the good vibrations he felt, but I avoided eye contact as he gathered himself.

Then, it was my turn. And I began by asking a question. I asked, “Does Christ change?” The elder said emphatically, “No.” I continued, “Then if Christ does not change, can He repent?” The elder thought a bit, and answered in a pitch that sounded more like a question, saying, “Well, He never sinned, …um, so, …No?!” I broke the silence of his wondering if he was right, by confirming that he was absolutely right, and he seemed relieved. Then I drew the Egyptian symbol for Christ, which is a circle with a dot in the center. I told the elder that “The dot represents the place that is unchanging, the place that all things revolve around, the center of the all, …and it is Christ. There is no other man on Earth who is unchanging. Which means, all must repent until they too become unchanging.” I asked another question, “Is it necessary to know the unchanging in order for us to repent and become unchanging too?” He slowly answered, “Yes.” I confirmed quickly that “It is absolutely necessary to know the unchanging, or in other words Christ, in order for any to repent and become unchanging.” Then I asked my final question, “How is anyone supposed to know the unchanging?” The elder reiterated an answer from his church upbringing, saying, “Um, …by praying?!” Although his answer was not incorrect, as praying is a part of knowing the unchanging, I told him, “Elder, YOU …are supposed to be ‘that witness’ who knows the unchanging. It is your mission to point those who do not know where to repent to, …to point them in a direction out of the dark, …and into the light, …so that they can know the unchanging. That’s what is meant by being on a mission as a witness of Christ! You need to repent and read your scriptures, so that you can know where to point to.” I spoke directly because it seems like too many love beating around the bush, and they call it being polite. I think it unkind and impolite to beat around the bush, dropping hints, and using manipulative tactics. I’m not sure if they were at my house trying to reactivate me. They gave no indication of that. I trusted that they were there for exactly as they said, to share a quick short message. We ended our conversation with a firm handshake.

Nephi said there are save two churches only, Christ’s, and EVERYTHING ELSE. It is not a contest of words, only the Truth Instructs. All truth is circumscribed into one great whole, and that great whole is the unchanging Christ. To know Him requires solemn, deep and ponderous thought, allowing the Truth to Instruct, …not complex scholarship. Those who will be filled with light must recognize that the lesser light ought to yield to the greater light, rather than be hardened in their darkened state of their current existence. Alma taught that if you receive the lesser portion of the word, you will be given the greater portion of the word, until you know the mysteries of God in full. But, he also warns that if you do not receive the lesser portion of the word, you will know nothing of the mysteries of God, and this ignorance of His mysteries is what Alma calls “The chains of Hell.” (Alma 12:10-11)

Conclusion: The missionary’s message was to be saved from sin through simple processes, justifying the idea by looking at Moses’ serpent staff. His message did not require you to exert much effort, and magically your sins disappear. The other religions make the same claim, but with less authority. However, the missionary had no idea what it meant to repent to becoming precisely what Christ is, the unchanging. To the elder, sin is uncleanness, and cannot be wiped away by our actions, …when it can and it must.

Christ does not take sin away from you. He takes you away from sin. He does it by leading you to the place of unchanging. But, it is you who must do the following. He cannot do that for you. All He will do is lead you. He knows the place of unchanging, because it is where He is. It is who He is. It is where you must go, and what you must be, or not be saved.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the explanation of the unchanging. Describing the place of unchanging can be explained by the simplicity of looking at a brass serpent on the staff of Moses. However, getting to the place of unchanging should not be oversimplified. It will require the sacrifice of all things, and nothing less. What you are willing to sacrifice is in question. You are in question. The question is in you. Be the answer, make the change, repent, by letting Truth Instruct.

As the missionaries left my house, I told them that “I have just preached repentance to you, pointing you to the scriptures, to know the unchanging, so that you can point others in that direction.” The missionaries left not knowing what just happened. They have a big task ahead of them, reprogramming from following changing men to the unchanging. You must too. Remember, Truth Instructs.

Israel Wrestles (990 Words)

Honesty is of deepest importance to growth, but so is truth. Opinions must be separated out from truth, so that truth can increase. Those who are added upon will acquire from God a covenant as Israel Wrestles.

Mom, your honesty is of deepest importance and I am honored that you take the time to read what I write. Honesty coupled with truth promote growth. You have been fed philosophies of men, mingled with scripture, and your diet has been weening you off of scriptures so that you only eat philosophies of men. Very little of the truths from scripture is being fed to you by those you consider the fathers of the ward, the stake, and the church. The menu they offer is quoting quotes of opinions, refusing to reconcile their opinions to scripture. When they do, they only use scripture out of context, and to justify their opinions, just as they did anciently to wage Holy Wars In God’s Name. Because of the feast prepared for you on Sunday, you have trusted in a short-order cook and acquired the taste for philosophies of men that promote comfort foods of emotion, without any substance. You are too full for truth and knowledge, refusing nourishment from one who has a vested interest in your eternal life, …and instead trusting in perfect strangers. Your mantra is eat, drink and be merry for all is well in Zion. When we eat doughnuts, we know it’s bad, …but how can something so bad be so good, right? That crap will stunt your growth, making you unable to increase, and barren or void of fruits. Truth, however is not a status-quo diet. When you consume truth, it is intended to change you, to swell, sprout, and begin to grow. As you acquire a taste for more truth, you will increase, easily distinguishing between truth and error, until you are filled with truth. Having been filled with truth, you will produce sweet fruit, spouting truth like a fountain with ease, …and more truth would be added to you. Truth is a diet that is repulsed by those who would rather eat husks with the pigs. Honesty can be used to promote anything, when taken out of context of the truth. Without the truth, your out of context honesty is no different than sign holding liberals, follow the leader drones, and Nazi communists. They too share honestly what they choose to believe as their governing opinion.

The truth shall set you free. Opinions must be separated out from truth, like land from waters of chaos, so that truth can increase. Alma 32 describes the growth of truth and light, in the parable of the seed that grows into a tree. It is describing the tree of life, who’s fruit is white above all that is white, pure above all that is pure, and if you partake of it, you will never hunger nor thirst. That fruit will only come from a tree of truth.

Those who are added upon will acquire from God a covenant as they wrestle between truth and opinion, conquering opinion with truth. Only Israel Wrestles. Israel literally means to wrestle God. Wrestle what? Truth and Light! I will wrestle for the truth, for I Am Israel. Israel is founded upon consuming the truth. Those unwilling to consume the truth, will not have the nourishment, the energy, or the strength to wrestle from God a covenant. Their hearts will fail them. Wake up and smell what I have been brewing for over twelve years! Who’s side are you on? Now is the time to show it. You show it by walking in fear and trembling before God, questioning your foundation. If you feel it shifting beneath your feet, that ought to be a sign of sand. Now, I get that we are islanders. But, we know better than most what happens to foundations built on sand, they shift. In wisdom, you would be best advised to find a foundation of rock. The shaking is upon us, causing liquefaction to make sand foundations respond just like waters of chaos, flowing beneath you.

Conclusion: Your honesty doesn’t bother me one iota. I do not necessarily write to respond to your opinions. I write to load you up with truth, so that when you react as you have been, and I must respond, you have been filled with enough light to recognize the difference between your foundation of sand and one based upon rock. As I know you are Israel, I would be a fool not to expect a wrestling match. After all, Israel Wrestles. It was true when you investigated the church way back in the 1900’s, wrestling against the missionaries. It was true as you attempted to wrestle with your Mom before she died. It was true when you wrestled with your sisters, and it is true when you wrestle with your favorite son, the desire of your heart.

Unlike the foolish Samoan and Native American Bishops who cast me out and refused to receive my records of membership, I welcome your honesty, and will continue to wrestle with you. When you tell me to stop, telling me you want no more truth, and convince me you are not just going through a growth phase, I will shut this blog down permanently, leaving you to your own conclusions. However, I believe you read, not only because you love me, …but I think you are genuinely curious because you hear the truth I am teaching. It festers within you because of your upbringing. Your parents both were truth seekers: free Masons and founders of the Church of the Golden Rule. I believe you sincerely pray to know. You are left to wrestle, as all Israel being gathered must do, or else not be gathered. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s always the case, in all generations of time, and for all eternity, …Israel Wrestles!



In God’s Name… (926 Words)

Many things have been done In God’s Name, based on opinions. The only method we are given to judge is by their fruits. We are warned of the wolves whose exterior looks like sheep, …and we ought to carefully consider why.

Millions of people have died In God’s Name, based upon mere opinions. King Noah burned Abinadi until dead because the King’s sacred office was questioned. The Crusades fought by Christians were known as “Holy Wars,” …termed “Holy” because killing was justified by the scriptures. Today, Muslims attack In God’s Name. Agency was a necessary part of the test, and opinions truly expose the heart. You see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. What you see and hear is how you talk.

The world has an excess of opinions, so the only method we are given to judge is by their fruits. Fruits have been redefined to mean church buildings, stake centers, and temples. Originally, however, the fruits were the words they spoke. Plainly speaking, by their words is how you’ll know them. Interestingly enough, in Hebrew the word Prophet comes from the word “Navi,” which is derived from the term “niv sefatayim,” meaning: “fruit of the lips.” However, too often Prophets are stoned, not because of what they said, but because of how people reacted to what they said. Christ bore sweet fruits, and they crucified Him for it, families have fallen apart because of it, and prophesies state that families will hunt one another down in division (Luke 12:52-53). Was it Christ’s fruits that caused the poor behavior, …or just the response of the wicked to sweet fruits? Do not confuse the way people respond as an indicator of the content of the message. Rarely do people desire the sweet fruits offered by the words of Christ.

Speaking to Bishop Youngbull, he demanded to know if I considered myself a prophet, yes or no? His question clearly represented his fruit, …asking me if in my mind I held some sort of office of rank, equal to President Monson or President Nelson. His fruits (or his words) were idolatry, …just as is all who profess to “follow the prophet.” On the other hand, my response was representative of the fruit I bear. I told the bishop that it doesn’t matter if someone is a prophet. I honestly couldn’t care less to know the identity of a prophet, as befriending him offers nothing. All that mattered to me was the content of the message. If it is true, I will accumulate the truth and govern myself by that truth. If it is false, I will simply discard it as irrelevant opinion. I added that I am here to tell the truth to a people who this record was written to, and you are left to judge if what I am saying is true or to discard what I say as irrelevant opinion. His statement to discard what I offered as irrelevant opinion was established, and I peacefully walked away, respecting his agency. He asked as we left, “So where are you going now?” I responded, “Home.” He asked, “What will you do for church?” I paused for a moment, and said, “I will follow the Spirit of God’s instructions.” He admitted, “Good response, Rob, good response.”

We are warned throughout the scriptures of the wolves whose exterior looks like sheep, …and we ought to carefully consider why it remains in scripture. Wolves can dress, look and act as sheep, but when they open their mouths, …you can know them. I wouldn’t get so close to examine wolves in sheep’s clothing saying, “My what big teeth you have!” I would instead recommend you seek to know the words of Christ, to recognize those who speak those words, putting forth those ideas, and living that lifestyle. That way, you can spot a wolf a mile away and avoid it. More importantly, you can hear the words of a prophet, not because of his identification, but because of his message. Abinadi came in a disguise, and Alma was able to hear his message, sufficient to repent. You do the same.

Conclusion: Maintaining the status-quo, doing the same things, never progressing is anti-plan-of-salvation. Eternal progression was not an excuse to put off today what you could do tomorrow, since you have an eternity to progress. Regression is also an option for those who set up stakes, or boundaries to how far they’ll allow God to take them. How oft would I have gathered you, but YOU would not, puts the accountability smack-dab on YOU as the one rejecting God. Even Angels desired to look into Zion, but since they set up too many stakes, according to Joseph Smith, they could not attain to it.

If you would prefer the status-quo, please let me know, and I’ll discontinue this blog. But discontinuing this blog does not remove your accountability to discern the truth. And whatever intelligence you acquire in this life will be to your advantage in the world to come. But the opposite is also true, what you fail to acquire now will be to your disadvantage.

Things are ramping up, and I am coming for you. This produces in me great anxiety, as there will be a point and time that you will have to choose to receive the truth In God’s Name, or build upon your shifting opinions, speaking In God’s Name, but doing so in vain.

Happy Valentines & Happy Lent (Ash Wednesday- placing ashes on the forehead in a sign of repentance)