Learning by Faith

What is faith? The traditional answer is:

Alma 32:21

“…if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.”

So if anyone hope for things which are true and are not seen does that mean they have faith? Or is the thing which is not seen, and are true only God the Father and Jesus Christ, and that is what we must hope for?

As you re-read Alma 32, you will learn that faith is based on how much you want to study the Book of Mormon to know the mind and will of God. You will see that the seed is the words of Christ and that nourishing the seed is likened unto exercising faith or reading the word. Doing so causes the seed to swell and sprout and begin to grow. The word becomes familiar, as the seer stone became familiar to Joseph Smith, until finally Joseph was inseparably connected to heaven.

If a man plants an apple seed, he expects that in some future date he will be able to pick apples; not bananas or grapes, but apples. Likewise, if the word is likened to a seed, then what is the fruit? Christ is the fruit described in Alma 32:42. Christ is not seen and is true.

So what is my definition of faith? The knowledge and understanding of the mind and will of God. This is the same knowledge that Abraham sought for in Abraham 1:2.

Abr 1:2

“2. And, finding there was greater happiness and peace and rest for me, I sought for the blessings of the fathers, and the right whereunto I should be ordained to administer the same; having been myself a follower of righteousness, desiring also to be one who possessed great knowledge (faith), and to be a greater follower of righteousness (learn by faith), and to possess a greater knowledge, and to be a father of many nations, a prince of peace, and desiring to receive instructions, and to keep the commandments of God, I became a rightful heir, a High Priest, holding the right belonging to the fathers.”


Then what is learning by faith? Taking that knowledge and using it as a foundation upon which all choices are filtered, despite the logic of the world. It is redefining yourself as a man or woman of God. It is acting on that knowledge and continuing to seek further light and knowledge until finally you’ll find yourself at the vale.