Horizons 05- Trials

Between the descending garden and ascending garden, there is the trials. The trials we face are meant for us, to break free from the world, the false traditions of our fathers and our own disobedience, to follow the savior and return. Easier said then done, right?

We knew that it would be hard before we came, but we were given a promise. The promise we were given was to generate hope, to give us a clear objective of why we are here. Quite often that promise loses clarity, fades, and is cast aside by the owners and hope fades with it. Trials seem to have a way of revealing portions of the hidden treasure.

It is in our trials that hidden treasures are revealed. We often pray to avoid trials, when trials are the very resistance that produces the kings or queens in us. We must learn to see clearly in our minds eye the promises made to us that produced the hope that inspired our choice to descend into this world. Then we can embrace the trials we receive, knowing that God will do his part.

Over time, each person who endures well the test given them will have accumulated sufficient experience, through sacrifice, to wax strong in confidence before the Lord. Lorenzo Snow put it this way:

“I have known individuals who have trembled at the idea of passing through certain ordeals who after they were through the temptation have said they could approach the Lord in more confidence and ask for such blessings as they desired…”

What it seems to say is that trials provide each of us the opportunity to become intimately connected to our Father. The more we know Him, the greater confidence we’ll have to ask for certain blessings. I reflect upon the promise given Nephi in Helaman 10:5 that he could ask anything of the Lord and it would be provided, because Nephi would not ask anything contrary to the will of God. Nephi’s confidence waxed strong because he endured well his trials. The Lord said that Nephi earned it because he declared the words of Christ with unwearyingness and without fear of how others would respond (Helaman 10:4).

Lorenzo Snow also stated:

“The sacrifices you have made, the hardships you have endured and the privations you have suffered will… sink into insignificance, and you will rejoice that you have obtained the experience which they have furnished… some things we have to learn by that which we suffer, and knowledge secured in that way, though the process may be painful, will be of greater value to us in the other life.”

How we deal with our trials is what the angels observe. Will you remain “true and faithful in all things,” in all your trials, so that you will be prepared to approach the vail seeking light and knowledge through conversations, literal conversations, with the Lord? Trials are not to be avoided. Trials are not to be sought either, but certainly not to be avoided. As we embrace the trial, we will find a greater hunger and thirst after righteousness, after the knowledge of the secret things of heavens, after Christ. Then we can chart our way and ascend to partake of the fruit of the tree of life.


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