Lords Prayer 02

star_of_DavidWhat is done on earth and what is done in heaven must align (Star of David above) in order for us on earth to have power, by being connected to heaven. The alignment is accomplished as we partake of the fruit of the tree of life. The Lords prayer is directly linked to building the foundation of our daily ascent.

Each garden has a specific fruit. The daily garden (our homes) makes available the fruit of the words of Christ. The weekly garden (the sabbath) provides the fruit of the sacrament. The temple garden produces the fruits of greater covenants. The actual garden that we aspire to produces the fruit that is sweet above all that is sweet, white above all that is white and pure above all that is pure …it is Christ himself.

Each garden requires the initiate or individual to make an ascent. The daily ascent assists the weekly ascent, which makes the temple ascent more clear. When all the symbolic ascents (daily, weekly and temple) have layered one upon the other, eventually we are able to make the grand ascent to meet our savior and have our confidence wax strong in His presence. However, if the daily ascent is weak or non-existent, then we are trying to build our stairway to heaven on a hollow foundation that will crush under the load that is required to do any other ascents. The focus on the Lords prayer is to point to the daily fruit of the tree of life made available to us, in efforts to put the “Rock” of our salvation at the foundation- our foundation stone.

I would like to emphasize that the fruit that we partake of in the daily garden is “the words of Christ.” The words of Christ can be broken into two areas, if not more:

  1. The prayer that wont to be said (The words given to you by the spirit)
  2. The scriptures

The idea of “the Lords prayer” suggests that it isn’t your prayer, it’s His. Our hearts and minds are pointed to do things His way, with His heart and mind, not our own hearts and minds. The heart is the organ that controls what we desire and the mind is what dictates what we think. When we pray or read our scriptures wanting to align our desires and thoughts with his desires and thoughts, we will find our prayers and scripture study much more successful and less repetitive. Success is the only true motivator (inspiration and motivation are two different words- a different topic altogether). As we are successful at prayer and scripture study, our daily ascent will become a success, our sabbath observance will naturally become enriched and purposeful, and the temple will become riveting.

Why is it that our prayers become vain repetitions and our scripture studies void of life? Lets address the questions one at a time. Vain and repetitious prayers is an indicator of unsuccessful prayers. Like children, we hope that the more we ask the better our chances are at receiving. Just like children we repeat, and repeat, and repeat exhaustively, expecting to get God to change and fit us, rather than trying to fit Him. We ask him to bless our cream filled doughnut to be nourishing and strengthening to our bodies, or to keep us from harm and danger as we drive in a hazardous manner. When we pray in this manner, eventually our prayers either become empty words …or we just stop praying because our prayers are never answered …or we stop believing in God altogether …or we redefine God so it looks like our prayers are being answered. That is what D&C1:16 was saying when we “…follow after the image of our own god, which is in the likeness of the world…

If we expect success from our prayers, we have to redirect our desires and our thoughts to align with Gods desires and Gods thoughts. This requires us leaving our understanding to merge with Gods mind and will. The counsel to “trust in God and lean not unto our own understanding…” comes to mind to produce a successful prayer. Successful prayers will be in the image of the true God. That is what the Lords prayer is trying to convey- this is what I desire that you should desire is what it says. Doing so, we can be as Nephi who would not “…ask anything contrary to my will.” (Helaman 10:5). When we have Gods mind and will as our own, that is when God can give us the trust that was given to Nephi, and we can have real power (not just authority), generate real miracles and receive instructions of real angels. Successful prayer becomes void of vain repetition and is meaningful. It will break through the heavens and become the fruit of the tree of life (Christ) that we can partake of in our daily ascent. Prayer after prayer in this fashion will produce revelation upon revelation and ascension upon ascension.

Scripture study is void of life only because we have no desire to understand the mind and will of God. Please forgive me if that sounds offensive, it is not intended to offend. What I’m addressing is just reading the words on the page, as the mind wanders to the concerns that really draw your attention. Initially it’s hard not to let your mind drift, the words are unfamiliar. If you struggle to get your bearings quickly and become familiar with the words, soon principles will pop out. I might also suggest that since our conversations regarding the scriptures are also unimpressive, repetitive and downright boring, our study reflects the same. It is only when our conversations about scriptures hold interest do we even consider reading intently. The more we talk about the scriptures and make connections the greater the passion we approach our study. The more we get to know the mind and will of God and recognize how to identify his hand in our lives, the more we will be able to predict certain outcomes (God is the same today, tomorrow and forever- which means very predictable.) Once you understand how God works and you’re able to predict or prophecy the outcomes, scriptures come alive!

The Lords prayer is teaching us the mind and will of God so that we can make our hearts and minds align with His. Successful prayers produce results, are sincere and are never vain or repetitious. Scripture study comes alive when your every desire is to sincerely know the mind and will of God. Our daily efforts will soon become daily ascensions.

Side note: I am grateful to all the comments that all of you have written. The compliments are flattering and therefore dangerous. The intention of this blog is to convince those who find it interesting to read the words of Christ and develop their connection to heaven. Revelation will naturally accompany all who search the scriptures with real intent and each individual, given different specific gifts, will obtain unique knowledge. I hope that as you obtain certain understandings, that you would add to what I have learned and we can all make the ascension much faster. The ascension is far easier when we are all pulling our understandings so we don’t need to discover every principle alone. So, while I appreciate the kind words addressed to me, I own no credit for the ideas that I have shared. Elder Rasband of the quorum of the seventy, in a online video, complimented President Packer by thanking him for everything President Packer has taught. President Packers response was, “…I’ll be sure to pass that message along to Him whose credit it is.” President Hinkley stated that we tell people to bring whatever they have, …and we’ll add to it. That is my hope for this blog, that we develop an exchange, absent of praise (except to Him who praise is due). The blog will become a mixture of ideas given by inspiration for the lifting of us all, with credit given to Christ. Questions can be asked and researched and answered and all will be the better for it. Soon the blog will be too slow and too restrictive that we hunger and thirst to have personal contact and conversations into the night, without physical exhaustion. When Christ came to America the people receiving him were exhausted and could not bear anymore and Christ recognized it. He told them to go home and ponder it then return the next day. Let us engage in conversation concerning His words and ponder now, then we shall be prepared to receive far more when Christ appears in person.


2 thoughts on “Lords Prayer 02

  1. Another “eye-opener”. I never even thought about the star of David although I vaguely remember my dad talking a little bit about it to me. I just considered it a part of his Masonic affiliation as with many of the other symbols associated with Masons. Thank you for that. Oh, er, uh, that’s okay, I’ll thank Him for that myself tonight. It is interesting to me that everything written here is so simple to understand, but it solidifies the message even more when the written word is supporting this understanding. Awesome. Love it. Love you. Mom

    • Another of the masonic temple symbols are also in the facsimiles of Abraham. In my blog “The Journey” (Abrahams facsimile #2) the compass can be seen behind the cow figure. That compass is not only a directing compass, but is also considered to be a sign of a follower, in a literal sense, of the one who ascends. Just below the compass is the square, which indicates exactness. The message being “the follower of the one who ascends through exactness.” The 2,000 stripling warriors were known to follow “with exactness.”
      There are many things that your father taught you that would make more sense when seen through the eyes of the gospel. I was once told by Bishop Bridges that Hawaii had all the Book of Mormon stories before the Mormons ever arrived in Hawaii. However, he said, we don’t learn Hawaiian history to gain a testimony of the gospel. Likewise Abraham traveled to Egypt and discovered hidden truths that had been corrupted. Abraham learned of God and then he could understand what the Egyptians had lost.
      That said, when we see the fulness of the gospel, it will become clearer why we came to this earth the way we did. There is no coincidence. Things are not left to chance.

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