The Lords Prayer 03

The last point on the Lords prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) that I want to make is on verse 12 (forgive our debts, as we forgive our debtors.)

Debt is what weighs this world down. Debt is a form of accusation. The Greek and Hebrew word for Satan is de-a-blos (devils) and sha-than (satan) respectively, and they both translate into english as “the accuser” or “to accuse.” Debt is a concept that grows from the seed of scarcity. My definition of scarcity is:

  1. A city of scared people (scare-city… get it 🙂
  2. Who live in a state-of-fear
  3. In the land of abomination

Scarcity is the opposite of abundance. Scarcity is driven by perceptions– philosophies of men mixed up with truth, or scripture. Debt is founded on the idea of money, and money is used to create fear. Take a look at the history of our modern money:

  1. Barter– trading one thing of value for another thing of equal value (based on fair and acceptable value)
  2. Precious Stones/Metals– If what you traded wasn’t needed, precious materials could be traded, but the value of the material had to be “fair value” before the trade was agreeable
  3. Receipt Money– Precious materials (gold, silver, diamonds, etc.) were difficult to transport and were often easily noticeable and stolen, so precious materials were kept in a secure location and a receipt (certificate) was given to the owner for use to exchange for goods. The one with the receipt could pick up his value in precious materials from the secure location. Soon, because the receipts were so easily transferable, receipts held the value based on the precious materials. This is when every dollar had to be backed by gold.
  4. Fiat (fee-ot) Money– This one takes a little background to explain, but it’ll make sense at the end. After World War II the U.S. president declared owning gold illegal and offered to purchase the gold at a nominal cost of approximately $32/oz. Once all the gold was assumed to be gone from American exchange, the value shot up 2x the amount paid. Those who were caught with gold could be fined at a minimum of $10,000 and upwards to $100,000 (can you smell the fear?). In the 1970’s the American dollar, without a vote of the people, left the gold standard and became based on our political stability. By this time America was a world power- everything was being traded in terms of the U.S. dollar. Every international transaction was calculated according to it’s value in U.S. dollar. Our military power had created fear throughout the world. Since money was not backed by gold, banking institutions could lend money based on what people deposited, instead of based on the value of gold. Here is were the “boogyman” gets power! For every $1 deposited into a bank, banks are able to lend almost $10. This is the birth of Fiat Money. The definition of fiat is an order or a mandate. A fancy way to say that it was forced on us by those in authority. Satan uses money to buy up armies/navies and tyrants to reign with horror and fear on the earth.

This is the result of that fiat money. One dollar deposited gives banks lending power to lend ten dollars. Now debt went bonkers and fear followed suit.

In the days of the great depression, damage to the big cities were tremendous, but the rest of America did not have the same effect! My grandmother told me that they owned their land, they grew their food, they milked their cow and sustained their lives right through the depression without a hiccup. The only reason they went to the store was to buy a convenience item like a soda-pop. She read about the effects of the depression and felt bad for those in the city who experienced it, but life went on without fear for her. The scarcity mentality did not have the same pull on those who had no reason to fear!

The city-life during the great depression has become nation-wide now! Very few people live the same principles that my grandmother lived. The impact of a financial fall-out is magnified to a maximum and will give those in political power the ability to manipulate us by debt and dependance. It is rare to own your land out-right. Even more rare and un-popular to raise your own food, milk the cow, and rarely purchase at the store. Over 90% of our nation are in debt and dependent upon the stores for over 90% of the food we consume, including our convenience items. On rare occasion we eat something from our gardens. The model from my grandmothers day has flipped upside-down. Where there was no fear once, fear has over-run our lives. Debt has overtaken the community my grandmother lives in. Tiny little properties (5,800 sq ft), that have no space to grow enough food or raise a cow, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in todays monetary system. By the time the mortgage is paid, the house must be completely torn down and rebuilt and the debt cycle begins all over again. We now live in a debtor society, a slavery society.

In the book of Mosiah, King Noah transitioned the society his father built into a debtor society. He indebted the people. He taxed them 1/5 of everything they owned (20%). In Mosiah 11:2 the scripture says that it “…did cause his people to commit sin, and do that which was abominable in the sight of the Lord.” No other religion believes that taxes cause the people to sin. Since many saints don’t read the scriptures, neither do we. However, we have been trained to believe that taxes are patriotic. Later, during Limhi’s reign (King Noah’s son), the Lamanites tax them 50%. The people of Limhi call this being in “bondage and captivity.” Once this debtor mentality gets out of hand, it overruns us. There seems to be no escape. The people are in constant fear!

Just to express the fear of a debtor society, observe the reaction of Limhi. Limhi went out of the city gates with his guards and were approached by a stranger (Aamon). Because of the fear in Limhi, his guards locked Aamon up and was about to kill him. This is the result of scarcity (a city of scared people, in the state of constant fear, in the land of abomination.) The scarcity was caused by debt!

After learning that Aamon came from Zerahemla, 100% of their time was focused on escaping this bondage and captivity.” They did not have the priesthood or the methods of God at their disposal. They were required to devise a plan of the flesh to escape. They got the guards drunk and ran for their lives back to Zerahemla. Alma’s people, on the other hand, created a society based on abundance in the land of Helam. Even when they were placed in bondage, the Lord strengthened their backs and also provided their escape through miracles and angels (messengers sent from our Father to warn them.)

What does this all have to do with the Lords prayer? By tradition, we live a debtor mentality. The beginning of all the chaos, contention, taxation, and slavery began with our failure to forgive our debtors. We hold back our forgiveness and use that debt to justify our actions- just like King Noah. Twenty percent taxes could have been reversed and forgiven if they repented, but instead they burned Abinidi at the stake. They rejected the word. This was a turning point. By the time the taxes got to 50%, the only thing they could do is run. They were swallowed up by their sins/pride. If we look at the total earnings of our nation and the total taxes our nation collects, you’ll see that our taxes are over 50% as a nation. We too are in bondage, but we are not yet in captivity. There is hope for those who desire to repent.

We must escape the traditional mentality that we have been raised to believe through our formal education. Currently we merely transfer our debts to someone else. When we trade, we pass our debts to the next person, hoping that we will free ourselves of the debt. We learn to buy low and sell high (100% debtor mentality). Little do we realize that the entire society picks up the load of the greater debt, and we never escape the society, therefore the greater debt is ours! As the entire societies debt increases, more and more control is given to the great accuser, the master debtor- Lucifer!

The entire human race is the same family. Any wars or contentions from the greatest to the most minute is an attack on our family. It isn’t the plant kingdom or animal kingdom that attacks us. It’s our own family that is self-destructive. We choose to keep score, pass the debt, place one above the next, and use fear and manipulation to get our way. That is why we are slaves today. We are slaves and we don’t even realize it. Most of the year is now spent laboring to pay the taxes of our countries debt. This is scarcity. It’s no wonder why our nations economic situation is doom and gloom.

What is the fix? It is the Lords prayer. Let us forgive our debtors that we may be forgiven. It is no surprise to me that in order for us to make the grand ascent we must have “no accusers” and have “no accusation against others.” Debt is a form of accusation. As we pay our debts (or take accountability for our mistakes and repent) we can have no accusers. As we know the mind and will of God, we will hold no accusation against others (forgiveness through greater knowledge and revelation.) Peace will abound and abundance will prevail. Scarcity, fear, and abomination will be squashed!

Greek and Hebrew for Satan is de-a-blos (devils) and sha-than (satan) respectively. Both words translate into english as “the accuser.” Debts are so closely tied to accusation. As the Lords prayer becomes our prayer (our hearts and minds align with the Lords), we will be forgiven of our debt as well. The human race will be one again in both heart and mind and Satan (the great accuser) will be locked up for a time (millennium). God has always focused on the core, the heart and mind. Then He allows us to fix the rest (to govern ourselves). If we get the principle right, the results are a bi-product, they will follow without compulsory means. To reverse the effects of slavery, we must be accused of no one (repent) and accuse no one (forgive). This is the core foundation of our current slavery. As we remove the foundation of slavery, our debtor society will crash and be replaced with abundance. The society that builds on abundance is ZION!


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