We Talk of Christ…

I was recently asked about a symbol located in most sealing rooms in most temples. I can’t say all because I’ve not been to all temples. I have seen it in pictures of the sealing room and when I personally visited the temple, but never really wondered about it. If I hadn’t been asked what it meant, I would have never been aware of looking for its meaning. I didn’t know at first, but I made it a point to ponder about it and seek to know from the Lord what this meant. It took me three weeks before I came across it’s symbolism while looking at the Egyptian writings of Abraham and Joseph Smith’s papyri. This is what I learned:



I have been looking at the facsimiles of Abraham. In my last blog I had redrawn each facsimile and wrote a little about all of them. However, I looked at the second facsimile, what I call “the ascent instructions,” and noticed this symbol sticking out like a sore thumb. I only recognized it as I learned about the order of the 2nd facsimile, going from creation, back to the presence of Christ and then the Father. This follows the same pattern as progressing through one eternal round, that brings us into the presence of God the Father. This is what it looks like:



The point is, how long would it have been before I” wondered and asked about the first image? If it wasn’t asked observed by someone else and then asked of me, that image wouldn’t have been on my mind. If we are left alone to work out our own salvation, how long would it take us to figure everything out by ourselves? My guess is that it would take eons to figure out alone. But man was never meant to be alone! Nephi teaches a more effective method:

2 Nephi 25:26

“26. And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.”

Notice the “we” part in the scripture above? We were never meant to do it alone. Every prophet has pointed the people they loved to repent by reading the words of Christ and coming to church, or anywhere, to talk about it. As we read the words of Christ with sincerity and real intent, we learn and understand the mind and will of God. When we learn His mind and will we can align our mind and will to it. However, the process of discovery is slow when we work as individuals. For this reason we are commanded to build Zion! Zion is one heart and one mind. That is only possible as we believe in the same God by reading the words of Christ. There is no other way!

Don’t get me wrong, we cannot be saved as a group. Every conversion is an individual conversion. What I am emphasizing is: working together is so much faster and more efficient. Everyone has different gifts and will receive different revelations that teach different truths. When reflected on the words of Christ each truth reveals God and never contradicts.

We must trust that Lord’s way is better than our way, which is the worlds way. We cannot follow after the image of our own god, which is in the image of the world (D&C1:16). He tells us His way in the scriptures. As families prepare and unite themselves, first as husband and wife, then with our children, then as extended family, etc. we’ll more and more quickly observe the head of the snake being crushed in our lives! 

Today, conversations of Christ are rare, even at church. The statistics we collect are meaningless when absent of the Lords mind and will. With the Lords mind and will, the statistics become merely a bi-product, only a dead result, it becomes automatic and spontaneous– just like the garden of Eden. When we have the mind and will of the Lord, our confidence can wax strong, even when loved ones mock, ridicule, and despise. Also getting someone into church has little value when compared to influencing someone to seek God through the words of Christ. The allegory of the olive tree (Jacob 5) teaches us that our church traditions produce bitter fruit when we do not get our moisture from the roots (the gospel, the word, Christ). The little seed (Alma 32) is “the word.” Faith is the nourishing of the word. When we talk of Christ, like Nephi advised, our faith grows. But when we avoid such conversations the seed is cast out by our unbelief. Even when people are in church, the branches become hollow, rots, bears bitter fruit, dwindles and is cast into the fire to be burned if the seed (the word) is not being nourished.

As we sincerely study the words of Christ with the desire to understand the mind and will of God, for the purpose of making His mind and will our mind and will, our conversations will automatically or spontaneously become Christ centered. You’ll find scriptures popping into your mind. Ideas that you’ve never considered as solutions to problems will become so obvious. When someone speaks of Christ, your ears perk up and you desire to engage in that conversation. Revelation will flow freely. Those in whom you converse with of Christ become trusted and united with you, with a bond that nothing can break apart. You will find yourselves sacrificing all things and ascending and being sealed up because you will not ask anything contrary to God’s will (Helaman 10:5). All from the simple act of nourishing  the word by “Talking of Christ!”


2 thoughts on “We Talk of Christ…

    • Q,
      It’s no coincidence that the beehive is a symbol used by the Egyptians. Take a look at the Navajo Hogan design. It too is shaped like a beehive. One exception is the whole in the top to receive light and knowledge from the heavens. It is in the beehive that the queen operates. The role of a woman is significant to the success of the home. It is in the home that the foundation of the family is built. The family is the source of eternal life. It is the garden that the family descends from and ascends to.The home is the key to the daily ascension. If the daily ascension is absent, then so is the weekly (sabbath) ascension, and the temple ascension. The beehive is where the seed is planted. Otherwise we are only watering dirt (void of seed). That sounds absurd doesn’t it?

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