Abrahamic Covenant

We talk about the Abrahamic covenant, but little know what it is. The Abrahamic covenant provided Abraham with access to the heavens, earthly abundance, peace in this life and joy in the life to come. Abraham was the man. Actually… Abraham “IS” the man! We still call him father Abraham. This blog is meant to state clearly the Abrahamic covenant so that when we see our lives, we can align with the words of Christ and receive the same promises as did Abraham.


  • Who is “The Fathers” that Malachi speaks about? What purpose do they serve?
  • A glimpse at Abraham’s success
  • The Abrahamic covenant
  • America benefits from the Abrahamic covenant
  • How it apply’s to you

Who are “the fathers” and what purpose do they serve?:

Let me make myself clear right up front that I don’t think that the Lord is talking about genealogy research in Malachi 4:5-6. I know that this goes against the grain of what is taught traditionally. I do believe that keeping a record of your family history is important, however, I don’t think that connecting our lineage is the blessing offered here. I think that what is offered here is far more significant. Let me explain:

Malachi 4:5-6

“5. Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:

6. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

The key question is, who is “the fathers?” The next question we must ask is, what value does turning our hearts to those fathers bring? Let’s evaluate both questions from a traditional mormonism perspective, and then from a literal sense.

Traditionally, we are taught that “the fathers” are our progenitors (our ancestors). We are also taught that  doing their temple work is the fulfilling of this prophesy of turning our hearts to them. Then we are promised that they’ll turn their hearts to us. If we do all our genealogy as far back as we can by our own research, the idea of the fathers turning their hearts to us, traditionally, is that they will fill in the gaps so we can be sealed into one big forever family. That is why families can be together forever. That is what is taught traditionally.

This line of thought doesn’t make much sense to me. The idea is that we go to the temple to get our work done for ourselves once, then the rest of the time, we do it for the dead. Yes, we continue to learn each time we attend, but most of the time we consider ourselves serving our fellow dead as saviors on mount Zion. When president Hinckley said that the temple is more for the living than it is for the dead, I went searching for answers in the Book. What I found questioned the traditional mentality and recommitted me to a different emphasis, outside of family research.

The literal perspective that I discovered came from:

  1. First identifying who is referred to as “the fathers?
  2. Then I asked the question, “What does it mean to turn my heart to them?”
  3. Finally, I asked “What it means for me, when they (the fathers) turn their hearts to me?”

Let me answer each question one at a time, with scriptures, so that you can research them, and then you can formulate your own answers:

  • Who is the fathers?- The fathers are Abraham/Isaac/Jacob/ and all others who have obtained their calling and election made sure, who have completed their ascension (Abr 1:1-2/ Genesis 17:3-8/ 45:8/ Malachi 1:6)
  • What does it mean to turn our hearts to them? It means to follow their example of living the principles of God- to it’s exactness- so that you too can obtain what they obtained- your ascension. (Malachi 1:6/ Abr 1:1-2/ 1 Nephi 2:16/ Enos 1:1)
  • What does it mean for me, when the father’s turn their hearts to me? It means that they will help us ascend, as they did, by teaching us the reasons for all the commandments, so that our faith is not blind faith. They will give us the hidden knowledge, the mysteries, and the greater knowledge (Moses 5:7/ Moroni 7:35-38)

The two great commandments allude to this idea when Christ tells the pharisees that “…on  these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” (Matt 22:40). The magnitude of ALL the law and the prophets signify much a deeper meaning. The beatitudes, combined with the two great commandments, leads me to think that every law and every prophet is to provide the willing individual with an ascension. And then… that individual who has made the ascension (the fathers), are to turn around and teach others to do the same. In this way they love their neighbor as they loved themselves.

The topic of the Abrahamic covenant is a result of recognizing Abraham as “the fathers” in whom we are instructed by Malachi to turn our hearts to. The Abrahamic covenant is given to us so that we can follow and obtain for ourselves the blessings, both physical and spiritual, that are offered by the hand of God, just as Abraham did and currently does.

When it comes to talking about spiritual and physical rewards, it’s easier for me to talk about my physical observations. It’s difficult to talk in terms of heaven for me, because I don’t remember it very well and I don’t know much about it. The veil is still thick for me, …so I’ll stick to what I understand.

A Glimpse at Abrahams Success:

I’ll not go into detail here. I just want to make the point that the Abrahamic covenant provides us more than just pixy-dust blessings for us to cash in when we die. The promises of prospering in the land is more literal than figurative.

Abraham was given land by God, and he and Lot, his nephew, grew crops. They were so successful that a disagreement occurred between Abraham and Lot, and Lot was about to leave. Abraham, being the man of God, not only gave Lot half, he allowed Lot to choose which half he wanted. Lot chose the half with the fresh springs and the best crops. Lot then pitches his tent facing Sodom, and the two separate in peace. Eventually, Lot finds himself in Sodom, and Sodom and Gomorra are taken captive. Their only hope is Abraham. Abraham leads 300 of his servants into battle to rescue his nephew Lot. The kings of Sodom and Gomorra offer Abraham all the spoils that were taken in the raid, but Abraham takes none of it. Next, Abraham is found paying his tithing to Melchizedek.

The points that clearly communicate Abrahams success are:

  • His riches in crops, and therefore wealth, when he was with Lot initially
  • Lot’s jealousy and desire to break away
  • 300 servants who were willing to go to war and die for their master’s nephew
  • Refusing the spoils from Sodom and Gomorra
  • Paying tithes to Melchizedek

Simply put, Abraham figured it out and received the rewards from aligning. We too are given the Abrahamic covenant so that we can obtain, as did Abraham.

The Abrahamic Covenant:

The Abrahamic covenant is simply the promises made to Abraham by God if he would keep it. The promises are:

  1. Priesthood Power- Pharaoh wanted this power and tried to sacrifice Abraham to get it, but could not obtain it (facsimile #1)
  2. Property- Abraham was given property of inheritance. This also refers to he and Sarah being sealed up literally (not according to their faith). Now they are both property of one another.
  3. Posterity- offspring greater than the sands of the sea and the stars of the heavens
  4. Promises- a multiplicity of gifts were promised from heaven

I have summed the Abrahamic covenant into the four P’s: Priesthood/ Property/ Posterity/ Promises- in that order. Priesthood is what gives life to all. Property is the space we have been given to become stewards. Posterity have been entrusted to us so that we can become like God and to provide us with joy. Finally, promises are offered us to produce hope in us.

America Benefits from The Abrahamic Covenant:

The United States was founded on the Abrahamic Covenant. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property was what the original founders proposed foundational principles. But because of slavery in the south, blacks were considered property and the constitution could not be based on owning people, therefore the foundational principles were changed to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The Promises came a little bit later in the bill of rights. The founders realized that the constitution was good, but there were no promises made to the people, therefore the constitution couldn’t stand only as a moral law, it had to provide promises. Thus the bill of rights were added. Finally, when both the Federal Govt. and the state Govt. adapted the bill of rights, the Abrahamic covenant was complete and America began it’s prosperity to becoming a world power.

  • Life- Posterity
  • Liberty- Priesthood Power
  • Pursuit of Property- Property
  • Bill of Rights- Promises

Our country has peaked in it’s prosperity and have experienced a diminishing of the returns from being founded on the Abrahamic covenant. Our country has separated itself from the constitution and thus have separated itself form the Abrahamic covenant. We are in a period of a great fall, that will lead us into our darkest hour. “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” (Matt 22:40). Either we’ll live by the law, or we’ll die by the law.

How it Apply’s to You:

Reflect on the Abrahamic covenant and then think about the temple. It is in the temple that we are taught how to live the Abrahamic covenant to it’s fullest. Our founding fathers didn’t have a temple to instruct them. We can build a foundation greater than this country has ever been, even in it’s glory days. The old America will look like a grass shack compared to the mansion God intends to replace it with. So how is it done?

Initially, we must free ourselves from the condemnation in D&C 84:55, by a serious study of the the scriptures. We must talk about them to gain a clarity of the things they already have taught. As we read and understand the mind and will of God and work to align with it, we will obtain power in the priesthood once again. Our obtaining power in the priesthood gives God reason to trust us with Property. Lands of inheritances will be restored or given, and husbands and wives will be sealed up by the Holy Spirit of Promise (D&C 76:53-55). Families under these circumstances will be given posterity greater than the stars in the heavens and the sands of the sea, because they are able to be righteous stewards over them. Parents will preside in righteousness, meaning they are able to teach their children how to ascend, because they have ascended. Then will they have joy in their posterity as Adam and Eve are taught in the garden of Eden. Finally, all the Promises shall be fulfilled and peace will abound on the earth, which ushers in the millennial reign.

D&C 88:63

“63. Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”





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