The last blog I defined the words traditionalism, but forgot to define the word tradition. Webster defines tradition as, “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.” The conditions necessary in passing along traditions seems to be:

  • Repetition
  • Consensus of the masses (the more people do it, the longer the tradition will remain)
  • Ignorance of the truth

We become what we repeat. It doesn’t matter if what you repeat is right or wrong. The more it is repeated the more permanent it becomes.

Add to repetition popularity and that rolling snowball picks up more and more mass quickly. Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, it just needs to be popular. For example, Christmas and Thanksgiving has become so popular that there is no way to stop the momentum. On a smaller scale, think of all the horrible clothing styles in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that survived, despite how ugly they were. All because someone like MC Hammer set the trend, made it popular, and the masses followed.

Finally, to complete the passing on of traditions (despite it being right or wrong) we add ignorance. Ignorance has a solidifying effect on the development of traditions of our fathers. When we fail to know the truth, we believe the truth to be merely perception. Then the truth becomes dependent upon a vote. If we can vote on it, we can make it true, is the lie that we are being sold today. For that reason ignorance has a damning and condemning effect.

No man can serve two masters. Traditions are the gentle tweaks that Satan uses to draw us off course by such small incremental degrees, so we are unaware. Traditions were used to justify the educated Pharisees, and the noble blooded Sadducees.  In our day traditions are used to justify our ignorance of the truth as well. We fall into the trap that if we do a little every day, it’ll eventually be enough. It is not true. God states emphatically that what He judges is the desires of the heart and the thoughts of the mind. If the heart and mind is the means, then the ends never justify the means.

The tradition that scares me most is the belief that we can obtain salvation without knowing the mind and will of God- through the study of the word. Christ defines salvation as knowing God. He says, this is life eternal to know thee the only true God and thy son Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. When Christ was approached by the priests, they claimed to have done mighty miracles in His name. But Christ exclaimed, “I never knew you.” In other words, “you never knew me.” We cannot be saved in ignorance.

In conclusion, condemnation has nothing to do with God hurting you with diseases, pestilence’s, poverty, and the like. After all many of us do not suffer from these circumstances, and yet we are still condemned and damned to suffer in ignorance (D&C 8455-58). The condemnation and damnation from God is to remain in ignorance concerning how to ascend and return into the presence of Christ in the flesh. We choose which master we serve by what we desire and think about. The truth is what will set us free and that is found in the seeking of the words of Christ to know the mind and will of God, and align to it.  It is the word and the word alone that has sufficient power to break free from the bonds of the TRADITIONS of our fathers.


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