My Best Guess

This is my best guess how we will be able to connect to the heavens.

  • Prayer/ Word/ Angels- This brings us to becoming baptized in the church
  • Faith/ Repentance/ Baptism/ Holy Ghost (Aaronic Priesthood)
  • Abrahamic Covenant given to those endowed (Priesthood/ Property/ Posterity/ Promises)- this is through the Melchizedek priesthood.
  • Zion (One Heart and One Mind with Christ)- this is through the Enoch priesthood, something our church doesn’t distribute among the saints as a whole.

That’s the big picture. But the transition from Abrahamic covenant to zion has been a tough on for me. This is my best guess about how one makes the transition. Obviously, I haven’t made the transition myself, or else I couldn’t talk about it, unless instructed. Then it would be instructed as, “thus saith the father…” So here is my best guess:

  • Thirteen gifts of the spirit to prepare for ministering angels
  • Husbands and wives seek to be one, sacrificing being right- Christ can now influence the couple simultaneously rather than as individuals
  • Much prayer and much study to know what to desire and seek
  • Angels minister and instruct us how to defeat Satan, or cast Satan out
  • Christ appears

That is my best guess about how to transition from the Abrahamic covenant to Zion. Then we can be members of the church of the firstborn. If you think I’m wrong, say so. Otherwise, I’ll keep in the direction I’m headed.


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