The Process is What Sanctify’s

We are foolish to think that our obedience is what cleanses and sanctifies us in preparation to receiving our exaltation. Of ourselves we can do nothing. It is the atonement that does the heavy lifting. But, we are required to prepare to receive such blessings. However, how is it that we prepare and are sanctified? That is what this blog is about.

I was mistaken to think that my worthiness is what earned me the right to have the atonement work on my behalf. The Lord asks us, “can you add one cubit to your stature?” We don’t have such power to cleanse ourselves or to make ourselves worthy. The tower of Babel was about getting to heaven without God. When we beat ourselves up with guilt for our mistakes/errors, we deny the power of the atonement. It’s like holding your breath- the more you force yourself to hold your breath, the larger your capacity to hold your breath becomes, but you can never hold your breath indefinitely, or you’ll die. The atonement is what removes the natural man.

Then how are we to be sanctified if it’s not by our own discipline? The only thing that we have to offer up as a sacrifice to God is our heart (our desires). When we give Him our desires, then we are willing to do things the way He prescribes we do it. Submitting to the process Christ recommends to us in the scriptures is our portion of the deal. Then, Christ promises us that the process is what sanctifies us in preparation to entering into the presence of Christ in the flesh.

Sanctification prepares you to receive angelic visitations from messengers who identify themselves as they did with Nephi in 1 Nephi 11. The more time you spend with angels, the more sanctification occurs in you. Eventually, the angels lead you to the veil, and you are privileged to enter into the presence of Christ and be changed by the power of atonement.

What processes sanctify? The ordinances like baptism and sacrament, healing the sick also sanctifies. There are yet other processes that are hidden in the scriptures like:

  • Putting on the whole armor of God
  • Obtaining gifts of the spirit in the order it’s presented
  • Angelic guides

It is in the process that we are sanctified. It is not your discipline, or your avoidance of sin, or your obedience that sanctifies. When we follow the processes outlined throughout the scriptures, then we are sanctified because we have trusted in the Lord and His ways. I am constantly reminded that our ways are not the same as His ways. So we must submit our mind and will to Him. Then it is God that does the heavy lifting to transform you from your natural state, until the sinner is rooted out of you completely.


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