Christ is at the Head of the Law

Our government is facing some trying times, to say the least. What created this problem is who we put at the helm: “the Law” or Christ. There can only be one master, and no man can serve two masters. Initially, the founding fathers of America established the framework of the nation based on the principles of God. However, the law has taken over and has run amuck- we completely deny the power of godliness within the very law, established on God. The Jews were found in the very same position. The killed the giver of the law without knowing to what purpose the law was given.

In the beginning of America God gave man rights by way of His principles, man gave the state rights by electing representatives, and the state gave the federal government rights. Today, the federal government acts above the law givers, man. We have lawyered God out of the equation, and replaced Him with the leaders of the nation. Heads of the secret combinations have always sought positions of state and federal government.

The Pharisees and the Sadducees represented those who knew the law, the keepers of the law. In the story of the good Samaritan, the law (Pharisees and Sadducees) passed the stranger on the other side of the road. They were the lawyers and the judges and the business men who were entrusted with duty of interpreting the law.

The status of the Pharisees and Sadducees, as interpreters of the law, caused problems when they tried to get rid of Christ. They tried manipulating the Romans to convict Christ, using their laws. They accused Christ of magic and claimed that Christ posed a threat to the Romans. The Romans only had jurisdiction if Rome was threatened. But, having tried Christ’s case, the Roman empire could not claim jurisdiction because Christ proposed no threat to them whatsoever. The washing of the hands is not a sign of ignoring truth, it was a sign to the people that Rome had no jurisdiction to convict Christ. The Pharisees and Sadducees tried to lead the Jews to believe that the Romans were convicting Christ so that the Pharisees and Sadducees weren’t seen as the accusers of the very man who claimed to have instituted the very law they were using to convict him. In the end, the power to convict Christ came right back to the very first accusers, the keepers of the dead law.

When we know the purpose that the law was given, then we don’t need prodding or commanding in all things. That is not only the “ideal” way, it is the only way. Those who see the law as their savior, will find it difficult to identify the true Savior when he comes in person. That is looking beyond the mark because the mark is Christ. When our hearts are founded on Christ, then our hearts are easily intreated.

This is why Alma removed himself from being the keeper of the law as chief judge, to being the proclaimer of Christ and preaching repentance through the words of Christ. Our nations troubles have only one solution. That solution is to soften our hearts to the words of Christ. That is what produces the foundation of Zion. Zion is where Christ will dwell amongst us. Christ is the only solution, and their is no other way or name given under heaven whereby man can be saved.


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