The Origins of a Slave

Slavery is the desire of self seeking men, who will sacrifice the value of other men for their own gain. The creation of a slave is deceptively simple. It begins by introducing debt, then adding to debt inflation. Once inflation is sold to the population, inflation increases the opportunity for more debt. The slave is the person who spends all his life working in the station he gets paid to work, to cover the debt that enslaves him. There is little time for that slave to escape the task masters/ creditors/ and banking institutions. After all they have made a promise, in ignorance. This is the origins of a slave. The Lord instituted the year of the jubilee, which is when all debt is forgiven every seven years, to avoid slavery. But, because man does not follow the councils of God, they must reap what they sow.

At the foundation of America, people flocked to America to escape the land lords, debt and inflation of their countries (England/ Scotland/ Ireland/ Africa/ etc.). They went to America to escape slavery.

As stated above, slavery always begins with debt. However, debt is always limited to what a person has in exchange for the debt (collateral). Collateral is limited to the value of the item being collateralized. Therefore debt had a ceiling, and that ceiling was the value of the collateral placed on the line, if the debt wasn’t paid according to the terms of the agreement. Debt alone cannot enslave a population if value stands still.

Inflation was introduced to increase debt. Inflation is based on the idea that the value of money increased with the success of a community. Poor communities have little inflation, but successful communities experience huge inflations. Inflation meant that “things” now had more value, even though the nature of the thing hadn’t changed (there was no ‘real’ increase in value). Now that ‘things’ had greater value, a person could use it to accumulate more debt, because it could qualify as greater collateral. Thus the American population was sold on the “time-value-of-money” and they became dependent on the value of their dollar.

The salesmen of this idea of “debt-to-inflation-to more debt” was the politician. Politicians convinced the nation that the success of the nation gives the value of their dollar more clout, more value. America fought war after war proving its grandness, until finally, in 1971, President Nixon took America off the gold-standard because the gold standard limited inflation. Prior to 1971, government could not increase inflation without having gold (collateral) in reserves to cover the debt the nation incurred. But now that the gold-standard was eliminated, inflation could rise without limit, thus allowing debt to the American population to exceed their ability to pay it off, making 90% of the American population slaves. The sales advertisement of the politicians was called:

“The American Dream.”

Inflation continues to rise. Properties have gone from $20,000 to $300,000+, without much improvement to the property. That is a 1,500% increase in value in less than 50 years. “Investors” make their money off of this inflation concept. “Buy low and sell high” is the rational of Wall-street. Individuals do it under the idea of living “The American Dream.” The more people collateralize on inflation, the more debt the nation incurs. The more debt the nation incurs, coupled with even more inflation results in not enough pay, the necessity to work multiple jobs to create multiple streams of income to keep your head above water.

When debt has increased beyond a persons ability to pay it off, that person can spend all their life trying to keep their promises, making the minimum payments, and never pay off the debt. Now… that person… is a slave. 

Slaves are confined to continue doing the same thing, never having much disposable time or money to change their circumstances. Slaves… that know they are slaves, and lose any hope of escaping slavery, only see hope in their children escaping the pattern of slavery. Parents who want their children to escape slavery focus all their effort on getting their children to be slave owners. They do this by giving them the education of slave owners.

Parents send their children to the school of the slave owners, where kids learn to “manage” debt, and maximize profitability offered by inflation. They mean well. But, they don’t realize that their children are also falling into the same trap as their parents in accumulating debt for their education. Higher education is the new inflation tool. Education is then valued at a higher price (inflation), and the cycle starts all over. Now we have created a new generation of slaves. A generation that teach their children to be smarter, using the system of the slave owners to escape slavery. We now think that technology is the new escape. But that too, is another trap to accumulate more debt and increase inflation.

Who are the slave owners? They are the 10% that issue debt and push inflation, to create a slave nation. Their “creative financing” has its foundation in Satan.

What is the escape? The words of Christ, the truth that sets you free, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the fullness of the gospel. If we reject the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, nothing can free us from slavery.



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