Ordinances in the Heaven

The more I know of the words of Christ, the easier it is to see the corruption of the Bible over the years. I see the necessity of scriptures that were translated from ancient writings, through seer stones. The great prophets kept many writings. Within those documents of writing, the Lord reveals to us the saving ordinances, that produce in us salvation and eternal life. Then what happens when these words are corrupt and people cannot decipher between the truth and error? God has created a record that man cannot touch or corrupt, but is visible to all. That record is the stars and the moon by night.

Jeremiah 31:35

“35. Thus saith the Lord, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which devideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The Lord of hosts is his name:”

Before studying the scriptures, I did not know that the stars and the moon was teaching us an ordinance in the heavens. I did not know that the stars and the moon would be a guide by night made of ordinances. In Hawaiian tradition I knew that the knowledgable elders (the Ali’i) charted by the stars. But to what extent, I did not know. I always thought the stars were used as a travel convenience, simple landmarks. In ancient Egypt men who knew the stars were considered “wise-men” or “Majai.” There gift for reading the stars was titled Casdim (Kas-deem). From this word we get the word Cosmos, meaning the heavens. Wise-men with the gift of Casdim were able to read the stars and understand the timeline of the past, present and future. These men were able to prophesy of future events based on the patterns of the stars.

There are two events that have always occupied the mind of Wise-men and women of God. Those two events are:

  1. Christ’s coming in the meridian of time
  2. Christ’s appearance to man for the gathering (whenever that gathering is)

Men and women of God have constantly lived their lives in preparation for both events. They were able to look forward with an eye of faith. Those who look forward, need something to instruct their minds. The Lord does not leave us comfortless. His arms are stretched out amidst our corruption. The ordinances are written in the heavens in the moon and in the stars, which cannot be touched, to give us a mark to look forward to. The Lords prayer points to these ordinances in the sky when it says: “…thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The ancient Egyptians kept diligent record of the heavens because they believed that the ordinances in the heavens are supposed to be exactly the same as the ones done on the earth, to provide a conduit to connecting to the heavens. So if the ordinances have always been there, why don’t we understand them?

D&C 1:15

“15. For they have strayed from mine ordinances, and have broken mine everlasting covenant;

16. They seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness, but every man walketh in his own way, and after the image of his own god, whose image is in the likeness of the world, and whose substance is that of an idol, which waxeth old and shall perish in Babylon, even Babylon the great which shall fall.”

We are ignorant to the ordinances in the heavens because we have looked beyond the mark. we seek the heavens to produce what we want. We seek our own way, after the image of our own god, whose image is in the likeness of the world. We are the ones that have strayed from this knowledge. But we have had the help of Satan to lead us away into the mists of darkness.

Satan cannot manipulate the heavens. He has been cast down and is trapped here in this world, and will be utterly wasted in the end. However, Satan is not veiled as we are. Since he cannot manipulate the heavens, his efforts is to make us ignorant to them. In the heavens is where we find the power to crush his head, cast him out, and put all our enemies (Satan is the only enemy) under our foot.

Our lives have been too caught up keeping up with the Jones’ that we don’t realize that Satan’s last name is Jones. Well… it’s not, but if you identify with the Jones’ the things of this world, then you get the point. Satan occupies all our time, talents, and everything that the Lord has given us to the tearing down of the blue prints (or knowledge) of the kingdom of God on earth. The less we know of the stars and the moon, the more ignorant we are. The less we know about the ascension into the heavens spoken of in 1 Nephi 2:16/ 1 Nephi 11:1-4/ 2 Nephi 2: 1-10/ 2 Nephi 16/ Enos 1:1-2/ and on and on, the less we believe that ascending is our purpose to life here on earth. Then Satan replaces the knowledge of the heavens with blue prints of his own plan of deception, by creating the traditions of the world. It is in the traditions of the world that the seed of righteousness is choked out, and the children of men fail to see their true value, their true worth. In this way, it is the labels of the world that dictates your value. Someone puts a price tag on you, and that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy… We read our labels (our slavery price tags), and then we act accordingly. The slave is broken, and now gives in to slavery. We do what they tell us to do, the way they tell us to do it. We are their beasts of burden, as was the children of Israel in Egypt.

So now, when we enter into the celestial room in the temples of our church, we gaze at the architecture and recognize the price tag, but fail to understand the symbols that point you to the sky outside- the very heavens it was intended to point to. As we admire the architecture within, we stop our progression in the celestial room. Thus the tradition that if we have gotten the ordinances in the temple, then we are eternal. We think that after 1 1/2 hours of endowments, we have proven true and faithful in all things. Eternal life is not obtained in a room that man built. That room was built by revelation to point our minds to the heavens, and not to be grounded here on earth. The chains of hell are meant to bind us down to the world. More light and knowledge was meant to give your wings the lift to make an ascension into heaven, and leave the world behind.

How do we reclaim that knowledge of the heavens so we can see beyond the architecture of the temple, upwards into the heavens? How do we make sense of the moon and the stars that draw our minds to linking ourselves to God and then allowing the atonement of Christ to pull us up? You guessed it, it is done by the study of the word. But don’t think that this answer is so simple. Even the study of the word needs a purpose. The words of Christ is made for a purpose. If you fail to understand the purpose, then you too will create a new tradition by generating your own purpose, after the likeness of your own god, which is after the likeness of the world.

The purpose of the words of Christ is to know the mind and will of God. The mind and will of God (or the words of Christ) is intended  to act as a Urim and Thummim to identify the truth in all things. When you know the mind and will of God, you can see the truth in incorrectly translated scriptures such as the Bible, the Apocryphal writings, the records of the Egyptians, or the cultures of the world. It is the mind and will of God that acts as a sift that separates the the truth and lets the lies fall through.

Our church is not the culmination of all truth. As a body of saints we are ignorant. We are not the library that all truth is found. What makes us unique is not our knowledge, it is:

  • that we have records that were translated once, by a prophet, of the correct attributes, perfections, and characteristics of God,
  • and we are given the tools to access the heavens (priesthood).

Simply put, you could say that we have a portal and the instruction manual to use that portal. That is all we have. The truth is scattered abroad the world for us to seek. That is the treasures of the earth, it is the truth. Our church is the star gate or the portal. One can use the portal and obtain all knowledge. But, just because we are the keepers of the star gate/portal doesn’t mean we know how to use it, because we don’t read the instruction manuals (the scriptures).

The tree of life in Egyptian was called “WISDOM” or Asherah (also believed to be the name of the wife of God the Father). It was also considered to be a tree of light, a tree of life, a fiery tree, or a burning bush. The tree of life was considered by the Egyptians as a means of transportation, a worm hole of light. The person that is a partaker of the tree of life (wisdom) could travel between worlds accumulating greater knowledge, not only from this world, but that of other worlds. I used to think that this was a little too much sci-fi, until I read the account of Nephi, when he was, “conveyed away in the spirit.” (Helaman 10:15-16). Now when I hear of Moses’ account with the “burning bush” on mount Sainai, I wonder how ignorant I am of the mind and will of God that Moses’ experience escapes my understanding. And then I remember the words of Nephi and his expression of the words of Isaiah, saying that he spoke in plainness, “…as plain as word can be.” Then light is shined on my dark mind, and I am led to repent of my ignorance and seek further light and knowledge from messengers of God.

Our ignorance is based on our choice. No man can serve two masters. If you serve God, then you will have the choice of greater knowledge. Hugh Nibley gave a talk at BYU called, “Zeal Without Knowledge.” In it he said, “We have a dictum at ‘The BYU.’ We are not seeking for truth at The BYU. We already have the truth. But… true knowledge never shuts the door on more knowledge. Zeal always does.”

Satan desires to have you. He has the power to have you only by manipulating your heel, or your weakness. Satan uses the tool of ignorance to bind us all down. Let us break free from the condemnation in D&C 84:55-60 by searching the words of Christ, feasting upon the words of Christ, so that we can know the mind and will of God. It will be knowing the mind and will of God that will put our foolish zeal behind us and open up the portal of knowledge through the tree of life. The fruit of the tree of life is the very fruit that Lehi desired for his family to partake. The same fruit that Nephi wanted to partake of. The same fruit of which all true prophets of God offer us. It is only by way of the iron rod that we obtain the fruit that is sweeter than all that is sweet, purer than all that is pure, whiter than all that is white, and if a man partake, he shall never hunger nor thirst. There are only two masters, and one of them wants you to be ignorant to the mind and will of God, and to not know what is written in the stars. The other Master wants you to return to the heavens through the tree of life. To whom do you serve?


2 thoughts on “Ordinances in the Heaven

  1. Bravo! Tis true, tis true. We just had the Hokulea come into Laie Bay. Dad was supposed to be on it but at 5:00 am when we were headed down to Kualoa for him to board it, there was a storm with continuous lightning in the ocean so we turned back and he said he will not risk going on there because of the lightning. Tuione also turned back, but Nainoa Thompson forged ahead with the storm directly over the Hokule’a all the way until Laie. It was when they were passing by Laie Point that the heavens separated and the sun shone through and they were able to make a very difficult navigation into the Bay. He attributed his trust to the stars he has studied all these years. Does this have anything to do with what you wrote? Probably not. Just thought while we were on the subject of stars you may be interested.

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