To God all things are present. He knows the beginning from the end. However, He is not the cause of such things, agency is given to all men to act and not to be acted upon. God simply commands, and waits for us to obey.

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that my parenting methods did not fit the pattern that God set. If it was anyone else that told me that, I might have gotten defensive and offended. But, because he was my friend and I trusted him, I did not get offended (that isn’t to say that it didn’t hurt when he said it though). After hours of effort trying to debate my justified methods, the spirit testified to me that my friend was absolutely right. I told him, “Okay, okay, okay! I agree! You’re right! But, just because you’re right, doesn’t mean that I’m going to obey!”

When I first started this blog, my motives were questioned. Some thought that this was my pedestal, upon which I can hold myself above the next. Some felt attacked, or that I was negative and critical. Some friends accused me of rebelling against the church and was, and maybe still is, borderline apostate; perhaps… even following the path of excommunication. There’s no shortage of these ideas. My neighbor jumped on that wagon, and somehow my bishop caught wind and questioned me for about two hours on a Tuesday night about my faith. My neighbor followed up later with a two-paged, single-spaced paper addressing “the following of an excommunicated member.” Each accusation that appeared, I have considered… and none of them ring true to me.

But even if they did ring true, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I will obey it. Nor do I have any expectation for anyone else that might read this blog and find some truth, to obey. Obedience is between you and God, period. This blog is not to get people to conform, or to convince, or to “sell” the gospel. What it’s about is simply pointing to the word as the source of truth. Do with it whatever you want. Keep it hidden, spit on it, ignore it, manipulate it, whatever, that’s your prerogative. God doesn’t force anyone to obey.

Before we came here, Abraham was told, there were many noble and great ones. Abraham was given confirmation that he was one of them. Those who are the noble and great ones will resonate with the truth found in the words of Christ. Even with the veil over our minds, once the truth is presented in a manner that is clear, those who are the noble, discover that they have ears to hear and hearts that understand. The concepts will make sense.

Not all noble ones have always led noble lives prior to recognizing the truth in the word. Some may find themselves hearing and knowing the truth, but yet not ready to align in their current state, like me. That’s just fine. Begin now.

I advise those who are in this situation to start now to seek the truth, without fear or offense. Seek it out to redefine yourself according to the word. Let go of traditions (there are many). At first, you will probably obtain the truth at a trickling rate only. But know this, you have started the heavenly wheels turning to prepare you to receive all that the father hath, to obtain a heavenly covenant, to have a personal witness. The heavens only wait for you to ask for it, believing you can receive!

Be bold and be genuine. It is not necessary to squeeze out tears to show that you are serious in your request. Do not approach God with a quivering lip as an expression of your humility. Be believing. Just ask. Joseph Smith says to “…weary the Lord.” God has already given the command. He is waiting for you to obey. Only the noble and great ones will seek out such blessings from the hand of God. God already knows who you are. Your seeking these grand blessings is merely necessary so that you know who you are. It’s only important for you to identify yourself as a noble and great one. But, many are called and few are chosen.

When you get the courage to ask, remember, you know nothing! It is obvious that we are all clueless. We are all ignorant. So just because you asked, don’t expect that the heavens will be opened and all things unfolded to your mind at once. Even Joseph, after the first vision, required multiple visits and instructions to grasp what was going on. His account of the first vision that we read was recorded in 1835, over 15  years after the event took place. It took Joseph a while to figure things out.

Then… when you ask, and seek, many traditions will be revealed, easily seen within the church. We need to peal off these traditions in us and sift them out so that we can work only with the truth. If you hang on to the traditions and allow the traditions to define you, your journey will suck! But if you prepare yourself to let them go before you know what they are, then when you recognize the truth, it will not be as difficult to let go of the false traditions.

I hope that when that time comes, this blog can be used as a tool to share the truths that you have discovered, so that all who read may be edified. My greatest desire is that you and I will be able to sift out so much tradition, and exchange so much truth on this blog, that the blog is too slow, and we abandon it all together in exchange for a person-to-person relationship! I long for an eternal family, sealed by the voice of God, with angels as our witnesses, but that requires proximity in order to stimulate, teach, trust and support.

I believe that this blog is the least effective way to share testimony, and to discover the truth. If I had it my way, I would be at your house, or you would be at my house reading from the scriptures and discovering God together. We would lead our own lives, but commune together oft, because we live in the same town, community, and ward. That is power! That is the zion I read about. That is a city upon which God will recognize and bless with his presence. All of our hearts and minds would be set upon making our calling and election sure, receiving the second comforter, obtaining a personal visit from our Savior… in order to have the mind and will of God. Then we’ll be of one heart and one mind… and no poor among us! Then, we will know Him because we will be like Him.

Please take no offense for the little truth that I know and try to share, with my limited skills at communicating and writing. I am certain that those who have read here understand that I have no desire to lift myself up. There is no value in it. Only in the Savior, that is where we find true value.


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