The 7-Day Jubilee

This blog is in connection to the last blog. But before I proceed, I was asked what the teachers response was as a “…Sunday School Teacher called of God and set apart with keys to that calling.” I’ll respond by stating that the teacher was not set apart with keys. And if he was, then so was I, because he and I share the very same calling in the ward. And what exactly are keys for, in a setting of coming together to know the mind and will of God? Does keys provide the holder of them the authority to disseminate the mind and will of God, or to receive revelation on the correct understanding of the word of God for us, the quorum members? I really don’t think so.

It is my understanding that those with keys are authorized to exercise them in the office in which they are called, Bishop, Elders Quorum president, Teacher, and Deacon Quorum presidents (at the ward level). I cannot extend a ward calling, that is the bishops job. But I have every ability to read the words of Christ and receive correct revelation concerning the word, while my bishop may fall short in his understanding. After all isn’t that the secondary purpose for attending church, next to the sacrament? Aren’t we to meet together oft to talk of the things of God, in order, so that all may be edified? The idea of a military ordered church, where one man receives revelation for everyone, is a false sectarian notion (TPJS). We are all commanded to obtain individual relationships with our God.

To answer the question, the teacher ignored me the entire class and I did not comment during class, respecting his position as teacher. The high priest group leader must have recognized that the teacher was stone-walling me, and for the first time he didn’t ask for a volunteer for the closing prayer. He said, “Robert, could you offer a prayer for us.” I gladly accepted. I prayed that we might know the words of Christ, so that the promises made to the fathers might be planted in our hearts, so that we might someday offer up an offering that would be acceptable in His sight, as did the ancient Fathers before us.”

To add more detail to the situation, and in response to the comment made to the last blog, I was impressed to talk to the teacher and to express to him that I noticed that he refused to call upon me. I expressed that I was fine with that, but that I wanted to share with him what I was “impressed upon” to comment. He tried denying the fact that he ignored me, but the room is so tiny, and I sit on the front row that I could have touched the man simply by leaning forward and reaching. I recognized that he was uncomfortable with the truth, so I proceeded to share with him my thoughts in effort to communicate to him that his stone-walling me was not the issue. I wanted to ensure that the emphasis was not placed upon how I felt about his treatment, but only about the words of Christ.

Are my feelings hurt, for a very short two minutes. Do I hold it against him, not at all. Am I angry that he treated me this way, absolutely not. Was I surprised, for sure. Does it bother my understanding, forget about it. Actually, this situation is the inspiration to this continuation of the topic of How a Temple is Defiled. It fit perfectly to addressing the body of Christ.

If you remember from the last blog, the way a temple is defiled is not by what enters inside the temple, but by the lives of those who live within the temple service district. It’s all encompassing. Remember that the seven-year Jubilee was intended to cleanse the temple. Also remember that cleansing the temple wasn’t just about house-cleaning, but that all the debts of the people were forgiven them, slaves were set free, and all were at rest. This was a time of no debt, and all could start out fresh. In this situation all were willing to risk and try new things, improving upon technology, etc. No one was stuck in life by debt as we are today. We continually had “do-overs.” It’s no wonder why Enoch and his people were so much more advanced.

The seven-day Jubilee was intended to do the same. We are given a chance to wipe our slates clean and to start again as a new creature in God. This whole plan was so that man would not associate people with incorrect attributes (depressed/short-fused/drug-abuse/etc). So that we aren’t type casted into any other title than Son/Daughter of God. Other titles associated with these are king and queen, priest and priestess, etc.

It’s comforting to know that each sabbath I can get a “do-over.” But often times we see the sacrament as being there for us, for forgiveness of our sins that we have committed. But the Jubilee is not only for you, but also for those who have erred against you. Those who are your offenders. You cannot partake of the benefits of the Jubilee, without being a participant in it as well. Not only are we to be forgiven of our debts, but we must so forgive others theirs. This is the reason that we are counseled that “…of you, it is to forgive all men.”

When we are founded upon the word, we desire to be forgiven. And having received forgiveness, we are to forgive all men. The kingdom of God is built by the mind and will of God and none else. We won’t accidentally end up exalted. Likewise, someone building a kingdom, can’t do it without understanding the blueprint. The blueprint, the plan of salvation, whatever you might call it… is found in the words of Christ. If we fail to gain command over such words, we will be left to fill in the gaps with the traditions and the philosophies of men.

When we recognize that our neighbor includes both the good and bad, and that they are a part of our body, then suddenly their hemorrhaging and bleeding-out finances, stress, social issues, occupation, etc. is seen as the same body, and our every effort is to heal the body, because it is our body– then we can understand the purpose of the Melchizedek priesthood. As we study the words of Christ, and teach others to do the same, and exercise the priesthood in righteousness, those within the temple district will receive it and fix themselves. Then the temple is cleansed. Then will Christ once again dwell with us as he did with Enoch.

There are things that we totally don’t understand about the words of Christ, but we justify our ignorance with our traditions. Let’s not lie to ourselves about what we think we know. Let’s accept that even in the simple things we… are clueless. Then study the words of Christ in that attitude to figure out the mind and will of God. That is the way to approach the words of Christ, understanding the Holy Ghost and the priesthood. Such things are very foreign, and causes us to fly to pieces like glass when the truth contradicts our traditions on these matters. As Moses, I too wish that all men were prophets. It would be easier for us to build zion if that were the case.


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