The Pattern of the Jew Exiles

When the Assyrians attack Israel in 722 BC, the attack started at the capital, Samaria. This was the first scattering of the tribes of Israel. The lost ten tribes fled from the Assyrians northward, and never returned. The slaves, poor, farmers, and lower craftsmen could not afford to escape the Assyrians, so they stayed behind and endured being conquered. However, those who had political, business, or military influence were also scattered to nearby cities. The Assyrians allowed their subjects to move within their boundaries, sort of like the Nephites when they were held hostage by the Lamanites in the days of King Limhi. Eventually, the Assyrians allowed all Israelites to return. A small population of the exiled Israelites returned to claim their land of inheritance, but most did not return. The exiled who returned adopted the name JEWS.

Just to clarify, once the Assyrians let the exiled Israelites return, there were two groups of Israelites in Samaria, those who were of the lower class, who never left Samaria (Samaritans), and the wealthy class who were exiled at the Assyrian attack, who returned and renamed themselves Jews. The lower class, who never left, called themselves “people of the land.” (kamaaina, in Hawaiian).

The population of the Jews was much smaller than that of the Kamaaina (Samaritans). But the Jews took ruling power over the Samaritans by controlling the economy. The order of rank was Assyrians> Jews> Samaritans. The way the Jews took power was that they brought Persian money back with them.

Persian money placed the small population of Jews at the top. Economic power turned into social status, and then into religious power. They claimed religious purity over the Samaritans. They held political and religious positions that strategically placed them in charge of the scriptures. They redacted (completely removed) ancient scriptures. They replaced the need for angels and a personal relationship with Christ in order to obtain salvation (calling and election made sure), and substituted a heavenly connection with “The Law.” Since they were in control of the ancient records, they were also in control of “The Law.” Political power preserved the emphasis on “The Law.” These upper class lawyers, politicians, scholars, and businessmen were the original Pharisees and Sadducees, or the Deuteronomists.

The pattern of the Jews is not new by any means. This is a pattern throughout the scriptures, and into our modern day. The pattern is debt, leading to dependence on a monetary system, into an economic class system, and finally, a changing of the words of Christ to justify the reigning economic class. This pattern leads to destruction.

A while back I wrote a blog about how money was used by wicked King Noah, to create slaves. The process of creating a slave was done by using debt and inflation to create dependance upon a money, or monetary, system. Eventually, the people of King Noah ended up as slaves to the Lamanites, paying one half (50%) of all their earnings. They were unfamiliar with the words of Christ, having already chased Alma out of their midsts. Alma taught the words of Christ in Helam, apart from King Limhi, after being chased out from the waters of Mormon. But King Limhi and the people were not familiar with such words, including Gideon. Even when they obtained the records of the Jaredites, they did not understand them. Those who were slaves to the Lamanites were those who did not depart with Alma.

Joseph who was sold into Egypt saved his family from famine, and that is what brought the children of Israel into Egypt. But, after four hundred years, the children of Israel became slaves to the Egyptians, just like King Limhi. That was the reason Moses rescued the House of Israel and crossed the Red Sea. When the children of Israel were being groomed by Moses to be sanctified and enter into the presence of Christ, they were afraid and refused to enter into His presence. For this reason, they were cursed to wander in the wilderness for forty years, until all who were twenty years or older, when crossing the Red Sea, died. Since Moses was taken from them, they did not have the power to enter into the presence of Christ. Eventually, they became dependent upon “The Law” for their salvation, rather than Christ as their salvation.

Today, the pattern continues. The total taxes collected in the US is more than 50% our total earnings. We are slaves that are free to move within our own boundaries, like the Jews. But it didn’t happen all at once. It began in 1913 when our government introduced debt and income taxes. Since then debt has increased, and inflation has given debt unbelievable hold over the House of Israel.

There are some of the House of Israel who have become adept in this debtor society, and have advanced themselves in our modern economy.

D&C 1:16

“16. They seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness, but every man walketh in his own way, and after the image of his own god, whose image is in the likenesss of the world, and whoso waxeth old and shall perish in Babylon, even Bablon the great, which shall fall.”

Those in this position obtain their riches in the likeness of the world. We take advantage of economic tides, and profit off of others losses. The real-estate market justifies such profiteering by placing the accountability on “the market.” Yet, it is still one man’s losses is another man’s gain. This is a zero-sum-gain. It’s rare to see someone in a high political, social, or religious position, who is merely a poor, non-degree holding farmer, who is connected to heaven. The quality of man is not assessed by that man’s relationship to God. For this reason we find lawyering, financing, health care professionals, and administrators at the top of our political, social, and religious food chain.

To complete the comparison between the ancient and the modern children of Israel, lets look at the effects of the exiles on the gospel of Christ. You have to ask yourself, how much of our gospel discussions are on doctrines in the words of Christ (scriptures), compared to the precepts or philosophies of men? Furthermore, what is the ultimate salvation in our doctrines or belief? Is it to enter into the presence of Christ Himself and have him declare you clean, while in the flesh? Or, is it enough to simply obtain a whisper, and then place all efforts into obedience to “The Law?”

When we can identify who’s who in the scriptures, then it will be easier to identify who’s who in our modern age. Then we can choose who we will serve and what reward we desire to obtain. However, if we pay no attention to them of old, and we fail to identify who’s who, then we are bound to repeat the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences.

The ability to identify the exiles (the Jews) is dependent upon the study of the doctrines of Christ, found in the scriptures. Our choice to study the doctrines of Christ could determine if we will be in the group that went with Alma into Helam, or if we remain with King Limhi and Gideon as burdened slaves to the Lamanites. However, Limhi and Gideon escaped, we may not be so lucky.


2 thoughts on “The Pattern of the Jew Exiles

  1. Okay, so my son told me that if I read the a scriptures, I will be able to get out of debt. So I am reading my scriptures over and over again until I know these people. I love Mosiah. I love how he ruled and why he did what he did. I can see the repentance of Alma the younger and his respect for his father. Uh, I haven’t made any money yet, but I know I will soon find the way to get out of debt and to more fully give of my time, talent, and all that the Lord has blessed me with or will bless me with for the building up of the kingdom of God here upon the earth. Then again……why can’t I just do that now? I believe I can do that where I work, serve, live. Yes? Of course! I am committed. Today, anyway. I will need to reboot my tomorrows. Mahalo for this background and awesome information. Now I must go verify as you have cautioned us to do.

    • I’m not sure how serious you are, but I’ll respond anyway. The key to the study of the scriptures is for no other reason than to know the mind and will of God, for the purpose of aligning. Any other reason would be to consume it upon your lusts. We often say that when we get out of debt, then we’ll do this… and do that… But the reality of the matter is that if you’re not doing it already, the likelihood of doing it once out of debt is low.
      Besides, if we fail to obtain the mind and will of God, and we obtained riches, all of the ways in which we would serve would be in the likeness of the world. We would set up some make a wish foundation to attend to the physical needs of the world, because we have no idea about the things of the spirit.
      That’s why Alma teaches that we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Then, if you desire riches, it will not only be used for the right reasons, but it will also be used in the right methods.
      Stick to the mind and will of God and trust that He’ll make it right. And if he doesn’t, trust that even that is right. It’s all about trusting in God.

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