Some of Moses, Apollos, Monson…

There seems to be a sense of confusion as to the role and purpose of a prophet. When we consider the purpose of life as “becoming one with God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ,” then… the more people that stand between us increases the distanced from obtaining our purpose.

Put another way, you might liken the prophet to your cheering section in a marathon. The people cheering you on tell you that you’re going the right way, and are meant to convince you that you can do it. Just because you have a cheering section, it is still only you running your race. No one can do that for you. This might be a week analogy, but it’ll suffice.

What I am emphasizing is, in order to exercise faith unto life and salvation, we must know the correct attributes, perfections, and characteristics of God. To do so, we need to get it straight in our minds, and we need to assign the right people in the right roles. Mixing up peoples roles confuses the understanding of God, thus filtering our faith.

Remember: Sin is not be blamed on those who sin. The one that causes sin is Satan. He is the only enemy. However, in order for the sinner to be cleansed from the influence of Satan, they must access the atonement. That is why no man can serve two masters. Both masters are expressing influence, but the choice is still yours.

While we may have judges set up here on earth in the church, only Christ can offer redemption and atonement. Your Bishop, Stake President, favorite Apostle, or Prophet does not! That is why all other offices in the church are intended only to point you to Christ. Your redemption is only made efficacious when you have entered into the presence of Christ:

Ether 3:13

“13. And when he had said these words, behold, the Lord showed himself unto him, and said: Because thou knowest these things ye are redeemed from the fall; therefore ye are brought back into my presence; therefore I show myself unto you.”

This scripture teaches that knowing the correct attributes, perfections, and characteristics, leads to being redeemed from the fall and being brought back into the presence of Christ. If we have not had that, we are still not redeemed, we are still not at-one with Christ.

While prophets play the role of writing scriptures, it is not the prophets that do the redeeming. It is not the prophets that represent you in the presence of the Lord. You must stand there yourself, and it will be because of the submission of your mind and will to God’s that will produce your redemption, through Christ. Only you have the agency that can be exercised on your behalf. No other man can do it for you.

The “traditional idea” of a prophet, that I am against, paints the picture of a prophet as God Himself. It may not be presented so blatantly, but if the subtle attributes taught about the traditional prophet can be summed up, you would find this to be true. This is why people always talk about entering into the prophets presence, and shaking the prophets hands, or being personal friends with an apostle, or general authority. We falsely think that since they have been in the presence of the Lord then… by attaching ourselves to them, we automatically attach ourselves to also being in the presence of the Lord. Not true. Only you can bring you into the Lords presence, by submitting to the Lords will.

The prophet still leads the church. I am not saying that the prophet doesn’t need to be the one solely responsible for receiving revelation to govern the church. He absolutely does. Just like parents are solely responsible for receiving revelation and governing the family, the prophet must make decisions on behalf of the membership, that help progress them into the presence of Christ. Have parents ever made wrong decisions, yes. Have prophets, yes. Will parents be responsible for not teaching correct principles, yes. Will prophets, yes. How will parents be judged? By what they understand and teach their kids about the correct attributes, perfections and characteristics of God. How will prophets be judged? The same way. That is the responsibility of the degree of stewardship you have been entrusted. A prophet only holds a greater degree of stewardship. That is the scale to which they’ll be judged. A parent can be judged by the attributes of their children. But parentage does not remove your responsibility to seek greater light and knowledge by coming to God.

Although your parentage might not have been perfect, does that remove your ability to exceed your parentage? No. All men who have great desires to come unto Christ will be given the chance. When one has become one with Christ, it will be to their own credibility, and not someone else’s. No man can come unto Christ without an acceptable offering. Each person must produce that offering according to their understanding.

Just to state clearly that Satan is the only enemy, think about the situation when Cain slew Able. Who did Christ blame? It was Satan that was to blame. God still spoke to Cain after the murder. God still desires to speak to you and I personally. But our false traditions keep setting up mental barriers between us, that change our expectation to hear His voice. We give that privilege to those few who have been given a title and a position of authority. That was our choice.

If we want to give the privilege of representing you in the presence of Christ, then you too are “some of Apollos, some of Moses…” But if we be of Christ’s church, then we had better seek to hear His voice. 

I hope that this might clear up any misconceptions that might be floating in your minds that I might be going against a Prophet of God. I hope it’s clear that I am just calling it like it is, and no more. I have much respect for and regards for a man who can stand in the presence of Christ, clothed in glory, and entrusted with a stewardship. I desire to be such a man and would receive any council from one who is. Such greater stewardship is what we seek. Isn’t that what Powers, Principalities, Dominions, Thrones, and Exaltations mean- stewardship? In order to progress in stewardship, we must prove to what degree WE can be of one heart and one mind (God’s heart and mind). That is why we are told that only through the words of Christ can we, as a people, be united in FAITH. Otherwise, we are just congregating in groups, some of Hinkley, some of Kimbal, some of Monson, some of Smith’s, etc.

The law is dead. It can only be used to get to the next step of stewardship. All stewardship is purposed to make you and I like Christ. Once we are like Christ and God the Father, then we will see how dead the law is. By understanding this, we can recognize the role of a Prophet. Then we will not worship a prophet. Instead, we will worship Christ and God the Father. Our worship will be performed CORRECTLY.


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