Game Day

Sunday seems to feel like game day. What is going to happen today? is what I ask myself before going to church. I have learned to constrain my comments to reading the scriptures when the teacher asks for a volunteer. But I pick and choose which scripture I will read, just in case the teacher asks my opinion. Well, today I was questioned about where I got the idea that mysteries equal ordinances. I responded that it is an incorrect translation from Greek. The person asked my source and I couldn’t remember. I was at a loss, having forgotten the source, so I went home to seek it out.

When I got home, I looked up the word Mysterion and Greek translation. Under the topic of concepts it states that:

Mysterion is a Greek term for Sacred Mysteries of Christianity. They are religious beliefs, rituals or practices which are kept secret from non-believers, or lower levels of believers, who have not had an initiation into the higher levels of belief (the concealed knowledge may be called esoteric).

So when Nephi says, “having known the goodness and the mysteries of God, therefore I proceed to write this record,” or when Nephi, in chapter 2, says, “having great desires to know the mysteries of God,” perhaps that is the reason the scriptures are so sacred. Perhaps it is literally telling you all things that you should do (ordinances). Perhaps to Act really means performing ordinances, and to be acted upon is to be ignorant of such ordinances.

That’s my game face right there son!


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