In the Mouth of 2 or 3 Witnesses

Where are the foundational roots found where missionaries go two by two to preach the words of Christ? In the words of Christ, of course. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established (2 Corinthians 13:1). While this may seem to be common knowledge to those who served missions, the interesting question is what do they represent? This threefold concept is scattered throughout the scriptures for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It identifies some characteristics, attributes and perfections of God that we can use, to understand and grow our faith.

The Lord, when establishing his people, has a pattern of calling a companionship. For Noah, the Lord called his younger brother Nir. For Moses, there was Aaron. For Peter, there was John. For Joseph Smith, there was Hyrum. Always a prophet and a high priest. When a third was called, the third represented the royal bloodline of the king. Christ confessed to have all three within himself: prophet, priest and king (a threefold title). In the threesome of Peter, James and John, James was of the Kings lineage (a descendent of King David).

A prophet plays the role of the projecting the invitation to come unto Christ. The priest’s role was to teach the finer doctrine and ordinances to make that ascension into the presence of Christ possible. The role of the king was to protect the kingdom to be a place of refuge.

When Joseph and Hyrum were alive, they were a companionship trying to bring forth kings and queens. But the saints could not align just yet. A prophet and priest companionship had been taken upon their deaths. The presidency, ever since, are symbolic representation of the threefold companionship. I found this so interesting that I reflected on my Hawaiian culture to see if there was any resemblance that could be found there, since Hawaii has most of the attributes of a promised land.

I found many remnants of evidences that were identifiable if you know what to look for. A voyaging canoe was recently built at BYU Hawaii, called Iosepa. I was lucky to be chosen as one of the first crew members, along with my big brother, on the canoe, with our dad orchestrating the machinery and staging area (that made the launch possible) on the day of the launch. It was then that I learned that every Hawaiian voyaging canoe had a captain and a high priest (a companionship similar to the ancient days). When the winds accommodated, the captain drove the ship and the high priest read the stars and the wind patterns to arrive safely at their destination (not an accidental migration, but a destination). The Hawaiian Hula can also be considered rituals that were anciently used to point the mind to God, such as our temple ordinances, although such Hula is unfamiliar to most today. The architecture of the Hawaiian Hale (house) also has deep symbolism. Many Hawaiians do not know that the Hale was built symbolic of the womb, …and the beam atop the Hale was symbolic of calling out to the heavens, to give us knowledge (similar in Egyptian). It wasn’t until later that a window hole was cut into the Hale. Previously, the only opening was the door facing an easterly direction. Cultural remnants were all around us in Hawaii. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can receive the communication and learn of their identity, and then break through to the heavens, establishing, once again, a chosen people and a land of inheritance.

In our day of debt, war, and sin how is it possible that a people can use this knowledge and overcome the world? The same way the ancient saints did. That statement means little to those who don’t know much about the ancient saints. But, when we choose to remove the condemnation that has been upon us since 1832, by reading the scriptures we have been given, seek to know God, and to align to them, then those very scriptures of ancient saints will become the Liahona for us to escape the hands of conspiring men and secret combinations that keep us bound by chains. God will reveal His arm in no other way.

A great example of how God reclaims his people, and abolishes their enemies, is by the use of the elements. Enoch had control of the rivers and streams, the mountains, the weather, etc. Noah had the elements in his control as well, all throughout the flood. Moses parts the sea and then commands the sea to close on the attacking Egyptians. Joseph Smith, in the zion’s camp march, had the elements fight their battle. This pattern is repeated throughout the scriptures. However, our society has depended upon modern living for so long, that such elements go un-noticed, until there is a calamity. Furthermore, the belief in man’s ability to command the elements, or to call upon that God to command the elements into our favor, has been made to be fictitious and fairy tale. We foolishly think that modern technology can replace God. Or …we tell ourselves that modern technology “comes from God.” And then we are justified in our dependence upon that technology, upon the things of the world. The price we pay for such a foolish associations is to become estranged from the things of God. We do not know the God we claim to worship. We draw near to God with our lips, but our hearts, or our desires, are far from Him. Christ said to those who lived this way, “…depart from me, for I never knew you.” 

The scriptures are purposed to familiarize us to the things of God. They are meant for us to make our ways align with God’s ways. It is no wonder why the whole church has been under condemnation for so long (172 years), for …not reading the scriptures. 

In the effort to be different, the youth will rebel, disobey, get tattoos, drink alcohol, dress in the latest fashion, create gangs, etc. Years later, what they considered to be different, proves to be what everyone else is doing. Everyone is rebelling, disobeying, getting tattoos, drinking alcohol, dressing in the latest fashion, joining gangs, etc. And the results where always a fallen people.

However, through all generations of time, those who were elect, who were chosen, who followed God, have always been different. They were the peculiar. And every time there existed such a peculiar people, they were translated. The city of Enoch, and the city of Salem are two of them that we know of.

As we become more familiar with the words of Christ, then we can recognize the patterns of prophet’s, priest’s and kings. Then we can identify, in us, the hand of God that has been outstretched, inviting you to come, even within your own various cultures. Then we can truly be different, be elected, be chosen, and not just called. It is through the words of Christ that we can then be protected by the elements such that no enemy can stand in it’s wake. Then we can live a life free of the fear of men, free of the slavery of debt, and full of abundance. That is the purpose of the words of Christ.

No one can know them for you. It is your test. You must be responsible for the outcome. God has commanded. He now waits for you to obey (Abraham 4:18).


One thought on “In the Mouth of 2 or 3 Witnesses

  1. Awesome. I believe alll that you say is true. However, I still need to find out for myself by reading the scriptures. I just gave a lesson from President Boyd K. Packer’s October Conference Address on the “Key to Spiritual Protection is in the Scriptures”. Even though this lesson was taught in November, I felt it important to teach it again to start the New Year off on the right foot. Thank you for your insight and your study. I appreciate it.

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