Without Inquiry

We foolishly call belief, without inquiry, faith! If the objective of God is to provide exaltation for us, and exaltation must be obtained through knowledge of the mind and will of God, then failure to ask, to seek, to knock, to inquire of purpose …opposes exaltation. Fear and faith cannot exist in the same man, at the same time. Faith requires a certain knowledge to eliminate fear. Fear cannot be eliminated magically (or ignorantly). The purpose of this blog is to encourage inquiry. When inquiry is encouraged, purpose can be communicated, understanding is obtained, and slavery/bondage is destroyed.

I’ll start by asking a question, “Why do we have twelve apostles?” How you respond to such a question is not only an indicator of your understanding, but it is also an indicator of the condition of your heart. “I don’t know…” is not a wrong response, only an acceptance of your ignorance. “Why does that matter?” is not a wrong response either, but it is an indicator of your desire to know the mind and will of God (or lack thereof). “I’m not sure, but I wonder what the answer is…” is another indicator. You get what I’m saying? The condition of your heart can be identified by whether or not you desire to know the mind and will of God (only obtained through inquiry). Salvation is produced only through the mind and will of God.

Here’s an answer to the question proposed earlier (Why do we have 12 apostles?). Christ set up the quorum of the twelve just before He was crucified. After the crucifixion, the gospel was preached to the gentiles (made available to all). Anyone who was not blood Israel, was considered gentile. Before the death and resurrection of Christ, the gospel was only available to the House of Israel. Since the gentiles could never form a blood House of Israel, the symbolism of the house of Israel was established, thus the calling of twelve apostles. Twelve apostles represent the twelve princes, or the sons of Jacob (a king). The twelve princes are better known as the original twelve tribes of Israel. The seventy were symbolic of the amount of the members of the extended family of the House of Israel, at the time of Jacob (there were 70 family members).

I stated in an earlier blog that the first presidency (Peter/John/James) were symbolic of a prophet, priest and king (office figures representing Christ, who holds all three titles). The twelve and the seventy was purposed to point our minds to the House of Israel, who obtained a covenant from the mouth of God, to be sons and daughters of God- which is to be gods and goddesses (kings and queens).

The day of the gentile began just after Christ’s resurrection. The twelve apostles were set up by Christ, in preparation to the day of the gentile. Therefore, the restoration through Joseph Smith came through the gentile organization, set forth the same way, with twelve apostles, who still “only symbolize” the blood House of Israel. When the day of the gentile has ended, the gentiles reject the “fullness of the gospel,” then blood Israel will take their place once again. The gentile rejection of the fullness of the gospel will be within our church. The fullness of the gospel was what was offered in Nauvoo, but still not yet received! We have a portion, but the full-ness was taken in the days of Joseph Smith, and has not been laid hold upon yet by us.

This is the literal gathering of Israel, still in the future (a very near future). Then will Israel be like lions amongst the beasts of the forest, who teareth to pieces, and treadeth down. The building of zion will not occur until after the day of the gentile has ended, blood Israel takes their place and receive, from the mouth of God, a covenant (the fullness of the gospel). That is the establishment of Zion, in preparation for the return of the city of Enoch.

The number twelve is a symbolic number that represents something “belonging to God.” Twelve gates are symbolic of the gates of the Kingdom of God. There are twelve gates in the lower heavens, that one must pass through in order to enter into the Kingdom of God. At each of these gates stand guards (or sentinels), which require certain tokens, passwords and signs to permit passage into the Kingdom of God. Twelve tribes are symbolic of the family of God. the family of God have been given a covenant by the mouth of God to receive exaltation and endless posterity. The power of creation having been preserved in each family member, only after they converse with the Lord through the veil, are clothed in glory, and enter into His presence.

The purpose of the twelve apostles are to inspire those who love God, to seek for an ascension, to converse with the Lord through the veil, and to enter into His presence and receive a covenant for yourself (thus claiming your lineage as a member of the House of Israel).

The scriptures aren’t intended to be anecdotal. That means they aren’t meant for you to observe the blessings given to someone else. They are intended to offer you a blessing, a covenant, from God. God doesn’t expect you to watch outside some prophets window, observing the feast that they are partaking of, wondering what it would be like to sit at the feast table yourself. He is inviting you in to feast with Him, to sup with Him, so that He can make His abode with you.

Prophets blessings are not your blessings, neither are their curses your cursings. However, the scriptures are meant to teach the process by which one can obtain the same blessings that were offered prophets. Moses’ words “…wish that all men could prophesy…” ought to indicate to you God’s intention to make of all men prophets.

We must shake off the traditions of ignorance. Let’s not mix up the idea of a prophet of our organization, sustained by common consent, with a prophet given sealing powers, only activated by the voice of God. Their can only be one prophet of the church- administrative. However, God desires of us all (simultaneously) to be prophets, whose sealing power has been activated by the very voice of God. That is the power that is inseparably connected to the rights of the priesthood, in both men …and women.

If we think we already know what is what, then we continue to obtain the results that we have been getting. Take a look at your current circumstances. What you have done in the past is what got you there. If you are where you want to be, then keep doing what you’re doing, because that is what got you there. However, if you don’t like your current position, then somethings has got to change.

Entropy is the constant movement into disarray and disorder. My garage, for instance, if not ordered, suffers from entropy. It keeps getting dirtier, messier, and more chaotic, if it is not cleaned. Likewise, because of our failure to inquire of God, by seeking to know the words of Christ, our understanding suffers from entropy, called “unbelief.”

Such unbelief produces the problems that must be pruned off, before proper fruit can sprout forth. Let us recognize our ignorance, allow the words of Christ to do the pruning, and desire to know the mind and will of God, by seeking to know more of the words of Christ. We can forever reverse the effects of entropy if we can put off our foolish traditions, eliminate our unbelief, make an ascension, and obtain a covenant for ourselves (firsthand). Exaltation is a treasure of far greater value than all the perceived treasures on earth.

Certainly, the pruning has never felt good, but the outcome is worth the momentary growing pains, that may seem almost unbearably negative! In the allegory of the olive tree, found in Jacob 5, the grafting point of the natural branches to the original tree is the words of Christ. How we respond to the words of Christ will determine wether or not the graft takes hold. The fruit you produce, if the graft takes hold, will be sweet, otherwise it will be bitter.

Do not find offense in the words of Christ, …or the delivery boy. Consider them, and take it to the Lord. They are not my words. I own none of it. I too am on the same journey. Avoid following after the traditions of men, without inquiry.


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