Friend or Slave

Zion is Zion, not because we were able to convince everyone to think the same (one heart and one mind). It is because we literally know God. The only way to enter into Zion is to have your calling and election made sure. Zion cannot be Zion without the presence of Christ in the flesh to all who reside there. So unless you have had a personal witness of Christ, in the flesh, you cannot dwell there.

The purpose of studying the scriptures is to glean from ancient prophets their description of who God is. They have been in His presence, and are trying to deliver that description to all who read the word.

Until we get that second comforter (the presence of Christ) ourselves, we must talk of Christ with one another to gain a correct understanding, using the tools of the words of Christ. There will be discrepancies in each of our individual understandings due to our false traditions, unbelief and weaknesses. Once that understanding is corrected, our interactions with God will become more and more personal, until we become his friends.

When you have entered into His presence, then you have become His friend. The difference between a friend and a slave is:

  • A friend acts according to the mind and will of his friend (God), because he knows him (God) personally
  • A slave is one who doesn’t know God and must be commanded in all things

Friends not only know of God, but they know God. It is because they are friends that they naturally become one heart and one mind, they all have God’s mind and will as their own before becoming His friends. It is not marketing, sales, convincing, etc. It is simply knowing Him.

Life eternal is to know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.


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