Principle of Faith 03- Your Course is Actually in Accordance with the Will of God 01

We’ve covered- belief in God. We also covered the idea that knowledge of the correct attributes, perfections, and characteristics of God is obtained only through the study of the word, which opens you up to the ministering of real angels. Next we face the task of knowing that the course of life you are pursuing is according to the will of God. This will be a two-part blog. The first part will discuss the proper definition of the path that God is concerned about.

This is a very sensitive subject. Sensitive, meaning the idea where ultra sensitivity is required in order to know. It is not sufficient to guess here, or to be satisfied with a gut feeling, or a warm and fuzzy notion. It is not a conscience affirmation. These are not the kind of knowledge that an entire kingdom can build upon. This is the type of knowledge that Nephi had to obtain before being able to cut off the head of Laban. It’s the kind of knowledge that Abraham needed to have before going off to sacrifice his son, Isaac. This is a serious undertaking that requires a confirmation from heaven. The approval of man, an office, popularity, etc. is insufficient when seeking this knowledge.

Joseph, before his second heavenly visitation, prepared earnestly before calling upon God to “know his standing before the Lord.” He sought to know that the path he was pursuing was in accordance with the will of God, and by so doing he could be forgiven of all his sins, and could hunker down through the storms of the world, to obtain his personal ascension. The response to Joseph was not one of a burning bosom or anything of that nature, instead it was angel Moroni, who recited scriptures each time he appeared. This inquiry was not a casual inquiry of curiosity. Joseph wanted to know for the purpose of alignment.

Before inquiring of God to know that the path you are pursuing is in accordance with His will, it’s important to know what God’s definition of path is. Since we are trying to return to the presence of God, it is necessary to leave this world behind. Your inability to let go of the things of this world qualifies you as chained to hell. The path that God is concerned with is not your earthly career, it is not your financial investing concerns, it does not concern the purchase of your first house, or where you choose to purchase that house. The path that concerns God is the path that brings you back into His presence. That is the path in question.

If you are not concerned with that path, you will not inquire. If alignment to God is not your concern, it will show by what you pray about, what you seek. Those who are not concerned with an ascension, will find themselves warm and cozy, bound with the chains of hell.

It is only those who ask, seek, and knock, to know the mind and will of God, that are concerned with their status before the almighty God. It is they who offer up sacrifices unto the Lord. It will be these same seekers, that desire their alignment with God, that will be willing to accept that current their offerings are not acceptable. But, they continue to adjust their sacrifices, so that they can one day have their sacrifices accepted by God.

For those who do not know the words of Christ, that path can be found in the seeking to know the words of Christ. If your foundation in the words of Christ are sufficient to progress forward in obtaining more light and knowledge, then you may need to concentrate on the ordinances currently offered. When your familiarity with the ordinances are solidified, then perhaps more scriptures can be added. Eventually, you can expect to have an inn-keeper (one who has entered into the presence of Christ) mentor you on what you must do to obtain the same blessing for your self. It is a continual spiraling ascension, that produces your own personal entrance into the presence of Christ, to be given your personal redemption, to make you at-one with Christ. This is the path that God is concerned about.

When our plans are in the likeness of the world, we typically see in terms of the world. We hire financial planners, set up retirement plans, accumulate things that have monetary value, protect our earthly possessions, and ignore the concerns and methods of God. We keep business and religion separate. Thus we justify our circumstances, and expect that the grace of God will take care of the shortage.

However, when we have reset our thought processes, to be in the likeness of God, by being spiritually reborn, then we can see in terms of the heart and mind of God. That is why, when you shall see Him, you will know Him, for you will be like Him. God promises us that the lilies of the field doesn’t work, and it doesn’t harvest, or gather into barns, yet, even King Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

The path that you seek not only identifies the master in whom you serve, it also identifies the condition of your faith to endure an ascension, …or not. The next portion of this blog will try to explain how this knowledge must be certain in order for it to bear the weight of the ascension.



One thought on “Principle of Faith 03- Your Course is Actually in Accordance with the Will of God 01

  1. Okay, so I wanted to tell you about this but your phone is not working. But I had an experience last night when dad called me to come see this program on TV. It was one of those “Rescue the Business” deals where an expert is called in to help turn a business around or at least give a business direction. Anyway, the “expert” came as requested and went straight to work starting with the person over marketing and giving her constructive criticism and suggestions as to what to stop and how to start over. Well, this was a bit much for her to take as he was very direct. She ended up leaving work crying for being insulted in her workmanship. The owner, on the other hand, after a contract with this expert was made, changed her course mid-stream without any notification to the expert. So as he approached the owner, he asked her why she changed the logo that they had earlier decided on. She informed him that she knows her company inside out and that she felt it would just look better. He then let her know (in a very kind way) that they had a contract and she did not keep to their contract. She then informed him that she had her degree in this and that and that she has had all this experience and, after all, this was her company. (Go figure.) He told her that she actually, then, just wanted him to “fill in” where she wanted and not to do as they contracted. Well, long story short, they (the marketer and the owner) came to terms with why they called him in the first place and let him be the boss. This decision alone allowed the “expert” to take their business from a $500,000.00 business to a $10,000,000.00 business when they trusted him and his expertise to help their business. He helped them move forward and then went on his way.

    I immediately saw the correlation between this “expert” and the women in “position”. Isn’t that how we are with Heavenly Father? He is the Expert and we are the ones who think we know more than Him. We begin to counsel Him with our “degrees and experience” in a field we think we know better than anyone else. Oh, but give me a little help in this area to get me through, please, we tell HIm. Help me here and help me there, but let me be in charge. Oh my gosh, how we cheat ourselves when we do not take counsel from the Lord, but try to give counsel to Him.
    Dad just thought that was pretty dumb of the owner and her marketer to ask him to come and yet not trust that he was there simply to help them. (I thought of how “dumb” we are when he even puts it in print and we still think we are above Him.)

    Another example is Aunty Amanda. She is presently in a rehab care home for the next few weeks after they put the shunt in her brain. She has decided that since she can pretty much walk and feed herself that she should be able to be released and go home. Her daughter thinks the facility is keeping her for two more weeks because all they want is the money from her insurance. As it turned out, the administrator advised Aunty that she is not strong enough to sustain herself at home with no help, but that staying there would provide 24 hour care with professionals who will tend to her needs and her therapy. Then he added that they are not there to take her money and in fact, she has the worst insurance plan for rehabilitation, but they are, by law, required to take her even though there are others with better medical coverage than her that are being turned away because they don’t have a bed to offer them.

    Again, she is trying to counsel the experts. Of course these are experts of the flesh, but that is what we do with the creator of the Universe. Think about it. I think I get it.
    Why do I write this here? Because all that you have been saying is true. I love it. I learn. Thank you. Mom

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