When a baby is first born, they have very blurry eye sight. That’s why, when they begin to recognize their loved ones, and they smile in recognition, there’s an immediate connection in us.

A toddler is so tied to their appetites that when they are hungry, they cannot endure the hunger pangs, so they cry until they are fed. When their parent leaves them with someone strange, to them, that parent no longer exists, and they feel abandoned with the stranger. When they leave home, that home doesn’t exist while they are gone. That is why they are surprised when the familiar home comes into sight again.

Between the ages of 8-14 kids understand that just because they don’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. However, immediate gratification still rules over long-term consequences. Their eye-sight still cannot see afar off. They look as far as the end of school, or the weekend, or the movie, or the birthday party. Rarely can they see beyond the week or month.

Teens vary, depending on maturity, and begin to see as far as a year or two ahead. They still struggle with immediate gratification. But, they have some endurance that makes room for self-improvement and discipline. However, long-term consequences are still quite unfamiliar.

As an adult, long-term consequences become more and more familiar. A mature adult is thought to be able to look ahead and map out their life path, towards their happiness. Less mature adults vier off to explore immediate pleasures, and suffer more and more permanent consequences, that have greater and greater costs in spiritual, physical and emotional health, pain, finances and in lost time.

Each time a progressive step is taken, more and more knowledge is added. As more knowledge is added, our vision extends from near-sightedness, to seeing into the near future, to seeing into the distant future. We call those who can see far into the future “visionaries.” 

However, Christ offers all those who desire to know Him, the greatest of vision. The vision He offers is unmatched by any earthly knowledge. This vision was given to all wise-men who sought to know Christ. The vision encompassed everything from the beginning of time (past), till the end of time (future), and all things within it. After Moses experienced this vision, he stated, now I know the nothingness of man, of such thing I had never before supposed.

The words of Christ offers this knowledge as a cure for the near-sightedness of this world. The knowledge offered will naturally bring you up to an exceedingly high mountain, thus it is appropriately titled “an ascension.” From that high place, all things can be seen, nothing excluded.

Take the time to ask yourself, “how far off can I see?” If you find your view limited to the things in this world, you are a perfect candidate for an amazing vision correction procedure called, a new and everlasting covenant, even the Book of Mormon. The procedure is guaranteed to produce all who receive it perfect vision, from the beginning of time, until the end. Some of the added benefits include unlimited power, and an eternal friendship with God and Christ (the surgeons). Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

I’m working on getting it and invite you to join me. It’s funner that way;)


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