A Complete Restoration

We believe that a restoration was made through the hand of God to Joseph Smith. The church we have currently has twelve apostles, etc. just as did the church that Christ had in the meridian of time. However, we must remember that the church Christ established was preparatory to being sent throughout the Gentile nations, to offer all men the gospel of Christ. Since the Gentiles could never really established an original House of Israel (being they are not of the blood of Israel), that is why Christ set up twelve apostles. The twelve apostles represented the 12 tribes of blood Israel. The full restoration was not meant to look back to the meridian of time. Instead, it was meant to look all the way back to the beginning, before the time of the creation. That is the restoration the scriptures prophesy of. It is meant to be all as at first, not all as at middle.

Our traditionalism wants us to be satisfied with a hierarchal organization that reflects the church of Christ in the meridian of time. It is necessary for the beginning of the restoration to reflect that of the church Christ set up at first. The day of the Gentile has not yet come to an end. The Gentiles still make all the decisions in our rank and file. The prophesy of 3 Nephi 16 states that those Gentiles will reject the fullness of the gospel, and that will be the indicator that the day of the Gentile has ended. Then the prophesy states that the fulness will be brought out from the among Gentiles, to the remnant of the seed of Jacob (AKA: the blood House of Israel). Most of you reading this blog are of this blood. Be careful not to follow after the ways of the Gentiles when they reject the fullness.

At that point, the House of Israel will be like a lion amongst the beasts of the forest, like a lion amongst the lambs. If the Gentiles repent, then they will be numbered among the blood Israel. But if they don’t, they will be trodden under their feet, like salt that has lost it’s savor, good for nothing but to be trodden under the foot of men. Then can the full restoration return the House of Israel back to the times of Adam. Then the sons of Levi can offer up an offering that is acceptable to the Lord (collectively). Then no man need say to their neighbor know ye the Lord, for all will know the Lord.

If we think that all is well in our Latter-day Zion it is because we haven’t read the prophesies in the scriptures. Thus, our hearts are not turned to the promises made to the Fathers. It is in the scriptures that these promises/covenants are written. It is these covenants that our Fathers have obtained that provide us with the opportunity to obtain our covenant. When our hearts are turned to them, then we can learn wisdom from their words. However, if we rest their words we are damned, cannot move forward, and remain under condemnation.

Since all of the promises made to the Fathers converge upon obtaining an ascension, anyone teaching otherwise can be considered a false prophet or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They enter not in themselves, and they cause those who don’t know better to not enter either. They can be grouped with the anti-christs. That is what the ascension is all about, entering into the presence of Christ.

The restoration was never intended to end with a hierarchy of twelve apostles, and only one prophet. The fullness of the gospel offered the saints in Nauvoo was intended to make all men prophets. Joseph wanted to make Kings and Queens, then send them out to build their own stakes, and teach others, and give them similar ordinances so that they too can become Kings and Queens. Then they go out and build their own stakes, etc. And that is how Zion rolls forth to fill the earth. The stone cut without hands refers to the ordinances that make Kings and Queens, which is the word of God alone. It is the voice of God that confers that rite, that makes one a King or a Queen. Thus the stone cut, without hands, that fills the earth is Zion filling the earth with Kings and Queens given power by the voice of God. Since the saints at Nauvoo did not complete the temple in “sufficient time,” they could not be completely restored, and the hierarchy of twelve apostles and a single prophet was the result.

A complete restoration is yet to come. If the complete restoration is not what Christ gave at the meridian of time, instead it is what Adam had at the beginning, what will happen to the hierarchy of twelve apostles and a single prophet who leads our current church? They will be given a chance to accept the fullness of the gospel, as was offered to the Nauvoo saints, which is the doctrine of the ascension of the individual into the presence of Christ, the second comforter, the more sure word, the calling and election made sure. What each person in that hierarchy will do, no one can say. But this much we know to be true, the Gentiles will reject the fullness of the gospel. The reason we know it is because Christ said it (3 Nephi 16).

Conclusion: The allegory of the olive tree gives us the direction we must follow. The branches that bring forth sweet fruit get their moisture from the roots. At the roots we find the covenants (promises) made to the fathers in the scriptures. Our current tree (the Hierarchy) has grown beyond the roots. The existing branches are not getting their moisture from the roots and are taking over the roots instead. Their fruit is bitter.

It is not our place to fix others. Our only course is to get our moisture from the roots, and to kindly persuade others to do the same. When we do so, we can be numbered among the House of Israel, because we will produce sweet fruit that will be gathered into the garners. Through the roots, we’ll learn what is necessary to ascend. It will be that ascension that makes the fruit we produce sweet.



2 thoughts on “A Complete Restoration

  1. Hierarchy?Really? Son, are you saying that this Church of Jesus Christ is not His Church? Is not His order? Is not His choice? Was not called and set apart by God? Is not worthy of the respect or authority in carrying out the mission of Christ? Has no importance or order according to the scriptures? If this is all you are saying, then you are saying that this IS NOT THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. Sorry, I follow Christ and His church, which is set up for us to succeed and which has order and which has the authority brought here on earth. We are not accountable to man. We are accountable to God and Christ is the way, the truth, and the light. NO MAN cometh unto Him any other way. The scriptures come from prophets or in other words -man- imperfect men, men that have lived, been tempted, even fallen, repented. They are who make up the scriptures and led those in their time. Our prophets have led us in our time. The apostles and prophets are apostles and prophets of God. They are who God recognizes as HIS authority on earth to run HIS church. As imperfect in the scriptures as I am, and no matter that you call it the way you see it as all of us being damned if we don’t understand it like you, I know that I should follow the prophet. He is at the head of the Church of Jesus Christ and has been put there by God. I am responsible for my ascension, yes, but I am not responsible for reorganizing the Church of Jesus Christ.
    Be careful.

    • I cannot respond to your comments because your comments reference someone else’s words, not mine. I don’t ever recall stating that the LDS Church is not His church. I’ve stated that we are still His chosen people, just like the House of Israel was after Moses left. I stated nothing about our church’s lack of worthiness to carry out Christ’s mission. Actually, it is only through the ordinances offered in our church that an ascension is possible. Christ …is the way, the truth and the life, I completely agree. I read your response and can see assumptions and accusations that communicate to me that you are uncomfortable with what I wrote.

      Your response is one of defending something that you think is under attack. I am not attacking the church.

      The scriptures aren’t just words of imperfect men. What makes scripture a scripture is that the message is from one who is infallible, God. It is not the words of the prophets themselves. It’s God’s message. It is God that addresses the human fallibility in the scriptures. While you mention that these prophets where tempted, fell, and repented, …you fail to recognize what makes a prophet a prophet is not his personal righteousness, it is that Christ redeemed them personally, brought them back into His presence, and then sent them to deliver a message. That message is the scriptures that we are instructed to read. Never in the scriptures are we instructed to “…know the prophet.” The objective of the scriptures is to know the author of the message, God. God condemned the ancient House of Israel for seeking a representative in the presence of God and were cursed to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. God will also curse us for seeking to have our prophet represent us in His presence when we are able to enter into His presence ourselves.

      I did not write the scriptures, nor am I a prophet. I have read the scriptures, without seeking to counsel the Lord, or to re-translate the scriptures to fit my choice of beliefs (or unbeliefs). I read them, I seek to know what they are trying to teach me about the correct attributes, perfections, and characteristics of God. What I have read states that the restoration will be …all as at first, …where all the dispensation heads return their key to the head of the earth at Adam Ondi Ahman, and then Adam gives it back to Christ in it’s restored form. That is what the D&C says, and that is what the Pearl of Great Price says. The scriptures first introduce apostles in the meridian of time, just before the day of the Gentile, and never before that. 3 Nephi 16 tell us about the Gentiles rejecting the fullness of the gospel in our day, when the day of the Gentile has ended (still yet to come). Joseph Smith in D&C 124 tells us that, at that point, there was not a place on earth for the Lord to come and restore the fullness of the priesthood, thus the saints were instructed to build the Nauvoo temple. The promises in that same scripture tell of a blessing and a cursing, depending on the obedience of the saints concerning the completion of the temple. Our history testifies that the Nauvoo saints failed in this attempt, and experienced the cursing, and not the blessing. Therefore the fullness was not restored at that time.

      The fullness is still being offered to us. Just like the House of Israel after Moses died was given ordinances that provided access to the ministering of angels, the modern saints were also left with ordinances from Joseph Smith. These ordinances are not offering us salvation, but pointers to show us the way to salvation, by approaching the veil, seeking more light and truth. That is the ascension being taught, not a completion of saving ordinances. And it is still through our church that we have temples built and are given these ordinances that point us to the original covenant that was being offered the saints at Nauvoo. The ascension is what is being offered, but this information is not only uncommon among saints, it is also taken out of our teaching materials, mocked as extreme and unnecessary whenever mentioned in church, and unfamiliar to the vast majority. Yet, in every scripture the ascension is plainly taught as the objective of each saint, and the very foundation and core of Zion. The condemnation we face has been based on the saints resting the offering of the covenant in the Book of Mormon (called the new and everlasting covenant) and other scriptures, because we won’t read the scriptures.

      I see that you are kindly warning me to be careful because what I am saying challenges your traditional beliefs. I call them traditional because it is based on what others have told you, mixed in with scriptures you have read. However, your beliefs need not be based in what another man told you. You can avoid being deceived by men (me included), by always checking the accuracy of what they say. But that requires a knowledge of the scriptures, which, in your comment, you admit that you see within you a weakness. I am in the same boat. I too lack in the understanding of the scriptures. I too am seeking an ascension, to know God. Why in the world would I damn anyone that doesn’t understand the scriptures like me. If I’m incomplete, why would I ever want others to be incomplete like me? The condemnation for failing to read the scriptures was not my condemnation. That is from God, through the prophet Joseph Smith in D&C 84:55, in the oath and covenant of the priesthood. The ascension is the grand covenant of God, it is …the oath and covenant that is referenced. That is why the condemnation is given. By failing to read the scriptures we are essentially rejecting the fullness …by rejecting the oath and covenant God is trying to offer.

      If you want to accuse someone for condemning you, you can take your accusations up with them who delivered the condemnation. I did not condemn you or anyone else. I only invited those who read the blog to join me on a quest to know the correct attributes, perfections, and characteristics of God, through the study of the scriptures. So if you decide to accuse anyone who you feel condemned you, take it up with them who issued the condemnation. But, if you do, I would return your advise by saying… Be careful.

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