Isaiah’s Martyrdom and Ascension

I found an old record of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (my wife tells me that I like to say “pseudepigrapha” because it sounds smart- I was wondering if we could just call it “the Old Testament P,” but that doesn’t sound good does it?). The book is filled with old records that have been translated after the compilation of the King James Version of the Bible, and may even include records that were taken out during the Nicean Crede (385 AD). One of the records was a record of Isaiah’s ascension into the seventh heaven. It gave me great insight to understanding the words of Isaiah in 2 Nephi 16.

In the ascension an angel guides Isaiah through each level of heaven. The levels that are referenced are: the firmament (where Isaiah see’s into the future, the wicked men who will kill him) and Levels 1-7. When Isaiah gets to the 7th heaven, he learns that Christ dwells there, with other fiery ones.

While in the seventh heaven, there is so much light there that Isaiah refuses to go back to earth because it is so dark on earth. Isaiah was promised by Christ a robe of light that would await him when it was his time to return. But Christ instructed him that he must go back and complete his mission, by teaching what he has learned in his ascension, that others might apply the same principles and obtain the same blessings. The robe was not what we think of a robe. The robe was a body of light of which the spirit of Isaiah could enter into, once he put off the body of the flesh at the end of his mission.

When Isaiah returns to earth after having this grand vision, he prophesied of the wickedness of man, and of his ascension to those who chose to hear his words. They were the ones who sought for their own ascension.

Later, Isaiah is captured by Manasseh (son of King Hezakiah) and Sammael (Manasseh’s servant). All the wicked noblemen (the high priests of the fallen church) were annoyed with the preachings of Isaiah. There are huge similarities between their church and ours. Those office holding leaders justified their sins, wrapped Isaiah in a rug, beat him, and then sawed Isaiah in half. As gruesome as this sounds, listen to what the records say about the way Isaiah took this torture:

“And Belkira said to Isaiah, “Say, ‘I have lied in everything I have spoken; the ways of Manasseh are good and right, and also the ways of Belkira and those who are with him are good.'” And he (Belkira) said this to him when he began to be sawed in half.”

False prophets always try to force you look the way they look, to say what they want you to say, teach only what they want you to teach, restrict the teaching of truth to control the perceptions of men. That is how slaves are created.

“And Isaiah was in a vision of the Lord, but his eyes were open, and he saw them. And Belkira spoke thus to Isaiah, “say what I say to you, and I will turn their heart and make Manasseh, and the princes of Judah, and the people, and all Jerusalem worship you.”

Another tactic of false prophets is that they use their earthly influence over the perception of man to manipulate those of weak faith to follow the leader. In return all they have to offer as a reward is the stuff of this dark world.

And Isaiah answered and said, “If it is within my power to say, [Isaiah is speaking only because they requested] ‘Condemned and cursed be you, and all your hosts, and all your house! For there is nothing further that you can take except the skin of my body.'”

At this point Isaiah knows what awaits him in the seventh heaven. Christ has promised hi a brighter robe (body) in the seventh heaven. Remember, he didn’t want to come back in the first place. His parting words are filled with confidence in God, void of all doubt and fear! That confidence came from the ascension. It is the covenant given by the voice of God that makes a man confident in all the opposition that the devil has to offer. What a man! But, the best part is next:

And they seized Isaiah the son of Amoz and sawed him in half with a wood saw. And Manasseh, and Belkira, and the false prophets, and the princes, and the people, and all stood by looking on. And to the prophets who (were) with him [these are the good guys, the real prophets who also ascended] he said before he was sawed in half, “Go to the district of Tyre and Sidon, because for me alone the Lord has mixed the cup.” [Isaiah takes it like a champ and tells the others that it wasn’t meant for them, but for him alone] And while Isaiah was being sawed in half, he did not cry out, or weep, but his mouth spoke with the Holy Spirit until he was sawed in two.” 

[the stuff in brackets was my comments and not in the original text]

There was no response to the torture. The sting of death was not there. The sting of death of all those who have ascended, who are required to die as instructed by God, is swallowed up in the atonement of Christ, such that they are carried away in a vision throughout the situation, and they don’t feel it. I suspect the same thing happened to Abinidai when he was burned by the wicked king Noah and his high priests. The knowledge of the “robe” that awaited Isaiah and the presence of Christ and the fiery ones that Isaiah had already experienced was far greater than the sacrifice of his own life.

It is that knowledge of the greater things of God that makes a man willing to sacrifice all things in this world, holding nothing back, because he knows what awaits him. Our ignorance of the heavens and the dealings of God with man leave us to dangle in the wind and the storms of the world. We continue to sin because our immediate gratification is worth more than the treasure that we know nothing of! Once we ascend, that treasure in heaven will not be theoretical only. You will have the knowledge of those things. Then the bitter taste of the sin of this world will cause your spirit to barf at its sight.

In 2 Nephi 16 we read of a seraphim with six wings. Isaiah is referencing his ascension experience. Those six wings are symbolic of a person who has ascended into the sixth heaven, not that they have wings. In many ancient traditions the bird man was symbolic of one who has ascended into the heavens. Feathers on a cloak in Hawaii, feathers on a head dress in Native America, feathers on a headdress in the Aztec tradition all point to their ancient knowledge of this same ascension. This angel is one who dwells as a fiery one, in a place of so much light that even the fifth level of heaven was darkness to Isaiah, in comparison to the sixth and seventh. This angel took the coal off the altar with tongs, but put it on the lips of Isaiah using his hand. He does not feel the heat because he dwells in a place of fire, heat and light. The knowledge that Isaiah obtains is what produces his confidence in God, so that he could complete his mission here on earth.

Satan likes to twist things around. He makes men think that hell is were we will burn up. No, the fire and brimstone burning is the burning off of our impurities, through a refiners fire in the presence of the fiery ones. We are told that when Zion returns, they that come will burn them up. Hell is cold, it is outer darkness, a place of desolation, loneliness and chaos.

Conclusion: We cannot be satisfied with the constant vain repetition of the manuals that continue to be taught. We are mature enough to eat the meat of the gospel, and put aside the milk. We must seek deeper, searching for the pattern of ascension that is right in front of our faces. We read over them all the time, skipping the plain and precious truths, when we follow the typical lesson manuals, and so we fail to know what God is trying to tell us. We cannot ascend in ignorance. Ascension must be intentional. You cannot accidentally fall into heaven.

Our continual repetition produces in us a false sense of confidence. Since we have heard it all before, we think that the lessons are not for us, but for those we are trying to get to look like us: the less active, the weak, the struggling. And then we take it upon ourselves to help teach them, because we obviously already know since we’ve heard it all before.

We foolishly attach blessings to paying tithing that claim to solve our financial crisis. If the crisis doesn’t go away, we add to tithing, sacrifice. If the crisis still doesn’t go away, we fast. If the crisis still persists, we turn to a financial advisor to solve the problem. When the financial crisis seems to subside, we look back and claim tithing as the first domino that generated the solution. Then our testimony of tithing is hollowly solidified. This process is the building of unbelief! We must know God to see how He solves the problems of the world, instead of creating a god in the likeness of the world.

God’s ways are not our ways. If you want to know his ways, stop counseling the Lord, and seek to take counsel from the words of Christ. You can be provided with an ascension that will produce an unshaken faith, that can, not only endure all financial crisis, but will make the things of this world so dark that you want nothing to do with it. That is the knowledge worth sacrificing for. Thus, you will never become a slave to this world, and the truth will have set you free forever.

It all begins at the words of Christ. Perhaps, initially, the words of Christ might be foreign to you. Put aside the false traditions, your counseling the Lord, your prescriptions to the Lord, and give it a serious try, to take His words as He intended them. Put away the Sunday School repetition. Take an uninterrupted hour each day to read and think and study the words of Christ. When you can be perfect in not missing this study every-day, begin to ask questions and discuss what you are learning or what you don’t understand with others. Add to that conversation, prayer. Eventually you will find greater and greater confidence in the words of Christ, such that you cannot be deceived by the sophists who use their offices to thwart your ascension. You will see how blatant the ascension is, and how obvious the invitation you are given to ascend, while in the flesh. No man can deceive you, for you will know God. The knowledge that is being offered in the words of Christ is of the greatest value.

I desire to participate with you. There’s a magnification that can occur as we share and learn from each other, that will eventually lead to the opening of the heavens. Christ learned grace for grace. I think that describes the exchange of information from one man to another man- on earth. Then Christ learned from grace to grace. I think that means the heavens opened up to teach him. I believe that is what we are being told to do, first generate an exchange between people on earth. But eventually, the heavens must open to take us to the next level. Just like Isaiah, I desire to ascend and obtain a covenant from God. I have a confidence within me telling me that this is true. I want to follow that feeling. I am willing to bet my eternal salvation on it. For this reason I invite your comments, thoughts, and suggestions (positive or negative).

The purpose of this blog is to generate the conversations necessary to create an exchange with those that I love and trust. That is you! To all who will receive this invitation, let us open up our conversations. If it’s through this blog, that’s fine. If it’s on the phone, better yet. However, it would always be best if it’s in person. If it is truly what we all seek, God will make the necessary arrangements possible. That would be a sacrifice in the likeness of the atonement of Christ, for the purpose of gathering Israel and the ascension, to receive our redemption and a covenant from the voice of God! That is a sacrifice that should be acceptable to God. That is the purpose of Christ!


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