The Book of Revelations

The book of Revelations are intimidating to most. I want to share what I have recently learned about the book of Revelations, that might be helpful in your understanding of that portion of scripture. Perhaps it might simplify things enough so that you too can feel confident about reading it.

The first thing I want to clarify is that John the Beloved is the author of the book, and he is still walking the earth today because his job is not yet done in the flesh. There are three types of writings that came from John the Beloved:

  1. Revelations
  2. Epistles
  3. The Gospel

Revelations: Revelations was written with three points: John’s ascension, John’s coronation as king, and John’s vision of all things, from the beginning to the end. Most readers (and commentators) on the book of Revelations only addresses the latter. They go into detail trying to figure out the events at the end of the world. Even then, there isn’t enough information to extract anything from the vision portion in Revelations to do anyone any good, by means of preparation, the way we see preparation in our day anyway. The thing that offers us the greatest value is the ascension and the coronation. Yet, that stuff gets passed over quite easily, and considered only symbolic.

Epistles: Although the book of Revelations was placed at the end of the Bible, it was the first record that John wrote. The next set of records were the epistles to the saints. The letters are addressing doctrinal issues of Christ and how one can be followers of Christ. Within the gospel are details clarifying the mind and will of Christ. The emphasis was placed on the church, the saints, the doctrine, and the organization.

The Gospel: The last book that John wrote (in the Bible) was the gospel of John. It is placed as first in the order of the Bible. However, this writing was last. The gospel of John was the testimony of christ. It goes into personal detail of Christ. The ministry, the atonement and the resurrection is very key in the gospel of John. The emphasis is on Christ alone in the gospel of John.

Conclusion: I am really interested in the book of Revelations right now, and I kept getting confused about all the weird characters in it (different horses, dragons, beasts, etc). However, since I learned about the three areas of emphasis (ascension/coronation/vision), I have found myself most interested in the ascension. It is in the ascension that we regain our memory and can receive our instructions from the voice of God. Then we can accomplish what we came here to accomplish, to complete the ascension. That is when we get our “calling and election” made sure. I think that is why John wrote it first.

John is one special character. That is why he is still on the earth. His job is so big that it isn’t finished. John was one of the four major archangels who came as Christ’s “A-team.” The other three were: Michael (Adam), Raphael (Enoch), and Gabriel (Noah).

When the hearts of the children are turned to the promises made to their fathers, then will John open up the gate from the earth, and Elijah open the gate from heaven, for the return of Zion. Who, when they come, they will either burn them up, or they fall upon their necks and kiss them. John is definitely one guy that I hope to get to know.


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