Define Fair Value…

I have stated this before, but it deserves repeating, the Lord’s creation and the placement of the lights in the firmament, where intended for signs and ordinances. The ordinances were set in the heavens so that men could not defile them. All wise-men used the stars to prophesy of past, current and future events, because they had the understanding of the things in the heavens. So, if Satan cannot change the heavens, his only offense is to make us ignorant to the things of the heavens. Our escape from the bondage and captivity of this world can only be found in the knowledge of God and the heavens.

Joseph Smith tried to inform us of the knowledge that saves, in contrast to the knowledge that we hold as credible knowledge (degrees, certificates, and institutional accumulation of knowledge). He tells us that he could gaze five minutes into the heavens and know more about the subject than any book ever written. We often see past this statement, as Joseph …somehow bragging about his ability. We fail to recognize that all of us are offered the same experience (to gaze into the heavens). The stars being set as signs and ordinances in the creation story, expresses God’s expectation for us to understand them. Why else would he tell us that he put them there, if he didn’t expect us to understand it?

We have two choices to seek for knowledge. Each choice identifies the master in which we serve. We are again instructed in which method is best to acquire knowledge as follows:

D&C 88:118

“118. And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith.”

Yet, whenever someone quotes this scripture, the emphasis misses the first six words bolded above (if you don’t have faith, then…). The focused attention is then inaccurately placed upon the best books. Furthermore, somehow the best books have been redefined as college certificates, degrees, and institutional learning, through text books.

The incorrect definitions of the word knowledge continues in another scripture that I hear quoted as justification for accumulating debt for a college degree:

D&C 130: 18-19

“18. Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection.

19. And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come.”

If we associate degrees, etc. and intelligence and knowledge spoken above, than the scholarly, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the sophists, the doctorates, the Ivy leaguers, the lawyers, the doctors, the wealthy and the privileged are the most deserving recipients of the advantages of the world to come. Because our eyes are not yet opened, we are left to use definitions, based in the world, to justify these aspirations.

But we again fail to remember that the knowledge and intelligence referred to in this scripture, refers to light and truth, and has nothing to do with the honors of men and the things of this world. The diligence and obedience is to the laws of heaven, which are irrevocably decreed in heaven, which is referred to in the next two verses. We take things out of context. We see what we want to see. Those who want to justify their current standing in the eyes of God will use the modern definition that agree’s with their choices. They align with what is acceptable in the world. Those who want to know God’s will, can see knowledge in a different light.

Recently I was in a discussion with my mother about “fair market value.” The traditional definition of the phrase is, “What willing seller is willing to sell for, and willing buyer is willing to pay for, is fair market value.” The emphasis is, if all are willing, then all is fair. Real estate investors, bankers, stock brokers, real estate agents, investors of all sorts, have used this definition as fair market value. The concept of fair has been polluted to mean acceptable. 

What makes this pollution acceptable is our ignorance. Financial institutions have used the traditional definition of willing sellers and willing buyers to promote the idea of inflation. Prior to the 1900’s their was a ceiling to debt. Value’s were based on production (real value added). However, as debt institutions became more and more accepted, property values could increase as well. The redefinition of “good debt” was sold as relief to the victims of the great depression. With a new debtor framework, values began to inflate, as the dollar lost value ever so subtly.

However, removing the gold standard in the 1970’s made room for a higher debt-ceiling. Once the gold standard was removed, property values could grow infinitely, based on acceptable debt and interest rates. In our day, people justify acceptable interest rates of earnings (4%), and acceptable interest rates of debts (10-30%+). Debt is now understood as necessary. We have already accepted that inflation is unavoidable.

All we are left to decide on is how much debt we think can afford. Now we can negotiate what willing seller is willing to sell and willing buyer is willing to by, unaware that each transaction makes things worse. Both buyer and seller are stewing in the same pot of boiling water, playing hot potato, hot potato, out-goes-you! The powers that be use gold and silver to oppress and buy up armies and navies to enforce this debtor system. If we aren’t caught with the hot potato, we think we’ve won, and fairly too. What we don’t realize is, all we’ve done was turned up the heat. Eventually, all the water will evaporate out, and you too will be burned!

What then is fair value? Fair value is tied to the ability to escape slavery and bondage by eliminating our dependance on the financial institution we currently uphold, so that men can take the necessary time to know God, and to produce greater value, doing what they are good at, rather than what the financial institutions pay best. This is how Zion flourishes to fill the earth. Regulations and rules are limited to allow growth and prosperity for all, because it is not necessary to regulate an honest man. He will regulate himself.

Conclusion: The book of Revelations (when read in Greek) identify a significant translation error for the word “city.” The proper translation is a group of people, an institution, or an organization. Within Revelations we are warned against this institutionalized herd mentality. We are instructed to obtain the mind and will of God, through an ascension. We are intended to be individually connected to the heavens, so that our individuality can be touched by the hand of God, filling us with light, to give light to the world, just like the stones of the brother of Jared. It is through this light, that the darkens is dispelled.

Every morning, even the cloudy and stormy mornings, the signs and ordinances in the heavens are communicating to us that the light will always dispel the darkness. If we define our understanding through relativity, ignorant of the heavens, then Satan will use a bruised heal, to steer that life, like a rudder steers a boat. But if we are to search the mind and will of God, and to use His definitions, we will not only be empowered, but we will be able to crush the head of Satan and put all our enemies under our feet.

When we are aligned with the mind and will of God then we can be given more light and truth, or knowledge and intelligence. We too will be able to gaze five minutes (or more) into the heavens. That is the knowledge that will be to your benefit in the life to come, that is based upon your obedience. It will always be aligned with the laws that are irrevocably decreed in heaven (D&C 130:18-21).

The scriptures offer this blessing, not the things of the world. It is when our minds and hearts are one with God’s that we can be trusted. Then if we desire to have these things of the world, it will be to clothe the naked, feed the hungry and so forth, because any other reason for the things of the world is disgusting and repulsive. Until then, it will most likely be to consume it upon your lusts.

Seek to know the mind and will of God. Search the scriptures. Feast upon the words of Christ. The words of Christ will tell you all things what you should do. I am starting to think that this also includes all things by way of the ordinances of the heavens as well. Let the word be your compass. Have faith and be believing.


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