Templates and Patterns

The temple was always intended to give us the plan of salvation. The plan of salvation was meant for man to pattern their lives after. Since, ignorance is our biggest sin. When we come to know God and the heavens, then can sin be removed (remitted), so that we can recognize the purposes of our temples. Until we overcome ignorance of God and the heavens, Satan will have power to direct our understanding with substitute temples that lead us into bondage and captivity, by manipulating a bruised heal. The invitation we have been given is to receive the instructions from the heavens in the temples of God and the words of Christ.

In modern revelation and in ancient records the temple has always been the beginning source of all creation. The word temple comes from the Greek and Latin word Templum, which we get the word template from. It was within these temples that men were taught the mysteries (Greek for temple ordinances) of God, in order for man to find salvation and escape. The template housed in the mysteries (ordinances) is the pattern for our escape. The route of escape was always through the ascension into the heavens. It was always meant for us to leave behind the things of this world in exchange for the kingdoms and thrones in the heavens.

Hugh Nibley suggests that our failure to understand the words of Christ has caused revelation and connection to the heavens to disappear. As revelation disappears, temples are substituted with institutions of all sorts: Universities, Financial institutions, Government institutions, Libraries, Court Houses (judges and lawyers), Clubs, Convention centers, etc. Each institute meets in a building that resembles ancient temples, but their power is the arm of flesh. Our substitute institutions have many ceremonies, caps, robes and symbolisms that try to claim some kind of legitimacy and power. Honor is given to men who ascend their institutional ladders. They are showered with the wealth of gold and silver. They institute laws and regulations that manipulate the creation of man to their liking (abortion, marriage, rights, etc). As revelation has ceased, men are fooled to follow their institutional mentality, giving credence to false ceremonies. In our ignorance, we let go of the records of heaven, to seek after the things of the world. Thus, we find ourselves in bondage and captivity, to the master in whom we have chosen to follow. On our money is printed, “in God we trust.” I often wonder if the god in whom we have trusted is the very money we have labeled the god we trust.

The true temples of God symbolized the necessity for an individuals connection to the heavens. Wherever Christ appeared to men, men built altars, …and there was a temple of God built. In the case of Jacob and Solomon, their temples brought forth a new spring of water, representing the source of living waters within them (Christ). Temples were built from individual and unique stone, not ground down bricks, to look exactly alike (an earthly institutional mentality). The tower of Babel was built using bricks and mortar, each brick ground and formed to look alike, to be easily replaceable. In the true temple, men and women are given mysteries to reconnect with the grand power of the creator, the one who has the power of life within Him (Christ). That connection provided the seeker an ascension, through seven levels of upward climb (Jacob’s ladder), to be received of Christ. Christ would in turn give that seeker key words of power in an embrace, that offered the seeker the power of life and creation within them. Men with this type of ascension return to earth with real power over the very elements, and all the creations of Christ. This is not institutional power, but genuine power from God. Through this process man cannot be bound, captive, put into slavery, unless they choose to submit their heavenly power in obedience to God (like Christ did on the cross).

The process of reconnecting to the heavens is the focus in temples and scriptures, to avoid being deceived into bondage and captivity by earthly institutions. Each mystery in the temple was meant to draw the seeker closer and closer, until they are “at-one.” Signs, names, and tokens were always used by men and women approaching temples. Each were intended to get progressively closer. Notice the mental image of the distance between the individual and the temple. Since light can travel a far distance, a sign can be seen from furthest away. It is a peaceful gesture, that communicates being unarmed and harmless. As the seeker draws nearer, sound waves can be used to communicate a name, to verify legitimacy. Eventually, the seeker becomes intimately close to the temple, enough to exchange token grips. Finally, an embrace is exchanged, a welcoming celebration is thrown, and key words are given to the seeker. In the story of the prodigal son, the seeker is the prodigal. In the final embrace the seeker is at-one with his master.

Our current church has been given 1/3rd of the mysteries intended to reconnect us to heaven, represented in facsimile #1. The Nauvoo saints were offered the remaining 2/3’rds, but they failed to built the temple in sufficient time (D&C 124). The 2/3’rds that we failed to acquire are represented by facsimile #2 (the ascension) and facsimile #3 (the coronation). Our scriptures teach them, if you know what to look for. Our temples teach it also, if you know what to look for. Each are a template for us to follow, escape the bondage and captivity of the world, and ascend.

Conclusion: Patterns and templates can only be used, when you know how to read them. Our ordinances and scriptures offer instruction to know how to use those patterns successfully.

Failure to lay hold upon the instructions offered, will result in the loss of revelation and connection to heaven. Once disconnected, false institutions will drive those, ignorant to the heavens, into bondage and captivity.

When we receive the 1/3rd instructions offered in the temple, we will recognize that what we have was only meant to draw us closer, to seek more. That desire to seek more will produce revelations through study and prayer. Eventually, we too will be welcomed back, in an embrace (as a prodigal son) into the presence of Christ, to have our sins remitted.

It begins with the scriptures. The words of Christ will tell you all things what you should “do!” That is the ordinances. The ordinances (or mysteries) are the things that we “do!” We must exercise faith unto obedience by using the words of Christ as a compass (Alma 37:45).



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