Propaganda: a Form of Line Upon Line

Propaganda is defined as information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view. When Line-Upon-Line is reduced merely to repetition, without correct understanding, it becomes propaganda. In this manner line upon line is not additive, and will only produce unbelief and false traditions.

Many think that since Sacrament/ Sunday School/ Priesthood and Relief Society lessons have been repeated so often, we must know it all. Repetition creates a false sense of understanding. Such repetition over a long period of time creates grooves, …or rut’s, that can be next to impossible to break, get out of, and correct. Since everyone around us thinks the same, we believe we must be right. In this way, we reject greater light and truth, and thus we cannot escape the bondage of sin we suffer in.

If what we have done in the past has got us to where we are now, then more of the same actions will only produce more of the same results. Repentance requires change, improvement, progress, or forward movement toward become like Christ. When we see Christ we will know Him because we will be like Him. The atonement of Christ offers this knowledge for us to be like Him. The sanctification process occurs in the searching for Christ. The Lord promises miracles and angels to assist in the changing process. In the end we will become New Creatures.

If we are not having miracles or seeing angels, Moroni tells us that it is because of our lack in faith and unbelief, and all is vain, …and it is as though there had been no redemption made (Moroni 7:37-38). Just because the person, family, ward, or stake near you has never discovered the depths of the scriptures, you are still responsible for your seeking them out yourself. You will be judged according to what you have sought. You cannot depend on someone else to represent you.

Line-Upon-Line was intended to be aggregative, additive, forward moving, improving towards ascending, changing, fixing, etc. Meeting together oft was intended for an exchange of growth. Those who defend their repetition, claiming line upon line as their crutch (excuse/justification), will find they have built upon a sandy foundation, and have buried their talents in the things of the earth. Those seeking to be added upon will find meeting together oft a process of reaching towards the heavens, and will discover greater and greater truths to align with.

Conclusion: Instead of avoiding in-depth conversations of the words of Christ, begin now to familiarize yourself with the words of Christ, so that the next challenge you face, you can reflect on what you have personally discovered. If you find that your study has not provided the answers to questions you have been challenged with, rather than avoid the hard conversations, engage intently, and then pray and search the scriptures once again to find the truth for yourself. That is why we are counseled to reason together. This is supposed to be additive. All who engage in this type of communication will be edified.

Zion is not made up of perfect people. It was always made up of the wicked who were taught correct principles, who repented, threw out their unbelief and let the Lord teach them correct principles. They reasoned together, as should we. Search the words of Christ, and lets reason together. I need it just as badly as anyone else. Let’s trust in His ways, rather than more repetition of our ways.


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