The Good/Sweet Fruit

Yes… it is true, the end is afar off, but don’t procrastinate your repentance. The gathering of the fruits, and the separation of the wheat from the tares, is not afar off, but is soon upon us! Once the good sweet fruits are harvested and the wheat is separated from the tares, that is when the destruction will begin, as the wicked destroy one another and the branches are burned. To the wicked, Zion will be considered terrible because the power of Christ will be there. Zion will be the only place of refuge from the wicked. But those unable to withstand the glory of Christ, cannot dwell there, because they will burn in His glory. We must obtain further light and truth so that we can be the sweet fruit, and bear His glory.

We ought not to be concerned with the end destruction. Rather, we need to prepare for the separation that is at hand. All throughout the scriptures the righteous are taken out of the midst of the wicked, before the destruction occurs. When the destruction occurs, it will be the wicked killing the wicked. It will not be a battle between good and evil.

Enoch was separated out from the wicked long before the wicked was destroyed. Noah and His people were also separated from the wicked before the wicked were destroyed. Alma was warned by the Lord to leave the waters of Mormon before the wicked priests of King Noah came. In the allegory of the olive tree in Jacob chapter 5, we are taught that the Lord will gather up the good fruits, and then will He burn the tree, both root and branch. Our concern ought not to be the final burning. Instead it should be focused on being the good fruit that is gathered out.

If we focus our sights on the end of the world, we will surely procrastinate our day of repentance, and be sealed up unto destruction. However, focusing on being chosen, places emphasis on being separated out unto the Lord.

The separation is upon us. And it will begin from within the church. In the parable of the ten virgins, each of the virgins were clothed in the robes of the Holy Priesthood. Each of the ten were endowed members. The separation is not limited to all the members of our church. It’s an even smaller subset, it is among the endowed members of the church. Those endowed members who thought that they had enough oil in their lamps.

Zion will be the only place of refuge when the wicked begin to self-destruct. No weapon will be able to form against Zion. To those without, Zion will be terrible. To those within, Zion will be the only location of peace, wealth and prosperity.

That is why I am writing to you my family. I want to be there, and I want you to be there too. We cannot assume that the Lord will accept our excuses of why we could not do what He instructed us to do. We have to seek His face. It is far easier to know how to do this as we all study the words of Christ and exchange our revelations. We must first prepare ourselves, then prepare a people who seek to be one in the words of Christ. Our experiments will knit our hearts into one, and Christ will then provide us a land for our inheritance. In that land we will be instructed to build a tabernacle so that Christ can dwell among us in His glory. When He returns, we must know Him, because we must be like Him.

Conclusion: Today is “our” generation! We must answer and be accountable for what we obtain, or fail to obtain. We are being invited to the wedding feast, but the time is running out to get the necessary oil to protect us from being separated out. It is this “protection” and “providing” that a man must do, that matters to God! We must become the sweet fruit so that we don’t burn from the Glory of Christ. We become sweet fruit as we get our moisture from the roots, which Jacob and Zenos equates with “the words of Christ” (Jacob 5).

If you want an eternal family, then feast upon the words of Christ. You cannot be sealed up unto salvation in ignorance. Salvation doesn’t come without the knowledge of the words of Christ. The covenant is offering you the only knowledge that has any power to save.

The end of the world is thousands of years to come. The end of the world should not be your concern. The “separation” is now at hand! That is what is resting heavily upon us right now! That is what we are being warned about. The coming of Zion is a culling, or a separation. The covenant is the only way to survive that separation.


2 thoughts on “The Good/Sweet Fruit

  1. And so it is. As we move about our daily lives, we gather divine knowledge from every experience we encounter and from every act of service we give and from all our endeavors. The gathering must begin before the separation can occur. Ours is to gather, the Lord’s is to separate.

    I remember going up the mountain in Kualoa and Kahana Valley for my mother. We were to pick mangoes for her. We picked as many mangoes as possible and brought them to her. We eagerly and cheerfully went to do her bidding. They were half-ripe, over ripe, green, and just ripe mangoes that we gathered. Mama delighted in the fact that we had done the gathering. She then went about separating the fruit into different piles. We did not know at the time – or at least I did not know at the time- what difference each pile meant to her. She made mango chutney with the green mangoes, mango seed with the half ripe mangoes, and mango sauce with the over ripe mangoes.

    We knew enough not to pick the squashed mangoes on the ground or the very green immature mangoes on the tree. They would have been wasted and of no use to our mother.

    So it is with us in these times. Our job is to gather. We are to spread the gospel to all who will hear it. Those who are “like” Christ will hear Him in the call to baptism. There will be a place for each one of us according to our talents and our abilities and perhaps even to our understanding. But Christ will decide the “place” and our “use” in the kingdom. We need to be careful that we are ready for the separation by how we participate in the gathering. This gathering should be done eagerly and cheerfully that all may see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven, that He may glory in our cheerful response to His bidding.

    Thank you for this blog. I love it, agree with it, and need to do more about it.
    Love, Mom

    • You see the gathering and the separation as two separate events, when it is one and the same event. Christ is who gathers and Christ is who separates. All we have the power to do is speak the words of Christ. Those who will be gathered out will make themselves known by how they respond to the words of Christ.
      Jesus said, “For a judgement I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.” But the Pharisees with Christ asked, “Are we blind also?” Christ responded, “If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, ‘We see;’ therefore your sin remaineth.

      We think too much of ourselves and too little on Christ. The voice of the Lord is what does the gathering and the separating out. To the sinners, it is a voice of judgement, and the sinners respond in like kind and are cast out with the tares. To the blind beggar from John Chapter 9, the voice of the Lord gathers him in and restores his sight.

      In the constellation of stars called Pisces there is a net being cast out to catch fish. There are two fish in the net. The big fish will circumnavigate the ecliptic indefinitely, never rising toward the North, while the little fish will ascend into the North sky, where the stars of permanence dwells. It is the lamb of God, Aires (the constellation next to Pisces), who is the one casting the net. All you decide is which fish you will be, the big one that chases its tale around the ecliptic (with the five foolish virgins), or the little fish that ascends out of the ecliptic towards the North sky (with the virgins who have enough oil). The size of the fish associated with you is an indicator of which you are choosing to follow.

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