Signs in the Heavens

The stars were set in the heavens for signs and for wonders. All were intended to be done on earth as it is done in the heavens. The lights in the heavens are also the voice of the Lord that is constantly beckoning for us to awake and arise. No man can corrupt and change the heavens. The only way to corrupt is to distract your attention, to remove all knowledge of celestial lights, until you are completely ignorant of them and pay them no attention.

There are two star constellations that are interesting to me:

  • Aires: representing the lamb
  • Pisces: represented by a net gathering two very different fish

Aries is symbolic of the sacrificial lamb of God (Christ). It is He who casts the net of Pisces to catch the fish. The net is His voice, through which all things which ever were created are organized and created. God created the world by the power of the Son, also known as the Word of God. The net is an invitation to the fish. The Lamb of God, Aires, still calls all who “will” hear Him.

There are two fishes in the net. One small fish that rises toward the North sky. And the other is a big fish, which circles the ecliptic, never rising up to the North. The small fish is symbolic of a small number who awake and arise toward the stars that are the same today, tomorrow, and forever, which is represented by the Northern stars (also called the unchanging stars).

The big fish is symbolic of a large group of people that chase their tales in circles never ascending to the North. This constellation rise and fall with the seasons, continuing to follow a pride-cycle of sorts. That fish stay with the herd playing “follow the leader,” but never raising their head long enough to see the North star.

The net is cast on both fish. It is the directions that the fish swim that separates them. Those who repeat the same false traditions of their fathers will continue to circumnavigate the ecliptic, follow and pride-cycle, never to rise toward the North, and never hearing the voice of the Lord. Those who will look up, will do so because they hear the voice of the Lord, and will be the few who are chosen, who ascend. Many are called (big fish), but few are chosen (little fish).

In Blackfoot, Nitoi so-kimio Mihkawa means “the fish-man that comes out of the sacred deep sea.” Anciently, the deep sea was not a body of water. Instead, it was the heavens (or the cosmos). And the fish-man is symbolic of one who can breath or live in those waters, the heavens, or the cosmos. Since March 20, 2014 the sun began rising through a new constellation, the constellation of Aquarius, the fish-man. This new constellation is an indicator of another dispensation within the great-year (a period of 24,000 years also called an eon). The signs in the heavens beckon to all who will look up, to return to that fish-man, who breaths (ha), or lives, in the sacred deep sea.

Let us be the little fish who hear His voice and ascend toward the North sky. Let us remove from our lives the distractions, or the light pollution, that blinds us from seeing the lights in the heavens. Let’s pay attention to the voice coming from the North calling us to awake and arise. All who will hear His voice is being gathered and separated out.


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