Tribes and Their Temples

Tribes are surely not a new concept. Since the first apostasy, people have separated into tribes based on common values. The way people separate is that they chose a respected person to be chief, and followed the laws that they establish. Tribes and chiefs is the beginning of the process to experimenting upon the words of Christ. As tribal laws align with the laws of heaven, they obtain success and protection of the heavens. Soon the Lord establishes His house among such tribes, so that He may come in a dwell there.

You choose your chief, based on his values, that connect to your values. If you have worldly values, you will choose a leader successful in the world. If you desire the heavens, then you choose accordingly as well. The words of Christ is highly significant to choosing wisely the chief you will follow.

The type of chief you choose will naturally introduce the type of experiments you will practice. Those whose heart is on Zion will practice experiments upon the words of Christ and will value knowing the words of Christ. They desire to know the voice of the Lord in order to more fully “keep His commandments which He has given them.” Such experiments will unveil the mind and will of God. Those within that tribe will move towards modeling that mind and will, because they “…will always have His spirit to be with them.” 

Success in obtaining more finer-distinctions of the mind and will of Christ will produce softness of  heart, meekness and humility among the entire tribe. A tribe founded in this philosophy will not only find peace, but will draw even closer, until they are sealed-up as one body. The benefits of living in this type of tribe is both spiritual and temporal growth and success. Excess of resources, abundance in intelligence, and grandness of heavenly contact can naturally be expected.

Eventually, the Lord will instruct the tribe to purchase a land of inheritance, and to build a house for Him to dwell among the tribe. He will come there and give that tribe greater ordinances because the power of godliness is manifested in the ordinances thereof. It will be His presence that preserves and takes up that tribe as He did the city of Enoch. Only, in our time, rather than bringing us up to Enoch, Enoch will return to us, to live among us.

This is a pattern throughout the scriptures that ancient prophets are trying to inform us of. We have institutionalized temple responsibilities. Temples were never to be controlled by distant institutional administrators, disconnected from the activities of the individual tribes. Tribes were intended to be self-governing, and still can be if members of that tribe would submit to the words of Christ as a child submits to his father. Ancient Polynesians, Native Americans, and Latin Americans are evidence of localized temples. They were as intimate as being considered family temples.

In the story of Jacob’s ladder, Jacob arises the next morning to build an altar at the place called Shechem, which is one of the oldest known temple sites. Moses and the “tribes” of Israel had a traveling temple called the tabernacle, and it looked like a tent. Likewise, Lehi dwelt in a tent, and he built an altar in the wilderness, thus all the components of a similar temple are mentioned. In the book of Helaman, we find Nephi praying in his garden, on a tower, or his personal temple, when the people hear him, just before Nephi prophesied of the murder of the chief judge. This was before Nephi was given the sealing power in chapter 10. This is an indication that although their were chief judges and administrators, individual families had their own houses built unto God, so that Christ could come in and dwell there, as He did with Nephi.

Conclusion: The Lord provides power and protection to those who establish their tribes upon His words. In Nauvoo He promised the saints that if they built the temple in sufficient time, He would come in unto it, He would give them a greater endowment, He would dwell among them, they would not be moved from their place, no weapon formed against them would succeed. That is a similar promise that awaits any tribe who is willing to first obtain the proper values of the scriptures, second experiment upon the words of Christ, in a united fashion, in effort to make their hearts one, and third offer up their excess, success, and abundance so that the Lord can instruct them to prepare a dwelling place for the Savior to literally dwell.

Those who have ears to hear, let him hear. Those who don’t… go back to sleep, this vision was never intended for you, …you are only dreaming, …these are not the droids you’re looking for! (another Jedi-joke from star wars mom:)


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