Signs of Apostasy

There are patterns that reveal a person’s state of apostasy. When we recognize these patterns, we can identify our condition and then reverse it’s effects. I get different responses from different people when evaluating the conditions of apostasy. The positive responses come from those who know they’re ignorant and want to make their ways right. But the negative responses come from people who would rather justify their state of apostasy, with exceptions to the rules.

The pattern of apostasy isn’t stated emphatically step by step, but can be easily seen if you were to analyze different apostasies in our scriptural history. This would be a good scripture exercise if you are ambitious. Take a look at the following civilizations in the scriptures:

  • the children of Israel in the time of Moses, 1200 BC,
  • the Deuteronomists in the time that Lehi fled Jerusalem, 620 BC,
  • the early Christians after Christ ascended 110 AD,
  • and the early saints during the time of Joseph Smith 1840 AD

Each of these civilizations went through the same pattern of apostasy. Once you can see this pattern in history, you might be able to recognize that we are still in this pattern of apostasy in our day. Here is the pattern:

  1. Godhead: we fail to recognize the role of father and mother. The mother role in the Godhead is dropped. Even Christ is seen as unwed. Christ had to get baptized to obey all the laws of God, but did he not have to multiply and replenish the earth, as was commanded of Adam and Eve? The word “Elohim” is plural, meaning Gods. And rightly so, because to become a God you must be one as husband and wife.
  2. Temple: Every time temple ordinances are given to offer men an eternal covenant, men change the ordinances to fit their comfort level. God’s words never change. When men change God’s words, they are not His words any longer. Joseph Smith’s original ordinances were done one couple at a time, and it included a ceremony with a sword. Brigham Young changed it to be a group ordinance. In the 1920’s they stopped giving men their second endowments. In 1990, because of the bad press of anti-mormon literature, and the discomfort of members the endowment was changed, to remove penalties for breaking covenants. And recently things have been changed again. Just like the ancient Jewish temple, our temples have been reduced to sacrificial temples only. They do not include the greater endowments offered the saints in Nauvoo, described as the ascension ordinances depicted in the second facsimile of Abraham. These are the changes that we know of.
  3. Scriptures: In ancient times as well as modern times, scriptural changes are common. The law of Moses, as we know it today, was not what Moses established, but what the Deuteronomists re-wrote in the records. They tossed 96 different books that we know of, and one of them included the Book of Enoch. Then they replaced the Book of Enoch with Deuteronomy. The Nicean creed is another example of the changing of scriptures. In 1920 Heber J Grant and a small council of men decided to take out all of the lectures on faith from the D&C. The lectures on faith was considered the “Doctrines” of the Doctrines and Covenants, so all we have now is the Covenants, and that too has been changed. Recently (this year) the church has changed the footnote for John 14:16a, that once taught the “other comforter” as Jesus Christ, the second comforter. Now it teaches that the other comforter is the Holy Ghost.
  4. Strong-Man: In each generation of apostasy all the responsibility was placed in a strong-man, who claimed to never be able to lead men astray, who receives revelation on everyones behalf, and who will lead men to salvation. Moses was held up as that strong-man by the children of Israel, and they were cursed to wander for forty years in the wilderness because of it. The Jews wanted Christ to be a military leader strong-man, Christ fled, and the Jews killed Him. Joseph Smith sought to sanctify the saints and get them all to see Christ in Nauvoo, but they sought commercial success on the Mississippi. In our day, although the children of Israel were cursed for wanting someone else to represent them in the presence of Christ, we teach the primary children to “Follow the Prophet” and that he won’t lead you astray. This is an example of a strong-man mentality.
  5. Salvation is in the Law: Each apostasy then places salvation in the laws, and removes the necessity for Christ’s presence altogether. A temple recommend becomes proof of salvation, tithing too. A ceremonial ordinance in the temple becomes a representation of salvation as well. As long as we have all the checks marked off, we are considered true and faithful in all things.
  6. Commentary: Since the saints have no connection the scriptures any longer, they listen to commentaries and trust their opinions of what the scriptures say. At this point we find sales-pitches that are very convincing. We also find “name-dropping” as a form of credibility. We quote men, who herd another man say, that they heard the prophet state, …now whatever you say next is considered to be scripture. Since the lay saint is disconnected to the words of Christ themselves, they suffer from following wrong belief (unbelief).
  7. Offices: The final step in apostasy is a praise of the offices of men. An office holds authority and salvation. Deuteronomists, Pharisees and Saducees, the gadianton robbers, Catholic Priests, politicians, government employees, Capitalists, Conservatives and Liberals all utilize positions as power. But Christ stated that the least should be the greatest and the greatest should be the least among you.

The first thing we ruin is the Godhead. It goes downhill from there. The final step is placing power in the offices. If we want to reverse this, we must remove the glory of offices, remove the emphasis on commentary’s (even if they are past prophets and apostles), don’t seek salvation in the laws but in Christ instead, listen to the prophets, but look to Christ and not follow the flesh of a strong-man, read the scriptures and find the correct translations, seek the greater endowment and know the Godhead.

Don’t get mad at me because I wrote it. I’m just the messenger. These steps can be reversed. We must get back to what is right, that is God’s ways. I’ve read these patterns in the scriptures. You can too. It is the study of the scriptures that reveal these truths. When the saints fail to read them for themselves, they are under condemnation and are cursed to repeat the same mistakes. To avoid the repetition of problems, Saints must reverse that condemnation as it is stated in D&C 84:55-60-ish.

Conclusion: Figure out where you are. Then make your way back to being right by studying the words of Christ. Get your mind right, then your actions will follow. Christ is there to do the heavy lifting if we will put our trust in His arm. The words of Christ will tell you all things what you should do!


4 thoughts on “Signs of Apostasy

  1. Apostles—who constitute the second quorum in the Church—all the keys and all the ordinances and priesthood necessary for them to hold in order to carry on this great and glorious work of universal salvation.18

    This priesthood and these keys … have been given to each man who has been set apart as a member of the Council of the Twelve. But since they are the right of presidency, they can only be exercised in full by the senior apostle of God on earth, who is the president of the Church.19

    The President of the Church holds the keys over all the Church. … In him is concentrated the power of the Priesthood. He holds all the keys of every nature, pertaining to the dispensation of the Fulness of Times. All the keys of former dispensations which have been revealed, are vested in him.20

    We should honor those to whom the President of the Church has delegated keys of authority.

    [The President of the Church] has the right to delegate authority and to withdraw authority as he sees fit and receives inspiration so to do.21

    Remember there is only one on the face of the earth who holds the sealing power of the priesthood, and he can delegate that power unto others, that they may act and they may seal on earth and it is valid, it is binding, so long as he sanctions it; if he withdraws it, no man can exercise that power.22

    No man can officiate in and confer the blessings of the temple without the authority to do so being delegated to him by the President of the Church. No man can officiate in any capacity in this Church without the virtue accompanying him in that act, as it is obtained through the power and keys held by the President of the Church. … If by virtue of his keys he should say that certain privileges should be withdrawn from the people, then no man would have authority to officiate in conferring those particular privileges. Should anyone attempt to do so, the act would be invalid, and the one so attempting to officiate would have to answer before the bar of God, if not before the Church, and would be found in transgression. …

    … When the apostles or other brethren visit the stakes of Zion and are appointed to set in order anything requiring attention there, they do it by virtue of the commission, or authority, delegated to them by the President of the Church. This same principle applies in the lesser degree in stakes and in wards.23
    So if these things are not true, then Joseph Smith is not true and Moses is not true and all of the Prophets and apostles throughout the scriptures are mere men who are wrongly directed by some force not of God. Those who wrote the ancient scriptures were men like our leaders today. They were prophets of God and apostles of God in the flesh. They wrote what they were directed to write. So if reading the scriptures are of prime importance in gaining our salvation, then so is listening to the prophets who write them and continue even today to write them. God will never allow them to lead us astray.

    You keep hammering the leaders instead of building the scriptures which I try to find in all of your writings. Sometimes I feel like I am at the door with the JWs where they are challenging me to find where it is said in the scriptures because they have studied or memorized particular scriptures, but when I ask them the same courtesy to read The Book of Mormon, they back off and leave. Theirs is a work of “disproving” everything else but their beliefs and ways, of finding fault and “mistakes” in everyone else’s thinking and beliefs.

    God’s work is not about bashing, fault-finding, or nit-picking the imperfect men who are called of God to do a work that will benefit people, leaders, and the men themselves. His work is about bringing souls to Christ. Yes, we need to more fervently read our scriptures, but we don’t need to denounce those imperfect men and women called of God to lead us in these latter days. For goodness sake, if that were so, then I am the last person on earth that should lead 120+ women in the Hauula Fourth Ward. Let’s stick to reading the scriptures to find the JOY they bring to mankind and not zero in on the imperfections of men whom God has called to lead.

    When you think of it, not recognizing any leader is considered anarchy. Why would we want that? Think about it!
    Love you much,

    • I will question your comment on the way prophets were called in all time, like you stated, since the first man. The way men are called in our day is different than in the days of Moses, and even in the days of Joseph Smith. God called Joseph Smith as a prophet. But When Joseph died, since Hyrum Smith died also (he was supposed to be the next prophet), there was none to fill that position. It wasn’t until 1850’s that Brigham Young campaigned for the position of Prophet, and won. It was through a vote that he won it, not by heavenly passing on of keys. Brigham claimed to have keys given him from Joseph Smith as an apostle. But Joseph never even gave him that. He was given that by the other apostles, before Joseph died. However, the Lords way of doing things allows men to choose their leaders, because that is a reflection of the people. So Brigham Young was chosen by the apostles, and then sustained into office. Our sustaining vote is just that, a vote.
      All throughout the scriptures men were called to an office, but it was God’s voice that gave the Keys of sealing power, and none else. Brigham Young confessed in his late 70’s that he had not seen angels, nor saw the son of God, but that if he lived to be 80 he would. He did not live to the age of 80.

      It’s not worth laying it all out for you, as your comments align with “offices” that dictate the powers of heaven. But I share this tidbit so that when you decide to look into it, you know where to look to see how quickly the saints fell away from what Joseph Smith was trying to establish. You seem to see my comments as negative, but that is only because you don’t want to see our real reflection. People who don’t like the way they look, avoid mirrors because they see too much of the details of what they might not like. That’s just fine. Like I say, “If you think we have the fullness, ignore this blog. But if you realize what the church calls Zion does not have the fullness, then there are corrections that need to be made, and that will start with fixing our minds with the words of Christ.” The first group will see my comments as negative and useless. They can go back to sleep and wait out their salvation. But the second group will find the truth helpful to fixing the problems, and far from negative.

      You compare me to Jahova’s Witnesses, who argue, bash, and nitpick the negatives of the church, without reading the Book of Mormon. But I have read your Book, I am talking about your scriptures! It is the truth that produces the joy, not niceties, positive mental attitudes, that avoid looking at the dark. The light that shines must shine on all areas, including the dark. That is the only way for us to get rid of the darkness within us, so that we can be filled with light.

      You might be quoting from our church manuals, but they contradict the words of Christ (scriptures), and must be corrected. The prophesy in 3 Nephi 16 teaches that the Gentiles will reject the fulness. The only one’s who can reject the fulness are they who are offered the fulness. Only Mormons can reject the fulness and be held accountable for rejecting it. So I would advise that you put aside your rejection of what I am saying just for a time, so that you can let the spirit tell you what is right or not. But I am a nobody, by way of office, so do what you will.

      Your Son!

      • Son, I am not frustrated, but you sound like you are. I want to know the truth so I am reading the scriptures to find it. I know the truths you are trying to teach. These truths should bring hope, light, and energy to the words of Christ. Much of what I hear from you is condemnation, condemnation, condemnation. Am I looking for niceties? No. I am looking for the truth. I am reading my scriptures more carefully than I have ever read before. Not as you are reading or hope that I would read, but I am reading them. The scriptures you refer me to give light and truth. This is good. Am I wanting to be lulled into eternity? No. But you lump me into that “scripturally lazy” group just because I, too, question and want to find out for myself. You accuse me of “holding on to the traditions of our fathers”, but condemn me for trying to understand.

        You talk of the church being under condemnation for 140 years, and of Brigham Young not being called, but voted into office. So where and whom did the Lord choose and bring to the surface to be “the One” if it was not Brigham Young? We know that nothing will stop his church from rolling forth, then how come He let this happen with Brigham Young? So if he was not called, then this whole church is NOT the Church of Jesus Christ. And if not His church, then whose church? The church of the devil! Is that what you are saying? That he let us believe through all these generations that this is his organized church, divinely organized and divinely “called” of God, when in-fact it was not true? That the blessings we have received from paying a full and honest tithe were not His blessings? That your missions and our leadership were not of God?

        Maybe I am looking at this like the reverse of a country western song. When you put it in reverse, then you get your money back, your girl back, and your soul back. Is that how it is supposed to work?

        I love you my son. I love the Lord too! Your mom

        • Condemnation, condemnation, condemnation? …Or could it be just simple repentance? Truth necessitates repentance for anyones alignment with God. Every servant of God seeks to cry repentance, and re-alignment. You might call it condemnation, that is how many in the scriptures received truth too. They too felt threatened by a line of questions that were addressed at their foundations, when they stood on shaky ground. I’m confused, are you wanting to know the answers about Brigham Young, about the status of the people of God who’ve trusted in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Or are you trying to tell me that I don’t have much truth because it is uncomfortable to you?
          Lets not confuse the Lords choices with what men did. Blacks and the priesthood was a “man” thing, not a God thing. The lectures on faith being removed was a “man” thing, not a God thing. “Faith is like a little seed” is also a “man” thing, not a God thing. There are many teachings that are “man” things and not God things. We must study the scriptures to discern between them, so that we too are not led astray. You think that a person in the position of “prophet” cannot lead men astray, because one holding that office said so. Your opinions on Brigham Young are separated from the facts. However, they justify your current standing as a leader of 120+ sisters. That is your prerogative.
          You think that I see you as dark, evil, wrong, or condemned. I don’t. I think you’re a Queen, heavenly royalty, and of great power and influence over your own sheep-herd. I hold you in high regard. I’ve said that time and time again. But the veil is a barrier that can only be removed by truth and truth alone. That is why I continue to bring up scriptures, to thin the veil. However, you’ve labeled me as apostate, negative, condemning, and condescending. You claim that you seek the truth, …but only as long as it sits well with your traditions.
          I’m fine with that. You choose what you believe, just like we all have the agency to do ourselves. It sounds like you prefer the traditional-line, so that last blog was targeted toward that mentality. You will not find much value here if your traditions are not able to be questioned. You are free to pay me no attention.
          I love you too. That is why I continue to talk about the scriptures, without hesitation or fear of your reproach. You can question me on any point of doctrine and I will openly share my findings on the subject, without offense or defensiveness. If I don’t know, then I will clearly state it, and then search the scriptures to see if I can be enlightened on the subject. I can feel when I’ve touched on a subject that seems sensitive to you, I try to pair back to give you room to discover your difficulties with the scriptures, because I love you. So when I say, “Go to sleep.” I only suggest it if you are not open to moving forward yet. Until you are, it doesn’t do much good to go back and forth addressing perceptions.
          I want to talk about the words of Christ, which requires us to set aside perceptions, state the scriptures and the facts. If you have found truth that clears up misconceptions in me, I not only welcome it, but hunger and thirst after it. The truth ought not to hold anything sacred, because all truth is circumscribed into one great whole, and that great whole is Christ. That is why the truth will set you free.
          No man can serve two masters. you can love only God, and hate Satan, …or you can cleave unto Satan, and despise God. But you cannot hate God, nor can you love Satan. When you are cleaving unto Satan, then you will certainly despise the things of God, and that is despising truth.
          Let’s reason together in conversation, instead of typing misquotes and perceptions. Let’s base that conversation on scriptures and facts alone. The way these conversations have been going points to the necessity for clarity. I’ll make myself available if you’re interested. If not, that’s fine too.
          Love your son.

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