The Last Vision of Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith was not responsible for the complete restoration of the fullness of the glory of God. Joseph was only responsible for restoring the promises made to the Fathers, so the hearts of the children can turn to the Fathers. Although he tried to bring forth Zion, the Saints could not bare it. There were contentions, envyings, malice, and strifes. After Joseph’s martyrdom, the gap between the restoration and where we are today has increased because we have not laid hold upon the words of Christ that Joseph brought forth, to turn our hearts to the ancient patriarchs, called by Malachi, “The Fathers.”

The night before his execution, Joseph had a dream that is rarely ever mentioned anymore. It is a prophecy of our day, and the condition we find the church in now:

“I was back in Kirtlan, Ohio, and thought I would take a walk out by myself, and view my old farm, which I found grown up with weeds and brambles, and altogether bearing evidence of neglect and want of culture. I went into the barn, which I found without floor or doors, with the weather-boarding off, and was altogether in keeping with the farm.


“While I viewed the desolation around me, and was contemplating how it might be recovered from the curse upon it, there came a rushing into the barn a company of furious men, who commenced to pick a quarrel with me.

The leader of the party ordered me to leave the barn and farm, stating it was none of mine, and that I must give up all hope of ever possessing it.


“I told him the farm was given me by the Church, and although I had not had any use of it for some time back, still I had not sold it, and according to righteous principles it belonged to me or the Church.


“I then told him that I did not think it worth contending about. That I had no desire to live upon it in its present state. And if he thought he had a better right I would not quarrel with him about it but leave; but my assurance that I would not trouble him at present did not seem to satisfy him, as he seemed determined to quarrel with me, and threatened me with the destruction of my body.


“While he was thus engaged, pouring out his bitter words upon me, a rabble [a disorderly crowd; a mob] rushed in and nearly filled the barn, drew out their knives, and began to quarrel among themselves for the premises, and for a moment forgot me, at which time I took the opportunity to walk out of the barn about up to my ankles in mud.


“When I was a little distance from the barn, I heard them screeching and screaming in a very distressed manner, as it appeared thy had engaged in a general fight with their knives. While they were thus engaged, the dream or vision ended.” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith p. 393-394)

We are at a crossroads now, and the storms are upon us. There are major changes that have been made to the scriptures (as of this year) that contradict the restored truth brought forth by Joseph Smith. Here we find a vision that has rarely been mentioned for fear of what it implies for the church. The only hope to be gathered up as wheat, is not to be sifted out as tares.

That sifting is now upon us. Know the words of Christ and you’ll be able to discern accurately in whom you trust, to become the wheat that God desires. Fail to lay hold upon them, and the traditions of men will take you down in the knife fight, in the barn, mentioned in Joseph’s dream. While …those who are associated with Joseph will leave without the notice of those brawling it out in the barn. The wicked always kill the wicked, while those of God are taken away and protected by God. Feast upon the words of Christ, for they will tell you all things what you should do.


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