Preservation/Perversion of Language

The source of Covenant Language comes through the temple of God. When the temple is maintained in righteousness, God’s people are united and received up with an everlasting covenant, …and through the covenant their language is preserved. However, as men stray from the temple, their language devolves and becomes perverted (thoroughly changed from it’s original intent), …until they are left to their own destruction. The words of Christ are words of power, and has the ability to seal all men up unto life and salvation. But ignorance towards the words of Christ will seal men up unto a lake of fire and brimstone. Language is very significant to God!

From the temple goes forth the creation of all things, by word alone (Lecture 7:3). Thus the temple is at the center of the language of God. Adam and Eve were taught the language of creation in the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden, and they brought with them that pure language. God still spoke with Adam and Eve after leaving the garden. So, when Adam and Eve properly repented, they offered up acceptable sacrifices. And then an angel taught them about the connection between the sacrifice and the redemption. From that point Adam cried unto the Lord in order to be redeemed and brought into His presence once again. Adam and Eve’s sacrifice was accepted by the Lord, and they were restored into the presence of God. Adam was given the language of redemption and sought to teach it to his children, …offering them salvation. Some came, were redeemed, and preserved, but others did not.

When temples are unchanged, the language of the covenant is preserved. When men stray from what was originally taught, and they alter the ordinances to fit the circumstances of the day, they’re language suffers a Devolution and truths are perverted (thoroughly changed from it’s original intent). Being restored to God’s presence, secured for Adam and Eve an Eternal Covenant. They became a member of the Church of the Firstborn. They were after the Order of the Only Begotten Son. Therefore, Adam was given the Birthright, and their language was preserved.

However, stray from the temple and it’s covenant language, and you pay the price of ignorance, by being tossed to and fro by every whim of mans logic. Their’s is a foundation of sand. Their language becomes corruptible. They’ll suffer much loss due to ignorance.

A perfect example of a devolving of covenant language is the idea of a “birthright.” Traditions of men have made the word Birthright out to be something given to a position, a pecking order, an office, or the first born son. The Muslims claim that the birthright is theirs, and it came to them through Ishmael (Hagar’s son), who was Abraham’s first born. So they go about seeking to cleanse the land of infidels (these beheadings are going on today). They feel that it is their birthright, and thus their responsibility to do so. The covenant language is void within them, and they will suffer much loss. Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage because he too was ignorant to its value, due to his ignorance of the things of God. Rueben lost his birthright to adultery. But did any of these truly have any birthright to begin with? Since we have strayed from the temple, our ignorance may cause us to think so. But does God think so?

When Birthright is disconnected from:

  • the Eternal Covenant of God,
  • becoming a member of the Church of the “firstborn,”
  • belonging to the Order of the Only Begotten “Son,”
  • and the becoming one of the Patriarchs, or Fathers, who literally have power (or “right) to give life (or “birth”), the real birth-right,

…then we miss the truth of the Birthright. And in this way, line upon line, we stray from the language of the covenant, and our language becomes perverted.

Isaiah prophesied of the corruption of language, as God’s people stray from the temple. He stated that they will call good, bad, and bad, good. This is clearly a decay in language. Men use perverted language to manipulate the perceptions of others, offering joy in something that cannot satisfy, …and that will potentially destroy.

The Tower of Babel is a good example of the devolution of language because men stray from the original language of the temple ordinances. The Tower of Babel was a false temple, built by men, in order for men to ascend to heaven on their own, without God’s help. They even built a man-maid mountain in substitute for the mountain of the Lord. And they planted a garden atop that mountain as a substitute for the garden of Eden. The message was clear, “Who needs God?” Although the symbols were copied with detail in the structures of Babel, the words of power were missing. The Lord’s response is interesting.

The Lord cursed those working on the tower of Babel, by “changing their language!” The changing of their language shut them off from the mysteries of God, cursed their eternal salvation, and sealed up their destruction. What I find even more interesting, is the response of the brother of Jared, who asked God to “preserve his language.” The Lord did preserve their language, and the temple was preserved within that family-community. We know that it was preserved, because the brother of Jared in Ether 3:15 is brought back into the presence of his redeemer, …and the power of godliness is only manifest to men in the flesh, through the ordinances thereof (D&C 84:19), …and a legitimate temple is the only place that such ordinances can be performed. 

The source of Covenant Language comes through the temple of God. When the temple is maintained in righteousness, God’s people are united and received up, with an everlasting covenant, …and through the covenant their language is preserved. However, as men stray from the temple, their language devolves and becomes perverted, …until they are left to their own destruction.

Conclusion: More and more it becomes clear why the whole church would be under condemnation for resting the Book of Mormon and the other commandments which we have been given. The condemnation is not God’s doings. It is simply our failure to lay hold upon a higher language that offers salvation, …and that …is the condemnation.

A simple reversal of our actions to lay hold upon the words of Christ can release us individually from this 182 year old condemnation. Then we will become familiar with the language of God, so angelic ministers can give us instructions as they did for Adam and Eve. Then we too can put off our unbelief and lay hold upon an eternal covenant, become a member of the church of the firstborn, and receive unto ourselves a birthright. Feast upon the words of Christ, they will tell you all things what you should do.



One thought on “Preservation/Perversion of Language

  1. Not sure how to go about this – probably due to my ignorance -but I have been given instructions from angelic ministers and have had several of my children “brought back to life” through priesthood blessings. I have had revelation in some of the simplest ways to solve simple problems that would have led to greater problems and even kept the destroyer from doing his work of destruction. I have had angelic ministers in several situations and so I think that what you are saying is that I can have these ministers on a more “regular” basis. Yes?

    Hmmmmm. Something to think about……
    Ahui hou! Mom

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