Gifts of the Spirit

The gifts of the spirit continue to pop up throughout all of my studies of the ancient Christians (Followers of the Way). They seem to be patterned in such a way to prepare the individual …to receive instructions from the heavens. In the “pattern community” (last blog), it was obtaining the gifts of the spirit that the entire community focused their efforts on. Hmmm… Zion?

If you remember the gospel of Jesus Christ was all anyone needed to learn before being baptized. And what is that? It’s faith, repentance, and baptism. Well guess where the gifts of the spirit begin? Yup, you guessed it Faith.

  • Faith to be healed
  • Faith to heal others
  • Miracles
  • Prophecy
  • Discernment of Spirits
  • Interpretation of the tongue of Angels
  • Speaking with the tongue of Angels

Here is another pattern of seven steps, like Jacob’s ladder. Seven is symbolic for complete. It also represents ascension. I am suggesting that faith to be healed leads to faith to heal others, and so on until you’re able to speak with the tongue of Angels.

Speaking with the tongue of Angels is speaking with the Holy Ghost, or speaking “the Words of Christ.” This is not referring to scripture mastery, like we are taught in seminary. It isn’t just repeating scriptures to occupy your mind, until the temptation to sin passes. Instead, speaking with the tongue of Angels is delivering the message given to you by Christ Himself, in the flesh. That’s why it is the last of the gifts of the spirit. Once you have that gift, Nephi taught, “…then whatsoever I say unto you shall ye observe to do.” (2 Nephi 32:6).

Before entering into Christ’s presence you ought to expect to have visiting Angels to instruct you. When they come, you need the gift to interpret the tongue of Angels, to understand the message they deliver as instructions. Adam and Eve knew to seek further light and knowledge from messengers sent from God, to learn how to return into the presence of God. This is second to the last because it is intended to prepare you for entering into the presence of Christ, in the flesh. And understanding the message being delivered by such angels, requires a gift of the spirit.

Traditionally, interpreting tongues has been reduced to an understanding of languages. And speaking in tongues referred to speaking a different language. While the gift of tongues may include linguistic abilities, languages are a tiny component in comparison to the sharing of light and knowledge, …which is the objective intended for this gift.

The third from the last gift is the Discernment of Spirits. This gift allows you to recognize a messenger of God (an Angel), as opposed to a deceiving spirit. A perfect example of a deceiving spirit is when Satan appeared to Moses. Moses had the gift of interpreting the tongue of Angels and the discernment of spirits. That is how he knew that Satan (in the form of an angel of light) was not of the countenance of Christ (discernment of spirits), and that Satan’s message was undesirable (interpreting tongues of Angels).

Just looking at the last two gifts, it is easy to see that the gifts of the spirit were intended to lead all who acquired them to return into the presence of Christ, in the flesh. That was the intended result for a patternism community, working together, to receive further light and knowledge, in preparation for the coming of Christ to them.

Conclusion: The gifts of the spirit are progressive for those who are in a community that follows the patterns outlined by Christ to the ancient apostles, and delivered to the ancient saints, in preparation for the apostasy.

Anyone who will enter into the presence of Christ can only do so by laying hold of all these gifts. but it requires a people of one heart and one mind to obtain it. That is a people of Zion, a people with Charismata.


3 thoughts on “Gifts of the Spirit

  1. I used to think that speaking in “tongues” was kind of magical and then I joined the church and realized that speaking some other foreign language that I never spoke before nor will ever speak again, was certainly not the intention of the Lord.
    Then when my sons went on foreign missions and spoke another language, I thought that that was perhaps speaking in tongues.
    But when you explained it here in speaking with the tongue of angels… all kind of made sense to me. When we speak, having the Holy Ghost (who is a bona fide member of the Godhead), it is a much higher language that we speak and with purpose and direction and results.
    Not only do we speak with the tongue of angels, but we also need to discern the one with whom we communicate. Again – with purpose and direction and results.
    Thank you for that insight. This alone has raised so many questions in my mind. I shall go a hunting for answers. Thank you.

    • I know how you feel, because that’s how I felt when I too saw it. While we have defined gifts of the spirit as the arts, academia, athleticism, etc. The Lords only objective is to bring our immortality and eternal life, which requires us to progress from faith to be healed, to speaking with the tongue of angels. Confusing the learning of men with the gifts of the spirit can be misleading. Immortality and eternal life have little to do with the arts, or languages, or athletics even, and these things can even be a major deterrent from obtaining immortality and eternal life, when the honors of men puff us up.

      That’s what a community of Christ does, they work together on developing the gifts of the spirit: healing, miracles, prophesying, interpreting the tongue of angels, and speaking with the tongue of angels. In this community, there would be healing activities on Tuesday nights, or ministering angel night for relief society. And what a relief this would all really be if we have developed these gifts like this. If someone got sick, master healers would heal them on the spot. If someone like Aaron Farley lost his arm and leg, miracle workers would drop what they were doing to put them back on. That community would be productive, successful and efficient. Within such a community, those belonging to it would be willing to sacrifice all things, rather than only 10%. This community could truly be off the grid. No one would come up against them. If any of them were shot dead by regulatory bodies (military, etc.), healers would raise them from the dead. All would fear fighting them. They would be like lions amongst the lambs.

      Don’t get me wrong, this would not be a community of perfect people. They would still suffer from weakness, until all weakness was expelled by the flood of light from the gifts of the spirit. Then… Then… (can you see my eyes getting wider here?) Then… this community of people would have been exposed to so much light that when (and I really mean when, and not if)… When heavenly hosts of angels from Enoch come, this community will not be burned by the light of that city. The community of Enoch will fall upon our necks and kiss us and welcome us into Zion. After all, Enoch was also a city of light, before being translated.

      I, like you, love the people of the ward, stake, and world, for that matter. I even love those who are thieves, murderers, and sicko’s. But I can’t trust them all. This community of saints I speak of, were founded on trust (in God), which I can easily see potential within those I call “among us.” To build Zion requires a community who trusts in God’s words, to know it, live it, talk about it, breath it, and build their entire kingdom around it. I just don’t see this as the driving-objective in our current LDS communities. In fact it isn’t even the driving force in “our” family, yet. And I think our family is royal.

      I get that in your ward, there are those you “can” trust, …but sadly there are also those you “cannot.” Everyone else in-between are nothing more than “in-question.” I’m not saying to cut off those you cannot trust or those in-question. I’m saying that we must teach the gospel of Christ to all men. If they choose not to accept it, they also choose not to be trusted, and can therefore not remain a member of that community of trust. Because that community of trust is necessary to create an environment to develop the gifts of the spirit. Without that community, the gifts of the spirit cannot grow into what it needs to be to speak with the tongue of Angels.

      Within our LDS community, Tares have been planted amongst the wheat. But we aren’t to separate the tares from the wheat ourselves, for fear that we loose the wheat. The Lord is the one that separates them out. The way he separates them is by offering them the words of Christ. Those who receive them well, lay hold upon them, build their lives around them, and trust in them, will naturally come together in a gathering out of the fields, into the garners. You have to ask yourself what that means, if the field is the church.

      It is my honest belief that there are no tares “among us,” as a family. I believe each one of us to be of royal lineage (wheat). There are too many symbols of this lineage within our family. The only reason why most of us have not been activated, to remember who we are, is because of our minimal exposure to the words of Christ, in its correct understanding, outside of false traditions. Only when exposed to that light can things begin to make more sense. Gifts of tongues will make more sense when seen outside of our false traditions. So will tithing make more sense outside of our traditional understanding.

      I mean no disrespect for the traditions that led us to the truth. I am grateful to that community. But there is more truth and light to be had in the words of Christ, that the traditions of men resist within our ward and stake communities. Such that it is required that a subset of trust be formed, among us, to lay hold upon the further light and knowledge we need, to survive the upcoming day. It was prophesied since Adam, it is scripture given to us by the Fathers, it is inevitable.

      Your Son

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