God’s Color Sinks Deep

I read a story from the gospel of Phillip, that clearly illustrates how the words of Christ is expected to be applied to everyone’s life. The image is of a craftsman who colors fabric with dye. The craftsman is offering the dye, but its the material that receives the dye or not. Check it out:

“God is a Dyer. Just as the good dyes, said to be genuine dyes, dissolve into what is dyed in them, so also those whom God dyes become immortal through is colors, for his dyes are immortal. And God dips those to be dipped in water.”

Craftsmen who dye materials, don’t waist their dyes on materials that won’t take, so before the dyeing, the material is put to the test. The metaphor of testing the material is perfect for the application of the words of Christ.

Think of yourself as the material. Understanding the mind and will of God, solely through the scriptures, is impossible. There is a point that scriptures will be insufficient, and angelic visitations, the presence of the Son, and eventually seeing the Father will become necessary, …which is the dye and color of God. But the words of Christ make a good test to see if a material will receive God’s color, that produces immortality.



5 thoughts on “God’s Color Sinks Deep

    • Polynesians have an outward appearance of being able to receive light well (brown skin). When they initially heard about the gospel, that took hold well, inwardly. However, what is still yet to be seen is will we be able to reconnect to heaven, rather than trying to connect to the hierarchy. No people have been able to prove that yet. Those who do will be included in the lions amongst the beasts of the forest. And all that takes is how we receive the words of Christ.

      • Thought I would add a little to your analogy: Many people on the mainland cannot take the light so they use artificial light to get a tan which is their “dye”. Very temporary and dangerous to your skin. Just like the temporary light of man.

        • Makes sense to me. When we trust in man made light, we get bad side effects. This is the danger of substituting God’s light for light made of men. The words of Christ can help all who will know it, how to discern when a man speaks of God, or if he speaks of anything else. This is the gospel of two doctrines. Either it is God’s doctrine, or some other doctrine. Even when it is mostly of God, with a little of the philosophies of men, it is still the other doctrine.

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