The Pearl and The Good Samaritan

There is an ancient myth called “The Pearl,” from Egypt, that looks just like the story of “The Good Samaritan” in the Bible. It’s kinda long, so I’ll simplify it here, and if you like you can look it up for yourself. Then I’ll compare it to the story of The Good Samaritan.

The Pearl: The Pearl starts out in the heavens, where God the Father and Mother give their child (son) an objective to go to earth and retrieve a pearl (guarded by a snake). The parents write their instructions upon the boy’s heart, then gives him a disguise (a body) and sends him down on his mission.

Upon arrival, the naive boy speaks openly about his mission to a stranger at the inn of the snake. The stranger nods in acceptance of the boy’s mission, but offers the boy food and his most precious wine before the boy retrieves the pearl. The boy accepts and partakes of the  food and wine of the earth.

By partaking of the food and wine of the earth, the boy looses his memory of his mission to retrieve the pearl. In his confused state, the boy continues to eat and drink merrily, with his new companions, forgetting more and more what he was sent to do.

His parents, seeing the boy’s forgetfulness, send an eagle with a parchment. On that paper they wrote a message. The message it contained was the very same message written upon the boy’s heart, before he left the presence of his parents. The boy receives the message from the eagle, and reads the words. When the words are read, his heart remembers the words written in his chest by his parents, because the message is exactly the same, …and the boys memory is restored. He has awaken from his forgetfulness.


The boy, with his memory restored, is willing to sacrifice all things in order to fulfill his mission to retrieve the pearl. He tricks the snake into sleeping, sneaks in and retrieves the pearl. In his escape, he strips himself of his disguise, and returns the pearl to his parents, successfully accomplishing his mission. He is received by his parents with a massive reception and feast.

The Good Samaritan: A certain person was left beaten on the main road, having lost all his money, and his memory. This is where the boy begins in this tale. He has already been beaten by the servant of the snake and lost his memory of the pearl.

Those high and lofty officers of his time, called Pharisees and Sadducees, pass him by on the other side of the road, to avoid contact. But a good Samaritan picks the boy up, carries him to the inn, and pays the inn-keeper to restore the boy. The Samaritan promises to return and pay the inn-keeper any additional expenses necessary to restore the boy.


Restoring Memory: The Inn-keeper is paid, or given permission, to restore the boy. Restoring the boy brings a return of his memory, of his mission, of retrieving the pearl. The Inn-keepers only duty is to restore the boys memory. It wasn’t to tell him what to do, only to remind him who he is, and give him the necessary words so that he could remember his own mission. Thus the inn-keeper in this story can be connected with the eagle from the tale of “The Pearl.”

The Words Used to Restore: The eagle only gives a parchment, with words written upon them, that help the boy remember what was already written upon his heart. The Inn-keeper is only given enough money, by the Samaritan, to restore the boys memory. It is still the responsibility of the boy to receive, or read, the words written upon that parchment. The boy, in The Good Samaritan, needs to willingly be nursed back to health, by the Inn-keeper. If the boy never reads the words, given to him by the eagle, his memory would never have been restored. He would continue to eat of the food and wine of the world, loosing all ability to remember what he came to earth to do.

The Role of Eagle/Inn-Keeper: The eagle and the Inn-keeper both come to deliver a message that restores the boys memory. The inn-keeper and eagle is someone from the presence of Christ, someone with personal contact with Christ, like an angel. In both tales, the eagle or the Inn-keeper never replace the heavenly beings, that produced the message in the first place. They simply deliver a message, or restore the boy’s memory, and then they are done. Following officers was never a part of the original plan. The only role of an eagle or Inn-keeper was to restore the boy’s memory of his parents words, so he could retrieve the pearl, having been personally connected to heaven. The eagle or the Inn-keeper never set themselves up as a light unto themselves.

The Pearl: The pearl was the boys to claim, and his alone. No one else was given the same task to retrieve his pearl. It wasn’t a competition of which son would retrieve the pearl first. The point being, everyone has a mission on this earth. My pearl is different from yours, or anyone else’s for that matter. Thus, restoring memory individually connects each son or daughter to the heavens, for them to receive their own instructions, written upon their hearts. Those seeking to be the revelator for others, seek to replace the deity in either tale, rather than submitting to being a messenger, an eagle, or an Inn-Keeper.

Conclusion: The message sent to us by Inn-keepers are the words of Christ. When we have them written upon our hearts, we will have been reconnected to the original message, in our hearts, before coming to this world. You will know why you are here, and you will refuse the food and wine (of this earth) that continues to remove your memory. The bread and wine of Christ will become more significant to nourishing your spiritual body, in order to fulfill your calling and election of retrieving your pearl, …to make your return “Sure”.

The words of Christ contain the light from the treasury in heaven. When we read them with sunglasses, or filters of worldly distraction, we are not being exposed to that light, to restore our memory. But as a family, we can exchange the words of Christ and help one another remember. However, ignorance of that message can make the greatest of God’s chosen, seem like pussy cats, when they are really massive Lions!

In ancient Egypt, to be given your memory and your name, was to be given power. In Helaman 10, Nephi is given personal instruction, and he was told, “Thou art Nephi and I am God…” After that experience of telling him his name and giving him his mission, Nephi goes straightway to retrieve his pearl. Men try to attack him to put him into prison. But Nephi is “conveyed away in the spirit.” He teleports his way out of there like a champ. He had power! That’s what I’m talking about gang. Before this experience, Nephi was walking home. After this experience, he doesn’t seem to walk anymore. Eventually, Nephi leaves altogether, and his body was never found. It says that he was buried by the hand of the Lord like Moses. Interesting…

We have partaken too much of the food and wine of this world, and we have forgotten the symbols of our family (7 men, 5 women, Kings and Queens, knowledge and wisdom). We are not here on our own missions, but to retrieve the pearl we were meant to retrieve, and get back home. I believe that we chose our mother, knowing that she would choose our father.

Our mother has made our father a king, as all women are the one who makes mere men into kings. In ancient Egypt, the headdress of the queen was often depicted as a throne on her head. The women was also often depicted as standing behind the king, who sits on a throne, because she put him there. In the oldest texts, the throne is a double throne for both male and female deity. The words I find interesting is, “…God created man in his own image, both male and female…” God’s image is a dual image, both male and female. Neither is the husband without the wife, nor the wife without the husband.

The words of Christ are there to restore our memory. It is there for those with eyes to see, and a heart that will understand. It will cure our blindness and soften our hearts to remember our real missions, written within the chambers of our hearts. The mind has a veil, but the heart does not.

We are the beaten traveler, the boy on a mission, who have lost our memory. Christ is the Samaritan who has paid the price to restore our memories. We may be in the inn. An Inn-keeper may be trying to nurse you back to health, and restoring your memory. We must be meek enough to respond to the master, “Yea Lord I believe, …help thou mine unbelief.” Let the Lord cure our blindness and our hard hearts with the words of power in the words of Christ. Let’s open our eyes to the words of Christ, and let the words written on our hearts remind us who we are. Feast upon the words of Christ, for the words of Christ will tell you all things what you should do.

Aloha nui loa,

Your son and bro.



21 thoughts on “The Pearl and The Good Samaritan

  1. Happy Birthday Rob. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the ‘The Pearl and ‘The Good Samaritan’. Both great stories to help remind us of our purpose here on earth. I know without a shadow of a doubt that our Heavenly Father loves us, it’s because of this love that he gave us our free agency to make our own choices. Whether those choices are good or bad, we own them, we hopefully learn and grow from them to help us be better wiser people.

    In the end we will be judged according to our good works and our choices. He will help us along our journey but it is our choices that determines our fate. It is our choice to listen to him or not. It is our choice to live in the world but not of the world.

    In saying this, I am grateful for my challenges as hard as they have been. It has been is the depths of dispair that I have found myself on my knees pleading with the lord to help me find the strength I needed to get up. It’s all about choices, let us be reminded of that and strive to make choices that will lead us back to our Heavenlu Father to live with him in the eternities with our families.

    • Margie,
      You’re absolutely right. Our choices are the thing that matters most. I learned that the word “perfect,” in the english language is misleading. Perfect, seems to mean “without mistake.” And if that were the case, then the Lord expects us to be “without mistake,” since he commands that we should “be ye therefore perfect.”
      But, that is a mistranslation from the Greek word “Perfectus,” which simply means to be complete. This leaves lots of room for us to make mistakes, return, do what we came here to do (retrieve our pearl), and still be considered complete. Like you said, I too am grateful for my challenges. Sad to say that Miley Cirrus had something going when she sang about “the climb.”
      Complete is the aim, and not “without mistake. The number 7 is a symbol of complete. The days of the week, the sabbath, the jubilee year, the amount of times we’re required to forgive (70×7), etc. As you read the scriptures, you will see lists of seven in the beatitudes, in the instruction to build a house of God, in the Lord’s prayer, …and they all point to this concept of being complete.
      Your comments are absolutely applicable. My wife and I are so happy you’re in our family.
      Tell your husband, I love him too. You guys make an awesome couple.
      Your Bro.

  2. Ok so I wrote the last comment before I saw your request. As I am reading these words I see you in my minds eye studying and pondering. What I see is that you are letting go of the world and grasping onto the things of the Lord. I see you seeking and searching for your pearl. As I am on this path of my pearl I recognize that I too get distracted by the things of this world and the traditions I grew up with. However, I feel the light over taking the dark.

    I have also realized that I can’t do this alone and that you are my companion on this path- we each have a responsibility and a duty to accomplish and when we have been able to do this, WE need to work together to move forward to even greater blessings.

    I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! I appreciate the greatest gift you have given me: being a great example of someone loving the Lord, not moving ahead of me, waiting patiently for me and bringing me to the Lord! It is because of you I’ve been able to remember Christ.

    Aloha nui loa

    • You see the best in me, my sweet heart. Lets keep it that way. I miss and adore you as you have been away. But, before I get all cheeeeeesy, I just wanted to thank you for the new tools:)

  3. I honestly think this blog is my favorite one you have written so far. What you wrote was way clear to me that I realize that I am ignorant. That I have been partaking too much of the worlds food and wine. That I need to read my scriptures big time. Like actually do it do it! I really liked the “the mind has a veil, but heart does not” once we get past all the worldy crap we then can have an open heart and know the words of Christ easier. I really enjoyed this one:) (this isn’t a paper so I can use smiley faces!)

    • Kix,
      You can write smiley faces on my blog any time ;):0:)
      I was about to cry because your response was so accurate, from the claim of ignorance, to the food and wine of forgetfulness, to the “gotta read my scriptures.” I was just about to explode in tears, like any proud father would, …and then you pulled the smiley face comment, …and all my emotions turned into an uncontrollable explosion of laughter. You make me so happy to be your Dad. This response is clear evidence that you want to be my daughter, and that you want me as your father. You may not know this now, but when your new daughter begins to choose you, then you will get a glimpse of the love I have for you today. This is an extremely awesome birthday!
      Your Dad!!!:)

    • I love you too. Thanks for reading and responding. A birthday spent on my family reading about the gospel of Christ, and then writing about it is flipping amazing. Best birthday ever!!!!

  4. I really appreciate the amount of study that went into the details of this. At first I wasn’t sure where you were going with this but as you broke down the similarities it became very clear. Thank you Uncle Rob! This was a fun read

    • Why is it that it doesn’t seem so appropriate for you to call me “Uncle Rob?” It feels like you and I grew up together, since you and Kaena are the same age. I talk to him like he is only a couple of years younger than me, and for some reason, I see you in the same category. So there …it’s settled, you are my equal! I am not “uncle” to you, just Rob!
      I appreciate you reading through the entire blog. My wife told me that 500 words is equivalent to one full page, single spaced. That blog was exactly 1600 words, so you read 3.2 pages, single spaced, …and claimed you liked it. Hats off to you. Thanks for doing it. I’ve never felt more loved by this birthday gift.
      I hope that, in the future, I’ll be able to get more response and exchange from you guys. But no pressure, it’s not my birthday all year. Hey… you can read and respond to my blog like a traditional catholic, …Easter and Christmas, that’ll do (hope I didn’t offend catholics on the “inter-webs”)
      Mahalo Nui Nalu (that kinda rings)

  5. 6 Behold, this is the doctrine of Christ, and there will be no more doctrine given until after he shall manifest himself unto you in the flesh. And when he shall manifest himself unto you in the flesh, the things which he shall say unto you shall ye observe to do. (Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi, 2 Nephi 32)

    I agree with everything that you wrote Dad. As I have been preparing this week for the class I teach on Sunday I came across this scripture an it stuck with me hard. In this life we are in a state in of blindness, but by preparing ourselves through studying we can receive the purpose for why Christ sent us here. Once received then we know out individual purpose and must obey our “new” command from Him. Let us be brave and seize the opportunity that is presented to us by studying the scripture so that we can receive more (remember our task)!

    Happy birthday gramps! 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


    • You’re right ma’boy, we are in a state of blindness. I often wonder if all the miracles Christ did in His mortal ministry didn’t have equivalence to us spiritually. Blindness, unable to see the words of Christ. Def, unable to hear the voice of the Lord. Lame, unable to talk to people and hold their attention 😉 That’s what most high councils suffer from, being lame!!!
      Thank you for your comments here. I look forward to hearing about your consistency in the quest for light.
      You’re doing a great job, “Daddy!”

  6. Happy Birthday my little brother…Thanks for the lesson. I think I’ve moved up in understanding of the scriptures and maybe even my role here. I never get the visit from the Eagle yet. I first got the wake up call from my mom (made us read)…then from my brother (told us what he read)…now I’m trying to wake myself up (actually reading cuz I want to while forcing my kids to listen to me, sounds familiar?!)…maybe I have a million more steps before I get to the pearl but I know I’m heading in the right direction. LOVE YOU OHANA!

    • You are one of those who don’t even know that you don’t even know. I used to think that gaining knowledge meant obtaining some kind of degree, some kind of academics. And then they gave me a degree, and I lost all confidence in the degree thing because I had the degree and still knew nothing. Degree knowledge only matters when you compare yourself to others, and still it is meaningless.

      However, the real knowledge, the mind and will of God, that stuff trumps all other academic advancements. And when I study that knowledge, I feel like my foundation is solidified and unshaken, and I am not afraid of what the world can dish out. But, even more surprising is, at the very core of that unshaken knowledge, …the key to unlocking all things, …at the very center of it all, …Is a husband, who has been crowned and placed on the throne, by his wife!

      I’ve told you this before, and I’ll say it again, you may not have the academics, but the way you respect your husband, and the value you place on having and nurturing children, places you far above any of the siblings with degrees and things. I have the utmost respect for your line of life choices. You have no idea how much my wife and I talk about you, your husband, and your family.

      Love you,
      Little Brother…

  7. Sorry for the type-o……Ahui hou! (This computer never learn Hawaiian yet so it “self-corrects” to Ahui “you” without even considering what I am trying to write. That’s okay, because sometimes we also are that stubborn about the words of Christ and we try to “self-correct” His words instead of reading it in His language.) Love, Mom

  8. Happy Birthday my dear Robert! And may the Lord bless you with many more birthdays as you share your mana’o on the words of Christ with those you love and respect. What a beautiful birthday present for you and for us to read and communicate the words of Christ. Christ IS our Savior and Redeemer. So many times we have fallen on the road to Damacus and have been unaware of who “righted” our path to carry on. Because he is not seen and not known by us in our delusional state, we sometimes lose sight of our “rescuer”. This reminder is part of the parchment paper to which you refer. It helps us all as a reminder of why we are here on earth and who we are seeking to live with eternally. Mahalo Ke Akua! And to my son of 42 years, Hauoli La Hanau! Ahui you! Mom

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