Can the Wicked Kill the Righteous?

God allows the wicked to kill the righteous, but the wicked can never harm Zion. God gave man agency, and the wicked has always used their agency to persecute the righteous. But, Zion has so much light, that the wicked never could harm Zion. The only way that the wicked can harm Zion is when Zion rejects Christ, and ceases to be Zion any longer.

Wicked Persecute & Kill Righteous: Amulek wanted to raise his arm to the square to rescue new converts from being burned, but Alma knew that the wicked must exercise their agency. Abinadi allowed King Noah and the wicked priests burn him, after he delivered his message. Isaiah was rolled up into a carpet and sawn in half by wicked men, with a wood saw, as he delivered his message. The Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s were slaughtered by the thousands because they refused to break their covenant with God. Christ was crucified by the wicked Jews, …and God allowed it.

Zion Cannot be Harmed: In contrast to the wicked using their agency to persecute and kill the righteous, the righteous in Zion can never be killed by the wicked. Zion is one heart, one mind, no poor among us, and Christ dwells there. Christ’s presence is the key ingredient that makes Zion Zion.

It is Christ’s “physical presence” in Zion that makes it impossible for any weapon to successfully form against Zion. His presence is what fills men with light. Christ instructs men to become like lions amongst the beasts of the forest. A people who can be hurt as mortals, but instantaneously healed, or who can turn rivers up stream and move mountains, cannot be harmed by men who wield power over only mere perceptions. Since Christ dwelt among them, no man dare come up against Zion. They called Zion “the great and terrible.” The wicked always fears Zion.

Christ walked and talked with the city of Enoch for 365 years, before being translated. Many have the false notion that the making of Zion is a magic potion, pixy dust, or some kind of Harry Potter spell from an ancient tablet. Then suddenly people are magically obedient and perform mighty miracles, etc. But the reality is, Christ walked and talked with Enoch for 365 years before they were taken up. What that means is, coming into the presence of Christ (in the flesh) is not some tourist experience, where we take selfies with Christ, as proof that we were there (like some Disney attraction), …and then post it on social media for everyone to like, tweet, retweet, and hashtag. Instead, Christ’s role is to instruct us, to train us, to stretch us, so that we can make an ascension, to be like Him. That training can include manipulating the elements by voice, casting out devils, and raising the dead. And that took 365 years before the city of Enoch was taken from the earth. The training we need to make our ascension requires the presence of Christ in the flesh, for a significant chunk of time!

Zion was taken from the earth because the earth could no longer bare the presence of Zion. The light was too great. If Zion was allowed to remain, the wicked would have been burned from exposure to the “great and terrible” light of Zion. That is why, the return of Zion is prophesied to come as a burning, …for they that come will burn them. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo could not be burned because they had more light within them from their personal training sessions with Christ. Likewise, we are being invited to be trained by Christ as well, …if we will receive his word, his servants (angels), and receive Him in the flesh.

Zion Cannot Fail: The only way for Zion to fail is for them to take upon themselves corruption, and loose the status as Zion. Christ cannot dwell with the impure. The Jaredites were once a chosen people, received great knowledge, but let wickedness into their hearts, and they were annihilated. The Nephites suffered a similar fate, because they let the wickedness into their hearts, rejected scripture, rejected angels (servants), and essentially rejected Christ. Zion can never fail, but a people who were once chosen can make themselves “unchosen.” No one is forced to be Zion.

Conclusion: The wicked can persecute the righteous, but can never harm Zion. Zion is a temporary condition upon the earth, to provide instructions of Christ, before ascending out of this world. The objective has always been to get out of here, to dwell with God. It is time for us to awake to our awful situation, and then arise up out of the bondage and captivity of Satan. We must seek refuge in Zion. Lets prepare ourselves by knowing the words of Christ, repenting, and receiving the Holy Ghost.


2 thoughts on “Can the Wicked Kill the Righteous?

  1. I know I have said in past blogs that perhaps that one specific blog hit home, but this one definitely has! As I was reading I got a burning feeling inside me to read my scriptures. Honestly it has been hard on me to read them just because I was forced to while growing up. I never got the chance to “choose” to read them myself. I’ve been working on getting the desire to read the words of Christ. My whole life I thought it was boring. It wasn’t tell now that I see it has just another “novel” that is exciting that I don’t want to put down(well once I actually start reading them that is, but you get what I mean) except this “novel” is the best one out there! It brings us closer to christ, gives us the knowledge to have powers, to be a Zion people. It sounds like a freakin awesome book to me! I can totally do this! #IWillDoThis #WordsOfChrist #BOM #OneHeartOneMind #AZionPeople #IWantToBeOneHeartOneMindWithYouFather #ILoveYou!!!!

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