Missing Content Leads to the Melodramatic!

Apostasy was always the result of saints, performing rituals, without content. The ancient Hebrew temple of Moses was gutted of it’s content, which led them into captivity and bondage. The early Christian restoration was short lived, due to the corruption of the content of the gospel. At the end of each of these ancient dispensations, the missing content resulted in a decay of the ordinances, making them external and melodramatic, sensationalized, exaggerated, or overemotional. Restoration is successful as the intended content has been written upon the hearts of men. That is a warm that takes time, and cannot be hastened!

The Hebrew Temple: Moses tried to sanctify the children of Israel, to bring them to the presence of Christ, but they rejected the invitation. Before Moses left, he provided ordinances that offered the same original invitation. Moses hoped that Israel would repent, be sanctified by the content of the word, and seek ministering angels to bring them into the presence of Christ.

The law of Moses (external sacrifices only) was not what Moses left behind, but was later termed “the law of Moses” by the Deuteronomists, to use the credibility of Moses’ name to push their agenda. The Deuteronomists manipulated the scriptures, omitting significant ascension texts (like the Book of Enoch), and replaced them with records that supported their agenda, …in order to control the content of “the law.” By removing ascension texts, and refocusing the records on the written law, …the High Priests of the temple could draw the people’s attention to “the records” for the people to follow, …and reject the necessity to connect to the heavens for direction:

Deuteronomy 30:12

“10. …to keep his commandments and his statutes which are written in this book of the law…

12. It is not in heaven, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go up for us to heaven, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it?”

Here we find the preaching of men, focusing on the book of the law, when Nephi wrote that the law is dead (2 Nephi 25:27). In this scripture they mock the idea of a man ascending into heaven to bring the truth to earth, for others to follow the same pattern, until all had ascended. Thus, the records were substituted, and changed to take the eyes of the people off the heavenly connection, and place them upon the written law and temple rituals for salvation (which the High Priests had control over). The temple was then gutted, to remove any indication of reconnecting to the heavens, and external sacrifices was what remained. Temple ordinances became external, dress-up, with little expectation of heavenly contact. The priests were overly dramatic, they exaggerated their importance, they were highly emotional in the practice of their external ordinances and drew attention to themselves. They hid their ignorance of the content of the records by changing them, and over dramatizing the little bit of the temple ordinances they controlled. The result, they were taken into captivity and bondage by the Babylonians!

Lehi was stoned for preaching against this decay, and took the plates from Laban, and fled by the hand of God. Others who rejected this decay of the record’s content and temple ordinances, took a copy of ancient records, went into the desert, and practiced what they understood in temple-caves. These were rejected of the mainstream high priest class, cast out as heretics, and did not suffer the same condemnation. They were called Samaritans.

Ancient Christians: The Ancient Christians had the gospel restored by Christ, who considered himself “the good Samaritan.” Christ tied himself to the Samaritan people who had content, although the main stream Jews (without content) rejected the Samaritans. The record of the birth of Christ has been manipulated to be in an animal stable. But this is not the true history. The records were changed, and it’s content manipulated, between120 AD-380 AD, at the Nicean Creed. In other recently discovered records, Christ was born in a temple-cave, in the holy of holies, on an alter.

Our King James Version is the result of this Nicean Creed, where men came together to vote on who Christ and God was. The head of that meeting in Nicea was Constantine, the catholics first vicar (or representative of God on the earth), …and Constantine wasn’t even a believer of Christ. He was a pagan, who ruled over Christians, who were fighting amongst themselves, and threatened a civil war. For fear of the damage of a civil war, Constantine used Nicea as a way to find peace among the Christians. Our king James Version was skewed to match the high priests of the time, who sought the power of men, by changing the content of the words of Christ, to emphasize on “the law,” and to de-emphasize the necessity of man to ascend and reconnect to heaven.

In my travels to Italy, I have visited some of the oldest basilica’s, and have witnessed sacred signs, tokens, special text groupings, exposed to the public in artistic fresco’s. No one is aware of its value (content). Yet, those catholics still wear robes on different shoulders, sashes, and multiple break-off religions also wear aprons, without knowing it’s heavenly significance. However, they are respected as having authority among their religionists. They perform rituals, baptisms, clothing ceremonies, rites of passage, marriages, and death rites, with such drama and emotion, to increase their congregation, thus increasing their financial success. Like their Hebrew counterparts, these have manipulated the content of the word, changed the ordinances, added pizzaz in their rituals, pointing men to the law, and disconnecting the necessity for man to connect to heaven.

The Modern Disciples: We have been under condemnation for 182 years for resting the Book of Mormon and the other commandments, not to read them (D&C 84:55). Our scriptures have been drastically changed (the removal of the lectures on faith) and subtly changed (the redefinition of the second comforter in John 14:16), so as to put into question our emphasized content. As a result, some see their salvation based in the law, while others correctly understand that salvation is offered only when connected to heaven.

Because of our condemnation for not obtaining the content in the Book of Mormon and the other commandments, our ordinances have changed over the years. The have changed from the time of Joseph (where he used a sword in the ceremony), to the removal of penalties, to sitting throughout most of the ceremony and not arising, to our most current changes of over-dramatization, and emotion-filled content, disconnected from the instructional direction for us to live by every word that proceeds forth from His mouth.

Only as we read the words of Christ can we recognize that Adam and Eve, after being cast out of the garden, build an alter, and pray “towards the garden of Eden.” The voice of the Lord came from the direction of the garden. They did not face their backs toward the garden. We would also recognize that ministering angels were intended to perform the role that Moses tried to play, for the children of Israel. The angels were intended to sanctify us by expounding the words of Christ, to restore the missing content that offers salvation, so that the ordinances actually have power, and aren’t conditional upon if you are true and faithful in all things, or if the Holy Spirit of Promise seals it upon you, …as ours currently does (D&C 76:55). Angels appear to offer sanctification by expounding the words of Christ. All ordinances are only degrees of sacrifices, preparing you for the ultimate sacrifice of all things.

In order for the restoration to be complete, there must be a people who are restored to the content of the words of Christ, who can offer up an acceptable sacrifice. They will be instructed in the words of Christ, such that it will be written upon their hearts. These will know the proper sacrifices to offer. These will not be over board, melodramatic, over exaggerated, and overly emotional. Let us be that people.

Conclusion: I have observed groups of people who gather themselves together to partake in sacrament. Because of their missing content, huge focus has been placed upon how those passing the sacrament dress, who they give the sacrament to first, which hand they hold the tray, the way those passing the sacrament line up, file in, and distribute the sacrament, …as if any of it matters. Yet, very few recognize, within the sacrament prayer, that we are asking for the presence of Christ to always be with us. The content goes unnoticed, thus the ordinances have little or none effect as intended.

Restore the content of our request for the Savior’s presence, and suddenly refusing sinners from partaking of the sacrament as an method of discipline (institutional shunning) becomes ridiculous. The reverence of that ordinance will be automatic for those who truly love Christ and want to return into His presence. There will be no need to reprimand a ward for their irreverent way of preparing for the sacrament.

It is our ignorance that causes sin, irreverence, and disregard for the sacred. That is why Christ said, “Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do.” We will not be judged so kindly, …because we have been given much. We have the records. We just choose not to read them.

The hope we are offered …is time. Time to obtain the content, to write them upon our hearts, to talk, rejoice, preach and prophesy of Christ. This work takes time and cannot be hastened, …as opposed to our current mantra to “hasten the work.” We must not hasten, but instead begin to labor diligently to write them upon our hearts. The Holy Ghost will not give you the content, if you do not seek it. So, feast upon the words of Christ. The Holy Ghost (or the tongue of angels) will reveal to you the content, and the content will tell you all things what you should do by way of sacrificial offerings or ordinances (2 Nephi 32:2-3).


4 thoughts on “Missing Content Leads to the Melodramatic!

  1. So then in previous blogs you speak of us changing NOW and we must do this and we must do that now if we are to ascend or see Christ, but now you say there is no need to hasten the work. Be careful my son. We need to awake and arise to the very things you charge us with in ascending to Christ. I realize that your responsibility is to YOUR family and that is the way you choose to interpret the scriptures and follow your understanding of the scriptures. I believe that the apostles of old and the prophets of old were just as “ignorant” of the Lord’s way and God’s way except for divine revelation and inspiration which He promises the prophets of today. My desire is not so much to connect with angels or to find a way to see the Savior. My desire is to DO the Savior’s will and to do as HE did while on earth and to help my fellow beings to know that God DOES love them and me – both sinners. He LOVES us even more than I can love my own children. And I love my children very much. His plan for us on this earth is not a snare to catch us in a sea of words or to condemn us for our ignorance. His plan is for us to return to Him and to find how sweet His work is and to desire to be with Him and to bring souls to Christ. Our hastening is to bring His word to the world – the whole world- and to prepare us for the second coming of Christ. We DO have much work to do and we need to awaken to the fact that there are many who have not heard His word. I know you say we cannot be saved in ignorance but I do not believe that when we do ALL that we can do with the amount of knowledge that we DO have to the building up of the Kingdom of God here upon the earth, that he will know us and our desires. Even in your explanation of the facsimile in taking out the brains and crushing it and discarding it and preserving the heart, it attests to the fact that just because we do not spend every waking hour studying the scriptures and digging into the history of things that the Lord will reject us or judge us for what we don’t know. I believe that when we DO all that we DO know with a true and faithful HEART that the Lord WILL hear and answer our prayers. And the Lord who hears our prayers in secret WILL do as He has said, and will reward us openly as He guides us and leads us to those whose hearts he knows is ripened to hear the truth.
    The gospel is a gospel of LOVE and encouragement and all things that are good come from God and all else comes from some other source and is not of God. Judgement is God’s and God’s alone. We need only to judge ourselves and correct ourselves.

    You know in my years of teaching, I have had struggling students barely pass a test. I cheer them on because they are giving all that they understand and are progressing. I know where they are and want them to see where I know they can be. I believe that comes from even my Father in Heaven.

    Stop condemning GOOD that the apostles, prophets, bishops, etc. are doing their best to do. Do do not stand to condemn them. Take care of your household with love and direction and protection and leave the judgement to the supreme judge. Look for the good and build upon that. Do not take apart each little weakness in others and in those who tend their sheep. I will guarantee you that no man asks for the positions that they get. It is not some sort of competition. When we are called to the work, we are called. Do you not think that we could do a bunch of things with our time instead of what we are called to do? This is what brought me from a Catholic church to this church. We are a church of DOING. It is not just a Sunday meeting. And those who only come on Sunday know that they can come to all the other “meetings” where we gather to do good. (i.e. Socials, Scouts, Seminary, etc.) Keep your condemnation for a face to face discussion with the Lord and share with us the joy you have witnessed in the Lord’s work. Share your testimony of the Lord’s blessings upon you and your family as you teach and preach and DO the work of the Lord. That is what builds. That is what motivates. That is what changes bad to good. I love you son. I love the Lord. I am imperfect in every way. But I also know that what I do I do in His name. Mom

    • There are many contradictions in your response. This gospel isn’t all positivity. Before penalties were removed, there were consequences. You’d rather me talk of the blessings, ignoring the consequences, and call it complete. The ancient prophets never saw it this way, nor do I. When we read their words and let the words teach truth, we’ll see that curses were issued along with promised blessings, but we have to read the word and acquire the authors intent to do so. We must start now! Anyone trying to hasten the words of Christ will surely look beyond the mark. They will not obtain the deep, being offered. The Holy Ghost takes some conditioning, especially as we are preoccupied with the muck of this world.

      My emphasis in offices is to direct the responsibility to the individual to discern. Take it how you may, it is surely not a threat to anyone seeking to magnify the words of Christ.

      Many go about DOING, without understanding. While they may be given credit for DOING something, salvation does not come merely by DOING. Many say and DO just as well, but the Lord condemns those who draw near with their lips, but their hearts are far from Him. But, very few know the mind of Christ, through the study of His words, that rests upon their minds all day and all night. These talk, rejoice, preach and prophesy of Christ significantly different. Their DOING is then magnified, and they are willing to sacrifice all things to acquire that thing.

      You go on DOING, and I’ll go on DISCERNING. You wait till Christ comes to you. But I will not wait. I will go to Him. You might be able to say, “Well, you haven’t ascended yet!” But you’ll only be able to say that, until I have ascended. I’m the only one you have talked to thats trying to ascend. When that occurs, perhaps then we can speak openly, without the need to defend a current position. Perhaps then we can let the words of Christ tell us all things what we should do. Until then, I’ll keep talking about these things to uncover the necessary steps to ascension, and you’ll keep protecting the honor of the offices. We all have agency and must use it how we see necessary. I’m fine with that.


      • But Christ said, “Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.” What does that mean? He also said to listen to His words and the words of his servants. What does that mean? Christ himself said to follow the prophets and to hearken to their words. How can we discard what He said when He was upon the earth. These are HIS words and HIS charge. He has asked us to be kind, to serve one another, to listen to the words of the prophets, to mourn with those who mourn, etc. THESE ARE HIS WORDS. Not the words of the apostles or prophets. HIS words. How can you discount that? I don’t understand. I do not see the emphasis on ascending. I don’t see the emphasis on seeing Christ. I DO see a lot of emphasis throughout his sojourn here on earth to serve your fellow men. Turn the other cheek, go with a man requiring you to go a mile, go with him twain. Etc., etc., etc. These are HIS words from HIS mouth. I do not wait idly for Him to come. I need to be about my Father’s business until He comes. It doesn’t matter what YOU are fine with. It matters that we do as Christ has instructed us and what is fine with HIM. Such as “If any of you are without sin, let him cast the first stone.” He was speaking to all of us. That was a warning to us to do our self exam before we go stoning anyone, least of all the prophets. I do realize that all our actions or in-actions will bring about consequences. I do realize that much is said throughout the scriptures. But I also know that the Lord does not preach doom and gloom. He is a loving God and reminds us over and over again of His love for us so that we will desire to live with Him. You speak of positivity. Is that wrong? Should we not be positive? Is the Lord not positive? Do we NOT want positive results? The gospel is simple. It is for the simplest of all men. His way is easy. He WANTS us to return to Him. He shows us the way and does not set traps for us along the way. His gospel is such that the simplest soul can find His way back to the Savior should his desires be to do such. Does this mean that we do not have to read our scriptures? Of course not! We still have an obligation. But it is OUR obligation. You are where you are and that is wonderful. Congratulations. We may be behind in that respect, but does the Lord “grade” us like that? As far as the Lord condemning those who draw near with their lips, that also attests to the fact that we need to be DOERS of the word and not HEARERS only. Yes, the work is here for us to DO. Just as your father expects his boys to DO the yard work instead of just study it out and tell everyone how they can do it, until you roll up your sleeves and DO it, you are simply a “hearer only”. I think I will stick to the words the Savior spoke personally when he walked the earth. I look forward to learning more about the Savior in the New Testament studies this year. I love you, son. Mom

        • Being doers of the word requires the word to lead. Identifying the servants of Christ was what Christ warned us about. We must discern who they are by the content of their message, not by their office. Christ never instructed to follow prophets. He taught that we hear what they say and discern what is of Christ. Your idea of kindness heals all is in direct opposition to the scriptures that told Nephi to cut off Laban’s head, or Alma to destroy the prison and all who were within, or Abinadi who had to be killed to deliver a message, or Mormon who killed thousands, or Coriantimur who killed hundreds of thousands, etc. All of these were deaths of a righteous order. The words of Christ did not always teach men to be kind, serve one another, listen to prophets, mourn with those who mourn. Actually, it was the covenant people who was taught to treat one another this way, …but they were held accountable to the covenant, and condemned for receiving a covenant and not keeping it.

          We must not adjust the words of Christ to justify our wrong mentality. We ought to seek the words of Christ to adjust our wrong mentality. That requires content and context to be understood. What I hear you wanting to do is to identify where YOU ARE, and then give all the reasons why YOUR POSITION is God’s way. Using that philosophy, men have fallen from the covenant. This was the pattern of the ancient Hebrew, the ancient Jew, the ancient Christian, and the modern Latter-day Saint.

          I am not discounting the words Christ wrote while in the earthly ministry. I am reading them in context of His earthly ministry. You said that you are about your Father’s business, how can you be about a business without first receiving complete instruction from the content of the words of Christ? In order to be about the Father’s business, you must first obtain the words of Christ, …which is what I am writing about.

          You’ve associated what I am saying with “casting stones.” All I have done is read the scriptures and offered a solid foundation of discernment as a standard set by those words. All are instructed to do the same. If we are sincere, and have real intent to follow the words of Christ, then we can align. Otherwise, we will break ourselves against it. The words of Christ bring hope, but not the way you’re describing. It offers the truth, and then the truth sets you free when you align. What you describe is virtuous, but righteousness isn’t always virtuous.

          The only doom and gloom here is for those who fail to understand and align to the words of Christ. But isn’t that always the case? Doom and gloom has always been the final resting place for the sinner, who fails to come to the words of Christ. If you are saying that I align with Christ’s words that preach doom and gloom to those who break the covenant, then you are telling me that I am a light set upon a hill, that cannot be hid. You are telling me that I am a beacon of light. You are telling me that I am holding up an ensign of truth as did Moroni. You are complimenting me. Thank you.

          Positivity for positivity is how Satan lures men away. The objective is salvation, and salvation for the repentant doesn’t always feel positive at first. Alma and the people of Helam were captured and enslaved, and that wouldn’t seem to be positive at first. Only when they trusted in the Lord and were rescued by Him did their endurance produce a positive result of escape. But if we go about identifying an escape as the objective, then Abinadi did not get it, and by your definition it was not positive for him. Salvation was obtained by Abinadi because he obeyed the voice of the Lord. That is the objective of the scriptures, to recognize the voice of the Lord. It is not about preaching positiveness, motivational speaking, and fluffy adjectives describing the same thing over and over again, without expansion.

          You asked, “What is our obligation?” Our obligation is to study the words of Christ in the scriptures we have been given, to overcome the condemnation that we have also been given, so that we are able to recognize His voice, rather than depending on the voice of another man, to direct our DOING. When our DOING is aligned to His words, then can we remove that condemnation that He gave us, to obtain the riches of the Kingdom of God. I advise sticking to the words of Christ. But what you want to do is to take the words you understand and like, then put them in Christ’s mouth, and claim that they are from Him. Christ is the one who condemned us, not me. Christ is the one that preaches repent or die, not me. Christ is the one that has sent servants to fatten their hearts, stop their ears, and make them blind with the words of Christ, not me. All I have done is read and understand His words.

          I’m trying to keep it real by reading the context and understanding the content, to make a change, to align with the words of Christ. I am not justifying my position, and then reading the context and content to prove that my position is right. Tough stuff to hear, I know. When you haven’t discovered this for yourself, then it’s hard to hear. But that’s the beauty of the scriptures, you too can discover something that I haven’t and correct me too, because I know that I am ignorant. So rather than condemning my discoveries as negative and unproductive, add to my words by pointing out what you have discovered in the scriptures that are not repetitive mormon traditionalism, so that we can be of one heart and one mind, God’s.


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