A new word has been added to my vocabulary, …Hermetics! Hermetics is the sacred hidden knowledge of the mysteries of the ancient fathers, …that teach men how to reconnect to heaven, to live in the presence of the Fathers, and eventually in the presence of God the Father. The mysteries (temple rituals and ordinances) are only a portion of, and are imbedded within, Hermetics. Hermetics is the knowledge of restoration, to restore the community of gods and men, Zion.

Hermetics: Hermetics is considered by most today as a religious movement stemming from Hermes. Hermes is the Greek name for the person Egyptians call Thoth, who is the great scribe and recorder of all sacred temple rituals that connect men with the community of the heavens, the neteru or the gods. The character Hermes and Thoth are who the Hebrews called Enoch (a Hebrew name meaning “dedicated”). The very same Enoch who built Zion.

Enoch was given the charge to write the plan of salvation, to return men to the community of gods, where men and gods interacted together as one. This is the atonement. What Enoch wrote is termed Hermetics. Hermetics is the written record of sacred hidden knowledge of the mysteries of the ancient fathers. Mysteries are temple ritual ordinances, intended to give men further light and knowledge, until they obtain the power of godliness manifested to them (D&C 84:20). Hermetics encompasses all mysteries, to completely bring men back into the community with the gods, so that they too can become gods, to see the face of God and live (D&c 84:22).

Restoration: Since the fall, men have floundered in their vomit, groping in the dark, seeking out happiness. We have had a veil over our minds, and have ever since been seeking to remove the veil, to restore the knowledge of God for our salvation. Without a restoration, we are ever searching, but never coming to an understanding. True happiness can never be obtained through an evolutionary process. Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy- our ability to be like God (2 Nephi 2:25- look at the footnote for the word “joy”). The only way to satisfy our potential to be like God, or in other words to have joy, is for the knowledge of God to be restored. Thus, Hermetics is the knowledge of restoration, …to restore the community of gods and men, Zion.

Hermetics is just another way of saying “covenants made to the Fathers,” as Moroni told Joseph that he was to turn the hearts of the children to. The fathers are those who have treaded the path we tread, sought out the knowledge of the fathers (hermetics), became greater followers of righteousness, and became possessors of great knowledge (hermetics). Abraham was a great example of this.


The Example of Abraham: If truth is what we claim to seek, then Hermetics is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Father Abraham was born in a time of idol worshipping. He left his family, steeped in idol worshipping. He was already a “follower of righteousness,” but to him that was insufficient. He wasn’t satisfied with what was common among men. He wanted MORE. He wanted to be one who possessed great knowledge, …but for the right reason, …so he could be a greater follower of righteousness! He ran from the false traditions of his fathers, seeking great knowledge:

Abraham 1:1-2 

“1. In the land of the Chaldeans, at the residence of my fathers, I, Abraham, saw that it was needful for me to obtain another place of residence;

2. And, finding there was greater happiness and peace and rest for me, I sought for the blessings of the fathers, and the right whereunto I should be ordained to administer the same; having been myself a follower of righteousness, desiring also to be one who possessed great knowledge, and to be a greater follower of righteousness, and to possess a greater knowledge, and to be a father of many nations, a prince of peace, and desiring to receive instructions, and to keep the commandments of God, I became a rightful heir, a High Priest, holding the right belonging to the fathers.”


Abraham’s objective wasn’t to serve others, lift others, love others, …it was to possess great knowledge. He was already a good guy and served, lifted, and loved to the capacity he had. He said that he was already a follower of righteousness. But that wasn’t enough to really serve, lift and love. It was insufficient and only temporary. He needed more.

Abraham’s method of obtaining great knowledge was to first and foremost …follow the right master, …the righteous master, …the master who calls Himself Righteousness, …Christ! This is the epitome of the first great commandment, to love the Lord thy God will all thy heart, mind and soul. Nothing else clouded Abraham’s attention. Not programs of service, lifting, or loving anything or anyone else. Those who love the Lord first, and in this way, will be willing to take upon them the name of Christ, always remember Him, keep His commandments to be with them, …and, in turn, will be given Christ’s spirit to be with them (a promise of the Lord’s visitation in the flesh).

D&C 93:1

“1. Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am;”

Entering into the presence of Christ, to see His face, and know the great I AM, is what qualifies men as a greater follower of righteousness. Having entered into the presence of Christ, Abraham had kept the first great commandment, and qualified as a greater follower of righteousness! He saw the face of the Lord, and knew the great I AM. Abraham had already been a “follower of righteousness” previously. He was just like us Latter-day Saints who believe in Christ. But that is not the same as being a greater follower of righteousness. A greater follower of righteousness, qualified him to be one who possessed GREATER KNOWLEDGE! He was now able to see Christ, and know Him.

The bi-product of this greater knowledge was then to become:

Abraham 1:2

“2. …a father of many nations, a prince of peace, …a rightful heir, a High Priest, holding the right belonging to the fathers.”

Abraham’s experience, outlined in this verse, is the objective of the mysteries, to bring you back into the presence of Christ as a greater follower of righteousness (righteousness- being one of Christ’s many titles). It is the receiving of greater knowledge, that makes someone a father of many nations, holding the right belonging to the fathers. Then, as a father, now you are equipped to serve, to lift, to love, …and to do it with POWER. Now you can keep the second great commandment, having received the mysteries of God, in full (Alma 12:10).

Conclusion: Abraham became a god and was reunited with the community of gods, the fathers. Likewise we too can do the same by following the example of Abraham, by being greater followers of righteousness. It starts with the words of Christ, to see who the real fathers are, so that we can turn our hearts to the promises made to them.

When we let the promises made to the fathers (scriptures) lead our hearts and minds, we will be of one heart and one mind with them, the fathers. Then can we reunite with the fathers, without burning in their presence, to be members of Zion. Those who are at ease in Zion claim all is well, will not receive more of the word, cannot discern truth with the Power of the Holy Ghost, and will be given a three-fold wo, wo, wo, unto them (2 Nehi 28).

My plea is not for you to follow me. It is for you to read the words of Christ and take a look at these scriptures, to understand MORE, outside of the false traditions of unbelief currently being taught and mingled with scripture. Feast upon the words of Christ and let your heart discern.


7 thoughts on “Hermetics…?

  1. I love the Scripture Alma 32:23-25
    Is that in order for us to receive lessons from on high is that we also need to have child like faith and that we could also learn from little children. Thanks bro!

    • That’s absolutely right. We were never intended to be left alone. But those who are humble, as little children, willing to submit to all things that the Lord sees fit to inflict upon us, they will be given greater discernment, because they humbled themselves.
      Thanks for the conversation and expansion, using the words of Christ. Against popular belief, you’re a perfect example of one who can read the words for themselves and see through the traditions of men, to come to a conclusion led by the words of Christ, and not by traditions.

  2. “…outside of the false traditions of unbelief currently being taught and mingled with scripture.” Who is “currently teaching false traditions of unbelief mingled with scripture”? Who are you talking about? Are you talking about the Lord’s anointed? Who? You say you attack no one. So then who do you accuse of this? Abraham IS a God already. We are on the path to being Gods. Maybe not as far along the path as you feel you are or judge that we should be. But doing good was never a bad thing. ALL good comes from God. Can you just talk about the real path back to God and leave your comparisons and assumptions out of it? Your messages get tangled up with your assumptions of who you are talking to and the comparisons of the “wrong” others are doing. When you say to not follow you, but the words of Christ, you need to leave it at that. After all, that is the call, to follow Christ and read the scriptures, not all this other stuff you add on yourself. Thanks for the background. Your Mom

    • In answer to your question of who is teaching false traditions of unbelief, …we are, within the church. Perhaps not intentionally, perhaps not maliciously, but we teach false traditions of unbelief on a regular basis. But God knew that would happen, so he sent us the promises made to the fathers, before we did this, just so we would have been forewarned. Read 2 Nephi 28 and rather than applying it to Jehova’s witnesses, methodists, catholics, etc. …consider for a minute that the Lord is talking to Mormons, who are at ease in Zion. If that exercise escapes you, then go to Ezekiel 34. Again, consider for a minute that the Lord is talking of the shepherds within the Mormon church, who take advantage of their status, and eat, and get fat, while the sheep go starving. If that exercise escapes you, then read Jacob 5, the alegory of the olive tree, and try to identify the point at which we are currently in, having been grafted back into the natural tree, and given time to produce fruits. The church is none other than us. Then why are some burned and others who produce sweet fruit preserved?

      You call these my assumptions? Are you telling me that I am judging others wrongly. I never wrote these scriptures. I have only read them and discerned for myself. If you think I’m wrong, tell me what it is you think it’s saying. Then go and read 2 Nephi 15:19, and you tell me why you think we ought to “hasten the work,” if one of the greatest, most respected prophets of the Old Testament warned against it.

      You keep thinking I am doing a number, to deceive, or to convince others that I’m right, so as to produce some sort of following. Follow what? I never once said for people to follow me, otherwise I would have called this blog, “Robscompass” instead of “wordcompass.” At the end of each blog I would advise all that reading the scriptures is good, when you first read my commentary, to trim the scriptures, so you get the message I know God wants you to hear. As sick as that sounds, that is what we are advised to do with instructional manuals, general conference reports, and other books produced by the church. Honestly, what sacrifices have been made to bring about our modern publications, versus the coming forth of the ancient records we call scriptures?

      An institutional mentality causes individuals to forfiet their discernment. I offer the words of Christ, so that those who read here will go to them, to enhance their discernment. But those who never seek that record, in the scriptures, cannot enjoy the luxery of discernment, and must follow an institution into its future burning. You like to pick at me, call me judgmental, tell me of my generalizations, and condemn my negativity. But, what do you have to offer to teach me ascension, coming into the presence of Christ, reconnecting to the heavens, miracles, etc.?

      What you have offered in the past had nothing to do with salvation in that manner. What you have offered in the past was the advice to just be positive, say none of the truth that disagrees with our current status (you term negative), and talk of the scriptures with a sensitive filter on, so as not to offend. If you’re looking for a conformist, I am not it. If you want to address the truth, without filter, I do too. I don’t think myself above another. I just considere myself capable of discerning the matter at hand, and I am not biased toward other officers either.

      Your Son

      • An institutional mentality causes individuals to forfiet their discernment. I get this. I really do. This is how we get lazy in obedience. I read 2Nephi 88 which is really packed with a lot of what you have written. This institutional mentality you speak of becomes the one to blame if anything goes wrong. “Well, the Bishop said…” Etc. Thank you son. FYI “What you have offered in the past had nothing to do with salvation in that manner.” Small correction to that statement. What I offered you was life. That had a lot to do with your salvation. 🙂 Yes? I stand corrected. Mom

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