Translation vs. Transmission

The Lord’s elect will come to know the mysteries of the heavens, by understanding and recognizing the true intention of the words of Christ! The “Learned Scholar” holds themselves above the next by accumulating transmissions, while failing to obtain the original intention of scripture. The elect will avoid dependance on the understanding of men, and access instruction through the translation of the Spirit of God.

Introduction: While Joseph Smith, 180 years ago, translated the ancient records from reformed Egyptian into english, …reading the Book of Mormon is still a foreign document to us. In order to know the intent of that record, we are required to translate Joseph’s words, to know Joseph’s mind, to understand his word-choice, in order to know God’s intended instruction. Reading through the document, memorizing, and repeating over and over those words, …without obtaining an understanding, generates false traditions of unbelief, …and does not produce the intended result, salvation. No man can be saved in ignorance.

Transmission:  A transmission is simply a changing of a record from one language into another, without the need to express understanding of the original record’s …intention! The “Learned Scholar” holds themselves above the next by accumulating transmissions, while failing to be concerned about the original intention. They make complexities out of simplicity. They add to, and take away from the original document, thus corrupting its message, and reducing expectations, …to lower the sights of men. Innocent men are often led astray by such “Learned Scholar’s,” such that they are kept in the darkness of ignorance, and reject the light offered in scriptures.

Apostasy was never successful by a “direct attack or rebellion” to the doctrine. The only way for apostasy to stick, was to corrupt the doctrine, a little at a time. The pattern of doctrinal decay has been repeated in every dispensation, …including our own. An apostasy is made complete by using the words of Christ incorrectly (transmission, without concern to original intent). In Egypt, the children of Israel ended up in slavery because they fell away from the doctrines of truth, to seek salvation in the arm of flesh.

Although Moses rescued the children of Israel out of their slavery status, they continued the decay of the doctrine, once he left. They removed records of ascension, to tie salvation to “obedience to the law,” …disconnected from the heavens. They taught that revelation was not necessary, since the law was revealed and set in stone. Thus, loving God became equivalent to keeping the commandments. The correct translation of that scripture is supposed to be, “If ye love me, stand watch as a Sentry, awaiting my every command.” That was an instruction for each individual to obtain the voice of command from the Lord, …a dynamic voice. However, since dynamic revelation was replaced with the word commandments, meaning “the written law on stone,” the wrong transmission became, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” It made the Lord’s voice static in time, and nothing new could be revealed, accept through the current hierarchy.

The ancient Christians, after Christ’s final departure, did the very same thing, they misused the trust of men and corrupted the doctrine. The apostles knew that this decay was inevitable. The doctrine would once again be manipulated to make un-necessary a salvation through connecting to the heavens, …and to place salvation upon the law, written in stone. A static law provided opportunity for man to manipulate and control other men, in unrighteous dominion. Thus the pattern of the Jewish apostasy repeated itself in the Christian apostasy.

The Nicean council (380 AD) removed ascension texts, changed the doctrines to fit what church leaders voted and agreed upon, and based salvation upon obedience to the law written in stone. A salvation tied to the law, automatically transitioned into a salvation based upon the law …as understood by the officers of the hierarchy. Different officers understood doctrine differently. So officers who shared the same beliefs grouped together to create strength in numbers, and made a stand against opposing opinions. Popular opinions became more important than the revelatory truths in the words of Christ. The decay of the words of Christ once again produced apostasy.

The power of the “Learned Scholar” to lift themselves above the next, and to make men their slaves, is completely dependent upon our ignorance of the correct translation of the words of Christ. They use accumulation of information, titles, and offices to make their argument convincing. They use repetition and name dropping to maximize the perception of credibility. They speak the Lord’s name in vain, by claiming the authority of God, while offering a false translation, tying men’s salvation to obedience to a static law. Our only hope to escape this unrighteous dominion will be to obtain the gift to translate. 

Translation: A true translation is the ability to make a statement, in your own words, of the original author’s correct intention. To clarify, the translator can use any set of words to make clear the original intention of the record being translated. The emphasis is the correct original intention. That is what Joseph Smith was able to do. He didn’t just read reformed Egyptian. He understood Lehi, Nephi, Helaman, Moroni, etc. Joseph Smith used specific words to capture the intent of the authors. The authors used specific words to express the intent of God. We too can tap into the Spirit of God, to know the intent of each of the authors in the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith, …to know the mind and will of God.

The Elect: The elect will avoid dependance on the understanding of men, and access instruction through the translation of the Spirit of God. We are offered the gift of the tongue of angels. When we seek “further light and knowledge by conversing with the Lord through the veil,” we are really talking about a kind of prayer that pierces the veil, to produce an accurate translation of the words of Christ, …to know the original intent of the scripture, …to receive the doctrines and mysteries offered there, …and not to justify your current status as an active, temple recommend holding, 100% home/visiting teaching, scripture reading, saved, Latter-day Saint. When we begin to understand the original intent of the author’s of scripture, we are receiving further light and knowledge by conversing with the Lord through the veil. That requires a conversation with the Lord through the veil (not just reading words on a page).

The elect will not be satisfied to accept all that is spoken from the pulpit of general conference, as an accurate translation. They will hear those words, overlay them upon their understanding of the words of Christ, validate or invalidate them by matching its content with the scriptures, and then either ignore the wrong transmission, or be added unto by receiving the correct translation, because the voice of the Lord will open up your understanding. If you are the elect, salvation is not institutional. It is individual. Thus, first and foremost is the testimony of Christ, all other additional doctrines of religion are only appendages to help obtain a greater witness of Christ in the flesh. The elect refuses to forfeit their individual discernment for the idea of an institutional salvation.

Conclusion: Moses’ desire for all men to become prophets, places emphasis on them obtaining the mind and will of God. Then no man need say to his neighbor ‘know ye the Lord’ for all will know Him. Each person was intended to know Christ personally, by obtaining all the gifts of the spirit, including the gift of tongues.

You too must become a prophet by exercising your faith until you are able to work out a correct translation of the words of Christ, so that you can be instructed of Christ. Just because the scriptures are written in english, the scriptures are still a foreign document, and the mind and will of God goes unnoticed. For this reason, the whispering of the voice of the Lord to your mind is just as good as speaking to you in a foreign language, …it will be ignored. The work you do in acquiring the gift to translate will not only familiarize you with the Holy Ghost, but will teach you to recognize the voice of the Lord. The Lord is with us and will not leave us comfortless. As we become more and more familiar with His voice, and act upon it, keeping His commandments which He has given you (sacrament bread prayer), …eventually, He will reveal Himself to you in person, in the flesh.

Without acquiring the gift to translate the scriptures into your own words, you will be unable to discern the content of message from God. You will be easily tossed in the storm by men who claim to have a transmission, but fail to know the correct intention. They will not openly reject the truth, but will corrupt it, to lead you to follow after the image of your own god, which is in the likeness of the world, which is an idol.

The Lord’s elect will come to know the mysteries of the heavens, by understanding and recognizing the true intention of the words of Christ! Be the elect, by asking the Lord’s help to know His words. Feast upon the words of Christ. They will tell you all things what you should do.



2 thoughts on “Translation vs. Transmission

  1. Be the elect, by asking the Lord’s help to know His words. Feast upon the words of Christ. They will tell you all things what you should do. This is sound advice. Thank you. I believe that I have received in every talk given at general conference sound advice and encouragement toward feasting upon the words of Christ. As you noted, each of us perceives His words according to our background in scriptures or the understanding of scriptures and understand it accordingly. The talks at general conference helps me to understand another view of these scriptures and helps me to see things I did not see when I was reading the scriptures or it gives more depth to it.
    You know I love to play boggle. This game requires all the letters be tossed and then in 3 minutes you are to write as many 3+ letter-words as you can see connected to form your words. It is amazing how many words I write that other players also wrote AND how many words others wrote that were right in front of my eyes that I did not see.
    Sometimes that is how the speakers or apostles affect me. Sometimes they speak of those things that I already know. But many times they speak of the same things in a different light and there it is right in front of me that I read, but didn’t see it that way before.
    Your blog sometimes does the same. It helps me see the very same scriptures in another light. Thank you.
    Love, Mom

    • Boggle is a good analogy for seeing things from a different perspective. If we are looking for another perspective, then “any road can take us there.” We can find some good within every perspective, if all we seek to see is the good. But, seeing only the good, and avoiding seeing the bad, has great negative repercussions. King Noah’s high priests heard the message from Abinadi, and chose to see King Noah in the light of a righteous King. While King Noah may not have been all that bad to them, since they were probably given grand gifts, what was most important was that King Noah’s message was contrary to that of God’s, and it hindered the people from building Zion.

      I am not stating that some general conference talks are equivalent to that of King Noah or his High Priests. I am saying that seeing the content of the whole picture is far better than finding a NEW PERSPECTIVE. The apostles of the New Testament encountered people looking for a different perspective, like boggle, but it wasn’t anything to do with ONE HEART AND ONE MIND. Acts 17:21 says, “For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.”

      Mom, you know how I love watching general conference, attending my church meetings, and talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I call conference weekend my “Superbowl.” But, just to talk about Christ for some new perspective is insufficient to me. The object of my mind is not to talk about Christ, as if His work is done, and we constantly admire His work, like art museum enthusiasts. My objective is to accumulate as much knowledge of Christ as possible, to point me in His direction, so that I can find Christ, to create a working relationship with Him, so that I can be redeemed, and enter into His presence, to be made a new creature. That is too specific of an objective to leave to random new perspectives, for instructions. For that reason, I must use discernment as I listen to advice given by other men. Besides, Moses was able to discern Satan, in the form of an angel of light. Which do you think is more convincing, a being in the form of an angel of light, or a speaker at general conference?

      I think that if we are looking for new perspectives, you could find them everywhere. But the skill to discern “the way to Christ” is a very fine tuned skill that we must develop, and requires the ability to recognize content that points to an ascension. But such a topic is foreign in our conversations at home, in our meeting houses, and our conferences. Yet, from the first verse of the Book of Mormon, every prophet tells of the mysteries of God, to point us to the path leading to see Christ. From the scriptures we learn that there is only one way, and there is no other way. Christ is the way.

      Ancient Christians were only nicknamed “Christians,” as we are nicknamed “Mormons.” Just as we call ourselves “Latter-day Saints,” they called themselves “Followers of the Way.” To be a follower of the way required “secret knowledge” …of reconnecting to heaven. That secret knowledge was given through “Doctrine” and “Mysteries.” Those who received the invitation of “Doctrine” and “Mysteries” were observed of the heavens and found “true and faithful in all things.” Having been found true and faithful in all things, heavenly messengers were assigned to minister to them personally, to give them the secret knowledge that is so sacred that it could only be delivered from mouth to ear, and they were under strict command not to repeat it. That is Hermetic! That was the instructions that produced an ascension atop a high mountainy, to witness the condescension of Christ, which empowers the viewer to be willing to sacrifice all things, not even withholding his life. It is not the same as a general conference talk.

      I appreciate your positive outlook on general conference. I have been given many gifts from you, and one of them is a positive outlook, and a natural cheery temperament. I have a light heart concerning most things. However, when it comes to finding “the way” I am very particular. What I seek is to discuss and to receive the “Doctrines” and “Mysteries” that point my return, my reconnection with the Fathers, and my salvation. For that reason, much discernment is required, apart from a positive institutional mindset. I will not forfeit my discernment for an acceptable new perspective. I don’t mean to hurt or offend, as Samuel the Lamanite or Abinadi probably didn’t mean to do either. Like them, I only mean to identify “the way” back home. So I am left to carefully parse truth from the messages of conversations, meetings, and conferences, to filter the traditions of unbelief, to discern the truth that will lead to reconnecting. I love the saints, and that is why I do all in my power to speak of “Doctrines” and “Mysteries.” Those are the invitation given of the heavens. That is the only objective of this blog to my family. If it puts me at odds with the institution, then I am willing to stand alone.

      Love, Son

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