Fulness or Specialized?

There’s always been a battle between which two masters we serve. One offers bits and pieces of truth, strategically mingled and sprinkled with lies. The other offers the fulness of truth. Thus, choosing the right master is not as easy as good versus evil, as evil is camouflaged in an outward appearance of “good.”

As the American economy grew out of mom-n-pop shops, and into the industrial age, …large cities, built around large manufacturing plants, experienced a huge financial boom. Steel & automobile manufacturing plants generated lots of jobs, that proposed high paying careers, and the potential for a simple farmer to become wealthy. People, sold on the idea, left their fields, farms and rural lifestyles, to take advantage of the new and growing opportunity in the city.

Manufacturing plants required a different mindset, compared to the fields and farms. On an assembly line, it was important to do one job, out of hundreds of jobs. While this mindset created greater specialization, it also began to disconnect employees from the big-picture, the finished product. On farms, the farmer needed to have a complete understanding of the entire farming process. If machinery broke, the farmer fixed it. If water was scare, the farmer had to dig wells, or somehow rig something to get water to his land. A farmer was self-sufficient. It’s no wonder that in the great depression of 1930, those in the cities lost their shirts, while the farmer had food and water, and remained with little negative effects.

In our day, businesses struggle finding quality employees. Those who have an employee mentality, do not care if the company was profitable or not, if they were efficient, or if more could be done to help the business. They try to get the largest paycheck, for the least amount of work.

It is rare to find employees with an ownership mentality. This type of employee sees the business as their own, they know the mind and will of the owner, and perform ahead of expectations. No one need tell them what to do, they know and do, because they have the mind of the owner.

Magnify: The church has similar types of mindsets. What we call “magnifying your calling,” we too act, just like large corporate firms, disconnected from the complete picture, the vision, the big idea. The way we traditionally describe this mindset is, having an “employee mentality.” This mindset is based upon your calling/office. You don’t need to know all the doctrine, like an apostle or prophet. Just specialize in your local calling, …like a manufacturing plant employee. When church is over, just like someone with an employee mentality, we celebrate and return to what we really want to do (television, sports, etc.). Once we’re done home teaching, there’s no more need for additional relationships, right. We can easily say, “We’re off the clock.” Members who see magnifying their callings as offering them salvation, cannot be saved in their ignorance. We claim to be potential gods, but for some reason we don’t find it important to know God’s mind and will.

Under the “magnifying your calling” philosophy, we endure: church, church meetings, scripture study, family home evening, home/visit teaching, etc. Doing your job just for the sake of obedience, does not have sufficient power unto life and salvation. These are disconnected from the bigger picture, and cannot offer up a proper sacrifice.

Fullness: The gospel of Christ offers a grander mindset, one of completeness (perfectus). The gospel offers those who truly seek, the fulness.” This is a complete mindset, or, in other words, an owners mentality. Those with the owners mentality have in them the mind and will of God. They will do nothing contrary to God’s will. They can be trusted in all things. They do nothing, save in the first place they cry unto the Father, in the name of Christ (2 Nephi 32:9).

These are willing to, and are able to, properly offer up an offering in righteousness. These will endure the sacrifices necessary, to become equal heirs to the kingdom.

Conclusion: It is not sufficient for us to have a partial view, to qualify for salvation. We must obtain the fullness, the full view. It begins with the words of Christ, then to Angelic ministrations, then to Christ, who leads us to the Father. Lets not get caught up in the here-and-now, so we can see clearly the forest from the trees.


2 thoughts on “Fulness or Specialized?

  1. This is well put, to have all the attributes of our Savior Jesus Christ means we will understand the fullness of God i think the problem is we have all the attributes of Christ but we cannot cling on to it as much as we need to.
    I don’t know fullness but I do know my desires and intentions of obtaining it but I can only imagine tremendous spiritual powers beyond the veil.
    It sucks that we’re being followed by apostasy why why why! Can not we just have the complete gospel of Jesus Christ with all the doctrines with all the ordinances and with all the Truths that will make it necessary for exaltation.
    Hana hou

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