The Power of Absorption (Short)

The atonement of Christ is a perfect example of the ability Christ has to absorb the poor choices of the wicked. Being Christ-like requires no less. There’s a significant difference between absorption and sweeping things under the rug.

Being Like Christ: If we are to be anything like Christ, we must develop the ability absorb the wrong doings around us for a season. The power of absorption produces within individuals the ability to hold back the tides a bit, giving others the appropriate opportunity to repent and come unto Christ.

However, the power to absorb is not the same as sweeping things under the rug. When we sweep things under the rug, we rely on “self mastery” rather than knowledge. Self mastery can be compared to “holding your breath,” you might be able to increase your lung capacity a little, but if you stop breathing altogether, you die. The knowledge offered by Christ has the potential to give you the ability to absorb all things.

The degree of Christ to absorb our wickedness was coupled with knowledge from God. Christ grew from grace to grace, and grace for grace, until He was prepared to complete the atonement for mankind. Likewise, in order for us to increase our ability to absorb poor choices of those who persecute you, you too must grow from grace to grace, and grace for grace, …equal to the condition of wickedness of those in whom you choose to labor.

Conclusion: As we come to know our Savior, that knowledge will make us Christ-like, until we too can absorb all, as Christ did. So feast upon the words of Christ, to know the only Begotten Son, to become sons and daughters to our Savior, and children of God.


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