Living Water and Tree of Life (Short)

Water and trees go hand in hand. Christ is the living waters and the woman is the tree of life. The combination of the tree of life and the living waters produces sweet fruit. Our charge is to partake and become sweet fruit.

In Lehi’s dream we have a bunch of different symbols. The three I want to talk about is:

  • the fountain of living waters
  • the tree of life
  • and the fruit

In the translation given to Nephi, by the angel, …I can’t help but noticing that both the tree of life and the living waters is a symbol of “The Love of God.” (1 Nephi 11: 22, 25) When we see the the living waters as Christ, and the tree of life as Christ’s female counterpart (Mary Magdalene), then we can understand that their offspring is the fruit that is produced, the fruit of the tree of life. Partakers of that fruit are considered sons of Christ. Becoming sons of Christ requires that we become sweet fruit.

The image of the water, tree and fruit clearly communicates that becoming the fruit or the offspring of Christ requires “becoming.” There is a literal becoming that must occur. It is not imitating, pretending, or acting. Fake it, till you make it, will not be sufficient. The rebirth of baptism is the individul’s expression of beginning the process of becoming the literal fruit of the tree of life and the living waters. Partaking of the sacrament is more than a mere renewing of covenants. Rather, when the sacrament ordinance is performed properly, it is the process of the literal changing of our beings to become the sweet fruit. Necessary changes are made to remove the darkness from us, until we are like Him. Sacrament has something to do with partaking of the blood of Christ, or the DNA of Christ, so that when He returns, we will know Him because we will be “like Him.”

Fruit picked too early, and ripened on the fruit stand (not on the tree), is never as sweet (bitter), as fruit ripened on the vine or the tree (connected to the Love of God). How does one connect to the love of God? They stay tied to the tree, and get their moisture from the living waters, through the roots of the tree. The alegory of the olive tree in Jacob 5 teaches that only branches who reach to the root system for their moisture, produce sweet fruit. All other branches producing bitter fruit have failed to get their moisture from the living waters, and must be plucked off and burned.

In my life, it was my mother who softened my heart to take the conditioning that my father had to offer. As I became soft by my mother, I found that I was able to be stretched, pushed, refined and strengthened by my dad. The restoration, happening in a grove of trees, points my mind to the mother. It was from that restoration that we get the words of Christ. As we partake of the words of Christ, the mother softens our heart in preparation for the conditioning of Christ. Once our hearts are sufficiently softened, Christ can then refine us like gold. He can push our limits to make us into what He knows we can become.

Conclusion: The combination of the living waters and the tree of life work to make us sweet fruits. Partakers of the living waters and the tree of life, become partakers of the Love of God. Reject them, and we have rejected the Love of God.

As an aside: not only does this symbolism point to becoming sweet fruit, it also provides a model that men and women can follow to produce sweet fruit in their children. Man and woman was always meant to be one (the Love of God). They are refered to often if you have eyes to see it. Some combinations I have recognized include:

  • Light (man) and Truth (woman)
  • Knowledge (man) and Wisdom (woman)
  • Sacrifice (man) and the Temple/ Holy of Holies (woman)

There is no shortcut, magic incantation, or pixie dust to sprinkle on you to make you sweet fruit. Just like exercising produces muscles, there is a work that must be done to transform all of us into sweet fruit. Fail to do that work and you too will be associated with the bitter fruit that is burned. Make the choice now to partake of the tree of life, and to get your moisture from the roots or the words of Christ. God offers you His Love. What remains in question is, will you receive it?



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