Lactose Intolerant (Short)

I am constantly reminded that milk comes before the meat. Attending church in the capital of Mormonism, you’d think that, for 138 years that the saints have arrived in Utah, we’ve had so much milk that we’ve become lactose intolerant. Christ offers the kind of water and meat, that if we choose to drink and eat, we will never thirst or hunger. What do we sacrifice in exchange for continuing to partake of milk, while rejecting the meat?

Elder’s Quorum: Two Sunday’s ago I was refused the opportunity to teach on the Sunday I was scheduled to teach. In fact I am removed from the teaching rotation, and left only to be a substitute. It seems to have become a bit of a controversy, as there have been complaints from quorum members, for refusing my being able to teach. I take it as a compliment, but the president of the quorum felt it necessary to announce to the body of the quorum that, “the reason Robert is not able to instruct the elder’s quorum is because he is not an elder, he is a high priest. For this reason he is not allowed to be called as a teacher for the quorum.”

While I think that the guy just made up the rule, I got used to playing those games as a kid, growing up. All it means is that they needed to find an excuse to keep it milky.” The movie “Sound of Music” comes to mind: “How do you solve a problem like a-Rob-ert?” I might not be a Nun, but the comparison is interesting (but not the point).

The point I make is, how long can we go on breast feeding, before we need to start eating meat? What a weird idea, to think of adults breast-feeding (nasty). We are required to mature spiritually, to avoid sliding backwards. Many are asking questions, but refused real answers, and for this reason people are falling away at a quick rate. The milky answers aren’t sufficient to produce faith unto life and salvation. Our generation requires a foundation of Christ, meaning a personal relationship with Him, …an idea that if talked about too often can lead to getting you excommunicated, …even when supporting gay marriages is recently publicized as protected by the first presidency.

Christ is the only one who has ever offered living waters, and meat that satisfies all hunger. Prophets, Apostles, congregations, scouting awards, etc. has not the ability to give such water and meat. It is Christ that offers that. Yet, we busy ourselves with following the prophet, while forgetting to drink of living waters. When someone points this out, we tell them, “milk before the meat.”

Conclusion: We cannot go backwards. Denying the truth does not make it not true. Refusing to hear, does not mean the voice is not speaking. Refusing to see, does not mean others can’t see for themselves. The pioneers before us have gone as far as they will go. Let’s not knock them for their efforts. But we must go forward. Imua!



12 thoughts on “Lactose Intolerant (Short)

  1. It makes sense to me that the Church focus so much on the milk for the time being, because one of the great efforts in these latter-days is the missionary work. I love meat, but I love missionary work as well and keeping things simple for the sake of those who are not ready for the meat. I really like watching people reacting to principles and ideas basic to me but new to them, it’s like watching a baby trying ice cream for the first time – they’re shocked at first but are almost immediately delighted by its sweetness.
    We may think that our quorums are filled with iron-faith people like ourselves, but the reality today is that there are many people who are still unfamiliar with the basics. There are many people who are still early or weak in their testimonies for whatever reasons, and the meat can cause them to stumble and choke. If we are spiritually mature and ready for the meat, then we will also understand that we can afford to be patient since we have all of eternity ahead. But for the sake of new converts, people investigating the Church and those prodigal sons, they don’t have eternity, they need milk and nurturing today, and lots of it.
    Joseph Smith pointed out, “Ye shall not have time to have gone over the earth until these things come,” in reference to the conclusion of missionary work to the world and the sealing off of America. This tells us that time is of the essence, and even insufficient, in spreading the basics of the Gospel. The basics are so necessary at this late time of the day. Us, spirit-giants, will have time to chew the fat for the rest of eternity, but the day of the Gentile is quickly coming to a close.
    Do not think I’m meaning to curtail your roaring or stop your drooling for meat, these are just thoughts that came to mind after I read your pining for meat. I think your feelings on the subject are a reflection of the changing of the guards from the Gentiles to the Remnants. I think, as the Remnants are grafted in to the natural tree in their proper order, an ancient perspective and spirit is being awakened and being restored that may shake and trouble the wild branches.
    Roar on!

    • Sam,

      It’s great to hear from you. The day of the gentile is ending, and the gathering of Israel is almost at hand. However, our opinions about milk and meat have a slight difference. Our traditions have created a groove in us that the work needing to be done is to convince others to be like us (missionary work). So (and I’m assuming now, so correct me if I’m wrong…) it seems that your view of missionary work takes on the role as, …since we have the true church, therefore we have salvation, and our recruiting efforts are to offer the salvation that we have, to all the world. If they receive it and become members, then they can eventually be sealed in our temples, and endure to the end, like the rest of us, and salvation is now their’s. I too think baptism is a huge deal. But, while my perspective of the importance of preaching the gospel might seem similar at first, it is not until we get into the meat that our opinions differ significantly.

      You see, in the meat of things, baptism is intended to produce a personal visitation of Christ to you, for you to be annointed by His hands. Salvation= knowing Chirst, not knowing about Christ. This blog on being lactose intolerant addresses the wasted resources of missionary work, when no one knows Christ! The church has spent millions of dollars of tithing money in missionary efforts, …but in church, amongst the members, the topic of obtaining Christ’s presence is taboo. So, for me, the milk only has value if it transitions into the meat. Milk without meat is death.

      While there are massive forces moving the missionary efforts along, very little has been done in terms of serving meat. We have so much practice extracting milk, that milk has become the status quo. Now our shelves are all dairy products: we have yogurt lessons, pudding lessons, butter churning lessons, whipping cream lessons, etc. And that describes youth programs in a nutshell. Where are the steak houses? Where are the beef cattle? Where’s the bar-b-q? No where to be found amongst the saints. Yet, salvation is still defined as the meat (knowing Christ). So who knows Christ?

      I see the importance of milk before the meat, but somehow the meat seams to be completely forgotten. I write against the traditional mindset of the dairy store church that the milky white skins administer. As long as they can keep it milky, they have control over our destiny. However, bring the topic to the meat, and you will see a natural transition from gentiles to the house of Israel.

      So, “Where’s the beef?”

  2. Uh, Oh! Here we go again. Son, just because your quorum leader is insecure with your testimony in teaching doesn’t mean that he and others should be categorized as getting milky. To begin with, it didn’t strike me as a good analogy. Perhaps a better analogy would be how long we are willing to crawl before we stand up and see the gospel for what it really is all about.
    This past Saturday I attended a meeting for all Relief Society leaders and teachers at the Kaneohe Stake Center. There to instruct us was Sister Carole Stevens who is the first counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency. As I listened to her very soft and unassuming voice and message, I listened more closely. I had worked all day then drove for 2 hours coming from Hauula because there was a bad accident in Kahaluu and we had to slowly travel the back roads to get past the accident. I was just getting over a bad flu and wanted to get this over with.
    Well, the more I listened, the more interested I got, and the more involved I got. Everything Sister Stevens spoke about came directly from the scriptures,made absolute clear sense and applied to each woman in the audience. I loved it. There was dialogue from the audience as well. Bishops and Sisters were able to ask, answer, and listen to these scriptures in direct reference to questions or problems they may have had.
    I was privileged to host Sister Stevens the next day at our Hauula 4th Ward Relief Society Meeting as she spent the whole 3 hours in our Ward. We gave her about 15minutes to address our R.S. and each of her words first started with a scripture and then to the needs of the sisters. I treasured her comments, but more than that, her wonderful,calm, sincere spirit of sisterhood and love. I felt that with her came her sincere ministry to me and to the women to whom she spoke.
    She is what you call standing stalwart and strong with no inhibitions as to who she is or who you are. She addressed us and treated all of us as true equals whom she loved and was concerned for in our daily walks of life. When we crawl, we are so close to the ground and our sights are sometimes limited to the dirty surface beneath us that we decline the effort it takes to look higher. However, when we are able to look to the spirit of a person and to find out who they are and that they love God with all their heart, then we are becoming perpendicular. Some of us need to stop crawling on all fours and stand tall on the Lord’s side, for the Lord’s purpose, using the Lord’s atonement in all we do. I so testify that the scriptures are true and they ARE the words of God. I’m grateful for this gospel of Jesus Christ. I love it when we BUILD upon it. Love you, Mom

    • I think you have looked past the fact that I am getting the same response from this quorum president as I did in the previous local ward. I also think that you are overlooking a significant detail, …we are in Utah, the state founded 138 years ago by Brigham Young, in an area of 90% active membership. This is not Hauula or Kaneohe, it is Utah.

      Concerning the relief society general authority, I have to ask, “Can you say a lot of things, without really saying anything?” I have heard so many talks full of adjectives, void of information. Treasured comments, wonderful, calm, sincere spirit of sisterhood and love, say nothing to me. Those same discriptive words could be used to describe a talk, by a sunbeam, in primary, and it could directly apply, …yet express nothing of truth, only milk. You expressed that she treated you all as equals, …that’s because you are equals, there is nothing special about her being from Utah, in a position of church office, to make her any better than you. What does she know of Christ? What did she teach you about reconnecting to Christ through the tree of life? What is her knowledge of partaking of the literal fruit of the tree of life?

      That is my point, she can fill the air with milk, in the sweetest sense, in the form of a pudding, ice cream, or bowl of cereal, …but its still milk.

      That’s all I seem to hear anymore, “…Got Milk?”

      Love Son

      • Oh Dear,
        You haven’t even heard the talk and she is down on your list. Sorry, but my point was that we were simply sisters with similar needs and scriptural solutions. All the solutions she referred to were in the scriptures. You call this milk? Hey, I am in my 70th year and I still love milk. Stop being sour. Son, it doesn’t matter how other people treat you for what you know and who you are. It just matters how you treat others. Accountability. I think you have been doing just fine. The Lord must have a smile on His face as he watches the way these brethren go about avoiding “hurting your feelings” instead of telling you exactly why they feel threatened. Or how they avoid confrontation instead of telling you the real reason why they prohibit your expounding the scriptures. Their problem, not yours. The Lord knows you and what your motives are and what your motivation is and all that you do is for His name’s sake. So why worry? Not your problem. Keeping the commandments. Being obedient to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. Loving your neighbor as the Lord loves you. These are important. Leave the judgements to God. Criticizing Sister Stevens by accusing her of only giving milk has nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whatever weakness your quorum presidency or brethren have is for God to judge and not for you to criticize or accuse or call it “milky”. No name calling. Just preach of Christ. Rejoice in Christ. Love Christ. After all……..Christ is no respecter of persons. Christ loves your Quorum president, Bishop, Sister Stevens, me, and you. Lighten up a bit and smell the roses. Much love and aloha for you, my son.

        • Respect! Word-up Mom! I’ve got Nothin’ but love for you.

          I have zero animosity toward those who reject me, sister Stevens, other leaders, etc. If you’re concerned about how I feel, I feel great. I’ve never felt better. It’s amazing how, although foolishness, light hearted, milky comments are being made all around me, I find my foundation unshaken. In Utah, we are flooded with gay rights comments, and the first presidencies announcement that those supporting gay communities, gay activists, and those who agree with gay activities are able to qualify for a temple recommend, without a problem. However, people are being excommunicated left and right for seeking the face of Christ in the flesh. Yet, …none of that bothers me either. None of it worries me.

          What I am addressing is the truth about talking a lot, but saying nothing. I don’t want milk. I prefer the meat being offered in the scriptures. No matter who seems to be delivering the message in church, it all sounds like repeated information. I could probably jumble up a group of one hundred or so key words, place them in a scrabble bag, pull out seven of them, and write one of the talks in the next general conference. Finding significant truth to generate an accurate resemblance of the tree of life, in the talks given in conferences, church classes, and church meetings, is like finding a needle in a hay stack. I say, we are bored to death in church because we think we know something, when all we do is compare ourselves to the ignorance that surrounds us. In a group of blind men, the man with one eye is king!

          I don’t have a problem with the blind men around me. I just don’t like being blind, and I’m seeking out my savior, to heal my blindness. Let’s talk about the real tree of life, not the symbol. Let’s talk about the real living waters, not the idea of a heavenly paternal embrace. Let’s talk about the real gardens (plural). These things give greater light and truth, that produces foundations of rock, that withstand all the storms anyone can toss at them. That is my point.

          “Lightening up” …is too close to “taking things light.” I refuse to take the gospel light. It is of the utmost seriousness, and requires my full attention and focus. I hunger for the living waters, and the meat Christ promised those who seek, ask, and knock. I need to figure out the proper way to seek, the right questions to ask, and the location where one might find a mallet of sorts to knock. Those able to do so will find themselves in a conversation with Christ, and soon entering into His presence. That is no small thing. For that reason, I seek messengers from the presence of Christ to give me further light and knowledge, that I too might have my thirst quenched with living waters. That I might have my memory restored, to know what it is I am here to do. I want a real relationship with my savior, and not a relationship through someone who holds an office in Salt Lake City Church Headquarters.

          Word! Respect!
          Love, Son

          • All that you seek is good and of Christ. Must we condemn those who do not think or act or talk like you and who do not look like you?? If the gospel is all meat, I believe in all balance, compassion is required. I see none in your comments. I feel pride and an attitude of “I know and you don’t” from you. I also feel the slaughter of church offices and the whole of Utah in practically all of your writings. Sometimes you use a kinder approach, but always it is critical and demeaning. This is Christ-like? I find no gratitude in the slightest for an ounce of anyone’s testimony if it does not meet or agree with your own mind and what you believe they should be saying, doing, being. The scriptures are truth. Christ is love. When love in any degree is preached, explained, or referred to, you simply tear it down with calling it stuff like “milk” in a most demeaning way. You sound angry, yet you say you have never felt better. Your writing reveals your true self. When I say to lighten up, I am not asking you to take the scriptures lightly. I am your mother so you don’t have to defend yourself to me. Neither am I defending anyone in the church. I made a generally pleasant comment about a wonderful evening with an awesome daughter of God and you had no problem shooting it down and then returning to stomp it out to prove your point. Again, Christ is love. He is not angry. He is not demeaning. He is full of compassion for all of our mistakes – even yours – through his loving, compassionate atoning sacrifice for all of us imperfect thinking, speaking, and doing humans on this earth…..even those who hold offices in Utah. I love my Lord. I am so grateful for the atonement that I am afraid to judge anyone lest I be judged the same way for my and your many imperfections. Be careful, my son. Tis high to be a judge. Leave that to Heavenly Father. Be kind. Be forgiving. Don’t be puffed up with all that you know cause there is so much more for you to learn. Go get um in learning for you and your family. Let the world watch your example and desire to do the same. I love you more. Mom

            • You think that I am judging, high minded, puffed up, and think that I know something you, or they, don’t know. Not true at all. I just know enough to recognize the milky whipping cream that we are expected to build on as a foundation, and am pointing out that this foundation is not usable. My arms are waiving in the air to the people I hold dear to me, and I am screaming, “No! Don’t build on this foundation! Someone’s going to get hurt!” But, from the past and current responses you have given me, it seems as though looking at the foundational material is not an option. Rather, you’d prefer that I just be “positive” about the cracking foundation. You would prefer that I just sweep the mess under the rug, and let my family build a castle on the sand.

              Please understand something, I don’t think negatively about those who don’t agree with my point of view. I know everyone is at different levels. I am not being impatient or judgmental. All I am doing is talking to my family. You can hear me and look at what I am saying to judge for yourself if I have a point. Or you can ignore my counsel and continue on the path you’re heading down. If you desire to head my counsel, then we need to find a solution to the mess we are in. If not, …well you will continue to respond in defense of what seems to be an attack by me.

              Love, Son

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