Beyond the Symbols (Medium Length)

How far back are we willing to look? The restoration was meant to bring back the family of God, into the presence of Christ. The model of the church was never meant to create a massive institution, as it has become today. Rather, those with eyes to see and ears to hear can see beyond the offices of the institution, to recognize God’s invitation to belong to His family. Lets not reject the invitation, but receive it, by first putting off our unbelief, through the study of the words of Christ.

Look Back: My old Stake President (Beaver) once expressed the problem he had with saints justifying drinking kava, in the Islands. When they defended their position for drinking kava, as being their culture for hundreds of years, President Beaver responded, “Why just go back hundreds of years? Why not go back further, to the time of Christ, or to father Abraham, or Adam?”

I agree. We ought to be able to look all the way back at the purpose and intention behind the structure that was set up, that we call the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This makes for a great comparison. It can also provide light on how salvation is now being offered. Here is the symbolism of the current church:

  1. First Presidency: Abraham/ Isaac/ and Jacob- Abraham was the first to reconnect to the heavens after the Patriarchal lineage had fallen away
  2. 12 Apostles: The 12 tribes of Israel
  3. Quorum of the 70’s: The 70 members of the tribe of Israel, when relocating in Egypt because of the famine, during the time of Joseph (who was sold into Egypt)

The Stake Authorities wield the same authority, and they are set up in a similar fashion, for the same purposes. Excommunications are done on the Stake level, not on the headquarters level of the church.

  1. Stake Presidency: They hold the same authority as the first presidency of the church.
  2. 12 Traveling High Council: These also have the same authority as the 12 Apostles, and the first presidency.
  3. No Existing Quorum of 70’s: There used to be a quorum of the 70, on a stake level, but that has been permanently removed

Although, the church members see church officers as the top of the food chain, …having an institution was never associated with salvation. Both the General and Stake Authorities  were only established to point to the family of God.”

The Golden Calf: What I find interesting is that all saints in an apostasy would prefer the symbol of deity or gods, rather than …coming into the presence of God for themselves! Our generation is no different. The Children of Israel, in the time of Moses, offers us a warning sign.

I’ve explained in previous blogs about the daily rising of the sun, through certain star constellations, …and how the constellations would tell “those who observed the heavens” the appropriate sacrifice to offer. Before the flood of Noah, the sun rose through Leo. The Pyramids at Giza, represented their connection with the heavens, by building the Sphinx (head of a man, and body of a lion). In a later time, the sun rose through Taurus, the bull. Thus, the proper sacrifice was a bull, cow, or calf. In this manner the cow became considered sacred. During the time of Moses, the sun began to rise through the Aires constellation, pointing to the offering of a ram or lamb as acceptable. The entire point of aligning your sacrifices with the signs of the heavens was intended to forge a connection with/to the heavens, …not to the sacrifice itself. 

The Children of Israel were required to smear lambs blood on their door, so the destroying angel of the passover would not kill your first born son. Israel was disconnected from the heavens. They offered up a golden calf, when a lamb was what the heavens prescribed. They could not see beyond “the symbols” of the sacrifice, to obtain the purpose of the sacrifice, entering into the presence of Christ.

The invitation is ours, to complete the restoration, come back into the presence of Christ, by reconnecting to the heavens. Are we going to raise up a golden calf, while rejecting the invitation to Sinai? Lets receive the invitation, by first putting off our unbelief, through the study of the words of Christ.



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