A Constitution of Infinite Ultimate Strength! (Short)

A constitution is defined as fundamental principles” to which a people allow themselves to be governed. The strength of those principles will dictate how much growth the constitution will sustain, before collapsing. When men are aligned with the principles of the mind and will of God, their constitution will have an infinite ultimate strength, and can withstand all things.

Old Patterns: At the outset of America, multiple constitutions were created, fought over and abolished, because it was unable to sustain peace amongst the first settlers. When the final constitution and bill of rights came to be what it is today, the success of America skyrocketed. Since then, America has strayed from those fundamental principles, and this country has been living off of those fumes for years, awaiting their destruction. Now, the constitution has been replaced with meaningless laws, and fundamental principles are gone.

The pattern of America’s constitution is not a new concept. The Jaredites, Children of Israel, Jews, and Nephites all followed the same pattern. Initially, each of them had a good constitution, and their laws supported it. All were blessed with great wealth as a byproduct. But each of these people forgot the foundational principles that their constitutions were built upon, and their laws took on a life of their own, leading them into destruction.

Load Bearing: The quality of the constitution is what dictates how many people it can sustain before failing. The failure of a constitution always produces contentions, wars, sin, plagues, bondage and captivity, and utter destruction. Since the constitution was foundational, it must be designed to resist change, to be immovable. The better the constitution, …the more load it is able to bear. The weakness of a constitution indicated the limits of its load bearing capacity. A weak constitution is like building on a sandy foundation.

side note: Many don’t know that the Founders knew the constitution had an occupancy limit. They expected that our constitution could bear a load of about 300 million members before failing. Our current population is 330 million, and the signs failure is evident in the contentions, wars, sin, plagues, bondage and captivity of this country.

Ultimate Strength: The ultimate strength is defined as the maximum “stress” that a material can withstand. An infinite ultimate strength defines a material that can withstand “all stress.” The gospel of Jesus Christ is… “A Constitution of Infinite Ultimate Strength.” This material is impenetrable.

When the gospel of Christ is at the core of any organizations constitution, it has the ability to bear all loads indefinitely. Those who build upon this foundation will never fail. It is the rock upon which if a man build, …and then the rains, the winds, and the floods come, …their HOUSE will be steadfast and immovable.

Conclusion: I desire that we break free from current patterns, to trust in Christ for a change. Lately, we have gone …back and forth, …in or out, …one or money, …and cannot seem to identify an agreeable constitution as a foundation to bear our current stresses. While our immediate choices might reflect an important financial decision upon us, …we are neglecting the blatant signs of a failed American constitution, …that all financial decisions are founded upon. Never has there been a greater need to be founded upon Christ than now.

If ye are one, …then ye are mine. I pray that we seek to write our “title of liberty.” Or to have our foundation upon a constitution like unto Abinadi; to have the words of Christ written upon our hearts as the only foundation upon which we are willing to build …our HOUSE.

It was not necessary for the people of Helam to know all the scriptures before they were baptized by Alma in the waters of Mormon. But they went on to build a successful city called Helam. It wasn’t necessary for King Lamoni and the Anti-Nephi-Lehi to know it all before they began building upon the words of Christ wither. But they went on to bury their weapons of war, obtain a covenant by Christ in the flesh, and their sons are now known as the 2,000 stripling warriors. Why are we so afraid of being Hawaiianeers (Hawaiian Pioneers), like our ancestors were, and do what no one has done for years, …build upon Christ?

In each case all it took was a flip of the switch, a willingness to begin now to learn how to do it Christ’s way. Perhaps the reason is because the results don’t come fast enough and we want the solutions to our problems now. When we are ready, He’s willing to work with us. But no man will be forced to do things His way.

You’ve done it your way all your lives, and it has gotten you where you are right now. If you want more of the same, keep doing what you’re doing. But, Christ offers a different way. He gave us weakness so we can be humble. Then, if we are humble, His grace will kick in to make weak things strong. Lets let Christ do the heavy lifting for a change. Be humble, so His grace can make our weak things strong.

I seek to be one with you my family. But if we are not going to be one, …than I am not in!


3 thoughts on “A Constitution of Infinite Ultimate Strength! (Short)

  1. Oh Dear! I guess I just got moded. So sorry to insult your blog with those three words of “Let’s hear it!” No offense intended. I’ll be more careful with what I ask in the future. And, no, I wasn’t kidding. Did not mean to offend.
    Love ya,

  2. I get it! You have an offer to make this all work for the “One”. Awesome! Let’s hear it. Because whether you are in or whether you are out, that offering would help all of us. Thank you.

    • Lets hear it? Where? Here? On the blog? One? If there is any topic worth a conversation, I would have thought “one” would produce at least a conversation, where both could speak and be understood. This blog was intended to produce the beginnings of a conversation, but you want me to provide you with an explanation of “ONE” in a nicely packaged, less than 500 word response, about the eternal salvation of my family? I’m sorry to say this, …but you have got to be kidding me!

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