Signs of The End Times (Short)

The signs of the end times have always confused me. As a child, primary teachers used it to try to scare us into obedience. As an adult, other adults have used it to keep our obedience in line with the current traditions. But, none of that made much sense to me, and their advice fell to the wayside for me, …until today!

Primary Fear: I’ve never really had much interest in signs of the end times. In primary, I remember teachers telling me that the signs of the times are here: wars, rumors of wars, etc. Then they’d get wide eyed, with a mysterious look on there face, as if to be scary, and then they began teaching the lesson. After the lesson I was left wondering, “So now what?”

Adult Fear: As an adult I found my family scripture study reflecting my primary experience, only I was the ominous teacher. But still, I never really got the concept of the signs of the end times. So I never taught my children those things. I was never really convinced that being able to identify the signs of the end times as having much value because by the time they arrived, …isn’t it the end already? What good does it have except to keep us scared so we can be good all the time? Who wants to live in fear of the end times? People in Utah call them “preppers” or “doom-and-gloomers.” Although my first and last “Black Friday” experience was waiting outside of an “Emergency Essentials” store for hours in the cold, and everything I bought was still on sale two days later, …I never quite aligned with the extreme “preppers” or “doom-and-gloomers.”

Godly Fear: Today I had an epiphany that I think you’ll like, to make better sense of the signs of the end times. Today, on a hike with my wife, I have come up with a model that I really like. I think that the only value that the signs of the times can really offer those wanting the mind and will of God is: benchmarks to calibrate our mind and will with Christ’s.

The accuracy of a scale must be calibrated to produce a reading reflecting the gravitational mass of an individual. Thus a tightly calibrated scale has the ability to measure all masses to a certain degree of accuracy. Likewise, calibrating our mind and will to Christ’s, at a high degree of accuracy, will provide an individual with the eyes to see the benchmarks of the signs of the end times as a tool of calibration. Thus you’ll be able to see the signs of the end times develop right before your eyes, and you can then predict, and prophesy ahead of time, when and how these signs will occur.

Once your sight is calibrated to a high degree of accuracy, you now have a tool to chart your path through the end times, into the millennium. Now you have the gift of prophesy. This is the gift of the Magi (wise-men). The ability to prophecy identifies a prophet. That just makes so much more sense than all that “preppers” or “doom-and-gloomers” have to offer.

Conclusion: The fear of God has nothing to do with being afraid. Instead, the fear of God produces in you the mind and will of God …inside of you, …and confidence is the byproduct of Godly fear. Then will your confidence wax strong in the face of God, and your scepter shall be an unchanging scepter of righteousness.


2 thoughts on “Signs of The End Times (Short)

  1. Rob,

    I think that you post is accurate all the way to the end. Being apart of those wars, and being threatened by those wars they have been a reality to Lani, the kids, and me. However the confidence you speak of at the end is something that we gain as we become confident in doing what’s right like you said. Now, rumors or no rumors, Lani and I are confident in our relationship with Our God. We love you guys,

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