Expanding on the Creation

Joseph Smith had a lot to say about the creation in the King Follet Discourses. Two concepts glare out at me. The first concept is the idea that our spirit was neither created, nor can it be destroyed, but is co-equal with God. The second is the idea that the degree of light you can bear dictates the position of your progression.

Eternal: The idea of a wedding ring points to no beginning, and no end, …eternity. Joseph Smith stated that we are co-equal with God, …we have no beginning and no end. We are eternal. Hard to wrap your head around that, right? I know.

Since we are all made of the same materials as God (co-equal), then it must stand true that within us rests the potential to become just as God is. Thus Joseph Smith was right when he said, “Man is what God once was. And God is what man may become.”

What differs between man and Gods? It is the quantity of light that we can bare. Since the spirit giveth light to every man that cometh to the world (D&C 84:46), and the light of Christ is in every man, Christ’s role was to bring light into the world. It is Christ’s role to make men into Gods. All who come into this world have received a degree of light already. Those who receive Christ in this life, are given more light, until they are filled with light. What makes men an Gods different is how much light they are willing to receive from our relationship with Christ.

Light:  Light is the organizing principle. Those who can receive the greater light are given even more light. But, the person who is unable to receive light, is given less and less, until they nothing of the mysteries of God (Alma 12:11).

We know little of life after death. We know even less of life before Earth. Because of the veil, no one really knows how much light each person has already obtained before coming to this world. Thus the degree of light that one can maintain on earth is surely not the same as the degree of light that others can contain and maintain, this time around.

The greater exposure you have to light, the greater the chances you have NOT to burn when the light is revealed in it’s fulness. All light comes from the same source, from the treasury in heaven. The scriptures come from that source. Those wanting to withstand the destruction, inevitably upon the land, must gain light, through the words of Christ, to do so.

Conclusion: Creation began with space and matter unorganized. When light is introduced and received by matter unorganized, oneness or organization is the result. A family willing to be based wholly upon “the words of Christ” can do the same and become one!


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